Day in the Life of a University Student | Exam Week | Peking University | Beijing Vlog

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  1. Hey nessie, hope you read this 🥺 i really interesting with your videos, i’ve been following you since the day you were study in korea, and beijing, and then i recently just figure it out that you are school in australia! That’s crazy and very inspiring! how can you be so motivated in study and get exchange everywhere. I really want to know how you study, how about your school result (talk about GPA and stuff) , what makes you very motivate to study hard and chase your dreams? As long as i watched youtube , youre one of the vlogger who not only go along flow with milenials’ lifestyle, but you also really care about education 👏🏻👏🏻 how can it happened? Most of people (beauty vlogger, celeb-gram, celebrity) usually didn’t care about educiotion for themselves cause they already famous and have a lot of money.. please share about yourself more to keep motivate others! Love you 💖

  2. 当姐姐在韩国的时候我关注了姐姐好像当时姐姐一直说英文 今天第一次听姐姐一直说中文, 我现在好像北京哦 以前在那边学中文。姐姐说得非常好听哦 在北京加油哦💪🏻

  3. Hi nessie! Are you an exchange student there? If yes may I ask, how do you apply and how hard is it to get accepted? And btw what are you studying there? Thanks before! I really wanna exchange to pku🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

  4. What course you're taking in Uni? pls include in QnA video if there will be any Thank you Nessie for making vids like this makes me feel more motivated for uni 💕

  5. She looks like yeri of red velvet wow i follow her since a lot of time and now i just realized

    Who thinks the same?

  6. she's too kind😭 she even replies all the comments… you're the sweetest and warmest person in the world, nessie. hope you are always happy all the time!❤ and if you don't mind to know, i'm from indonesia! jakarta is here!🖐 thank you for sharing your day nessie (it made my day too) hehe luv u!❤

  7. Ahhh!! It’s so nice finding a BJ university vlogger😭😭 I go to 北电, always looking for other foreign student friends in Beijing :’))

  8. 10:12 don't worry nessie, you don't need a boyfriend you HAVE US 😊😊😅😅
    i'm a twice fan too and dahyun is one of my favorite member in twice glad your friends likes them. Ahahahaha.
    6:57 i love your smile tho 😭 and even how you speak chinese such a blessings to us. 😊 take care always and love you nessie 😘😊

  9. I missed your uni vlogs and they really inspired me to study really hard and I hit my goal.I got H1 class and I learn a lot of english from you and l also just started YT.Love u so much Nessie.

  10. Dear Nessie,
    I watch your vlogs and inspired by you. It seems that you are using your time effectively. By the way I love your accent and intonation. You have this bright personality and whenever Im watching you it feels like we are friends.
    Nessie, I'm Maricar from Philippines my friends call me Aica. I wish and pray to our dearly God that you received the peace and love that will eventually complete us. By the way Im medical student here in my country. I hope we'd meet in person and be friends. My life is very opposite of yours. I never been into any country. And I'm not from a well off family. My parents are working hard everyday to send me to medicine. Medical school is tough. There are mental issues lingering in every medical students. Depression is common denominator. I've been into that situation too. But thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ., he save me from emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual brokenness. And at the present, Im very active in our church. I hope one day you can come and visit. Our place is very small though so please do not expect too much. Its very different from the vlogs of yours. Ive heard you've been to Thailand, the weather here is almost the same.

    Bye Nessie. Until you read this and to my next letter to you.
    Note to my self! I wrote this year ago but I dont know how to send this to you.

    Go girl.

  11. 와우 구글이 날 여기로 데리고 왔는뎅
    처음에 한국인이신줄 ㄷㄷ 중국분이시네. 코로나바이러스로부터 안전하길.

  12. 哈喽~~ 我喜欢你的视频!!! 想问一下,你是拍的时候用什么相机?还有编辑的时候用什么软件?

  13. I maybe the only one here that does not understand where nessie is studying ? :/ one week she in china , the other one in australia , the other in korea … my mind is all over the place

  14. 진심아무감정없이 물어보는건데 중국뭐하러감? 공부할게있나?ㅋㅋ 차라리 일본으로 가는게 좋지않나 아시아는 싱가포르나

  15. You look so adorable 😍😍 your chinese accent also sounds amazing. Not to be weird, how can apply in PKU. Can you share experience for us, please 😘

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