DC Opportunity Scholarship Program Alumni Michael White

When I was a young man my mom believed
that having a quality education was the one thing that would make sure that I
would be successful when I grew up. She believed that if we were not able to
receive a quality education that we should find another school that has one.
Fortunately for us, there were a lot of schools that had a quality education
that we believed in. But unfortunately for us, none of them we had
access to. This posed a really important question in this city:
Should we deny students quality of education simply because their
socioeconomic status? For a long time in a city that answer was unfortunately yes
and I was one of those who was affected by that. There were many parents who were
increasingly frustrated that the school that they were limited to would be only
limited to either the zip code that they lived in or the street that they lived
on. As time went on there are many parents who were increasingly frustrated
by this. 15 years ago we were able to pass a program that would allow many
students in this area to attend the school of their choice. Because of that,
we answered. Our our answer was different to the same question that no, the quality
of education that you receive should not be dependent on the zip code that you
lived in.

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