3 thoughts on “David Kolb's Experiential learning theory”

  1. A great presentation although it suffers from the fundamental error of presenting the theory as cyclical. While this sounds correct and Kolb himself presents it in his diagram with [misleading] arrows through the outer circle, the inner lines show a different situation. Most authors ignore these as it does not fit their position. Kolb himself says "… may be governed by one or all of THESE PROCESSES interacting SIMULTANEOUSLY. [Highlighting my own] …" (p.61). Consequently this is not a Process Theory but a Theory of Processes. The focus is subsequently correctly delivered in the video with emphasis on Learning Styles rather than the four processes.

    The difference may be subtle but it impacts on people who read only one half of Kolb. This view considers each process as a single action seen in isolation which goes against the very nature of what Kolb proposes. Note especially the explanation of Holistic in the video. The four processes are entwined and typically operate in conjunction rather than individually.

    Nevertheless, a well presented and interesting overview of Kolb's Experiential Learning Theory.

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