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  1. I'm currently in grad school for my MSW (@ the University of Michigan… goooo blue LOL), going the clinical route and receiving my school of social work certificate. Therefore, as an aspiring social worker, Thank you so mucccchhh for your channel! Really love your videos! Keep them coming ❤

  2. I would LOVE to be a social worker, but besides home visits and such I dont really enjoy being at a desk all day. I am currently in my first year of college and I was thinking of going into the medical field but i've slowly realized it is something I could be good at, but it's not my passion.

  3. I’m thinking about being a LCSW instead of an LMFT (currently a psych senior in undergrad). I need to decide before I start applying to grad school and this video helps. Thank you!!

  4. Any advice on how to Format a good resume for grad school & post grad school?! I’m graduating with my BSW Magna cum lade, phi alpha, and Tau Signa!

  5. I'm a senior in high school and I want to become a social worker. Everyone is telling me not to do it.

  6. Hi! Watching from Canada and I am considering a career in youth counselling.

    I really admire the balance you have in your work like and family life. Many people I have interviewed in this profession do have burnout and I hope I can find a job that allows me to take care of myself too and is sustainable in the long run.

  7. I’ve been a social worker for 20+ years no longer a rewarding career. Burnout is real. Good luck to all the new social workers. Learn to take care of yourself!!! Set boundaries!!

  8. Today was my first day to my dream to become a School Social Worker. I know I have a long way to go but I'm excited I found your channel to help me stay motivated if I ever feel like quitting. New Sub!

  9. Do you have any advice for those that want to be school social workers as well? Is there any specific job requirements that you should meet while in graduate school for an MSW program? Or do they help you prepare for being a school social worker, such as resume boosters? Love your videos !

  10. I'm currently working towards my BSW and I am interested in multiple different fields of social work (every week I develop a new interest lol), but it always goes back to children. I know I want to work with children somehow, some way (when I was 5 I wanted to be an obstetrician until I learned they take care of mamas, not the babies, so it changed to pediatrician lol, and I was initially an elementary ed major). I really enjoyed this video because it showed me that while school social work more of a 9-5 job, every day is different, and you even get to go off campus – which I find interesting, I honestly didn't know home visits were still a thing!
    Plus, real talk- I want a bunch of kids so working at a school would be a nice advantage. Anyway, thank you for showing me a glimpse of your life! Unfortunately, I will not be interning at a school, but I'm going to dive into more of your videos so I continue to build my knowledge of what a typical day may be like. If you know of any articles that would help me, or have any advice, please do share! Like I said, I have a lot of interests, but I would say that school social work is pretty high up on the list. 🙂

  11. im going to school for psychology and. i want to be a clinical social worker i also want to open up my own busniess in houston. !”

  12. I want to be a social worker bc I hate to see kids in a bad situation… what branch or speciality should I go into? Btw I love you videos!!

  13. I love this I am currently working as Lvn nurse I have decided not to go future my career as a nurse and switch to getting my Social Worker degree I am very excited to start my classes towards my BSN in Social work next month I love to help people but I am ready to start helping them in a different way …..

  14. This is something I am striving for! I am currently getting my bachelors in Social Work and plan on working as a basic social worker while getting my Masters so I can become a school social worker. This is so awesome! Thanks for giving us a glimpse!

  15. Thanks for Sharing this gave me a better picture of what a school social worker does. I am on my first semester in Master Social work, and currently confused it I want to go into Clinical Social work or school.

  16. I had a social worker in middle school literally save my life. She saw I was on a bad path, with bad people, and sadly most (if not ALL) of my teachers gave up on me. But she didn’t. When I graduated high school, which most people didn’t think I would make it that far, she was there. And I always told her I wanted to be a social worker so I could help someone the way she helped me.

    I took time off to raise my daughter (she is 6), but I am now going back to school to fulfill that promise to not only her- but to myself.

    Thank you for doing what you do. You seem like a lovely woman who I’m sure makes a huge difference. 💗

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