(dramatic music) – What is there to fear, nothing, fear is what controls us. Normal is only what we
normally experience, there is another way of
looking at the world. This global conspiracy
that I’ve been exposing for three decades, is basically the hijacking
of human perception. World governments are controlled by a reptilian nonhuman race. I’ve been saying that since the 1990s. – I haven’t seen a shape shift, have you? – I’ve seen eyes change from
round pupil to split pupil. When someone like me is
questioning everything, mainstream society is
gonna see you as mad. – David Icke. – I’m delighted that
there is so much laughter in the audience tonight. – They’re laughing at you, they’re not laughing with you. – All that ridicule was fantastic, because it set me free of the prison that most people live in, fear of what other people think. Awaken. – I believe and agree with 90
percent of what you’re saying, we are all one. – Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion. (piano music) – They say that the human race is doomed, that we have lost touch
with our true nature, that the media has corrupted us, and that the planet has no future. I disagree, I believe that humanity is full of hope, and that our salvation
lies within each one of us. My name is Brian Rose, and my job is to listen, the oldest method of
learning known to man. Each week I seek out individuals that are changing the world, people who are living and
thinking in a different way, their stories will challenge your beliefs, make you question your choices, and perhaps inspire you to change, I never planned on doing any of this, but now I can’t stop. Join me on this mission, and make humanity something
we can all be proud of. This week on the show
we have Mr David Icke, who since the 1990s is known as a professional conspiracy theorist, he’s written over 20 books, filmed over 10 DVDs, and regularly sells
out arenas like Wembley for his 10 hour shows, and look, David is controversial, he thinks the Royal family are a bunch of reptilian shape shifters, and I can’t agree with that or a lot of other things he says, but his basic message is very London Real, and that is that we all
need to wake the fuck up and stop taking this whole vision of what we think is reality, as the truth we’ve been taught as kids, everything has been stacked against us, the education system, politics, science, media, everything, and I love his concept of awake, and that’s why you need to plug in here and see what’s really happening, and of course what’s
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life to the next level together. Our next accelerator
course is starting soon. This is a London Real, I am Brian Rose, my guest today is David Icke, the English writer and public speaker, known since 1990s as a
professional conspiracy theorist, you call yourself an old-time
investigator into who and what is really controlling the world, as a former footballer, BBC Sport television presenter, and spokesman for the Green party, your interview on Terry
Wogan’s show in 1991 turned you from my respected household name into a laughingstock across the country, you are now the author of over 20 books, over 10 DVDs, and has lectured in over
25 countries speaking live for up to 10 hours to huge audiences, filling stadiums is as
big as Wembley Arena, your latest book
everything you need to know but have never been told, is 700 pages packed with
ideas from in your words, a madman who has been proven right again and again and again, David welcome to London Real. – Thank you Brian. – Before we get started, what is it like coming to London, and what is this city represent to you and what’s the vibes when
you get to a place like this. – Well I live on the Isle of Wight, I’ve lived on the Isle
of Wight since 1982, so every time I come to London, even the number of times I’ve been here, and the years that I worked here, it’s still a bit of a culture shock, it’s all people and movement
and stuff like that, I like London, I like Londoners, but I don’t like what goes on here, because London is one of the great centres of this web of deceit and manipulation, and in so many ways, America, yes it’s important, in what goes on in the world, but in so many ways America fires the gun, but the bullets are loaded in Europe, and in places like London, not by the British government of course, but by the centre of the
secret society web globally, which is fundamentally connected
to Europe and to London, so I don’t like what goes on here, and the British establishment
is not something I care for to say the least, or have since I was a kid, I’ve always questioned authority, I always feel that
authority should command respect by its actions, not demand it just because its authority, but that seems to be the way things happen and the way things work. – You start the book in
a really interesting way, and I just wanted to ask you
why you started to go there, and you kind of go back
to that Wogan interview, and you said mention your name then it was enough to get a laugh
with no joke necessary, I was the joke, but as it turns out they
were the joke all along, and then you went on to say that madness to a collective madness
looks like madness, but it’s actually could be normally when that collective is actually
a little bit mad themselves, what’s it like to look back on 30 years and see all this in perspective? – Well I do look at the world like that, if you’re born into a crazy place, and you’re brought up in the crazy place, and you become an adult
in the crazy place, and all you’ve ever known in
your life is a crazy place, then to you crazy is normal, and when someone comes from outside, or has started to see it from inside, and says actually this is a crazy place, well you are seen as crazy, because you’re not normal, you’re not the normal
that is actually madness that people have become used to, and this is the thing Brian, what is normal? Normal is only what we
normally experience, so if you are living in
the outback of Australia, your normal is never seeing
anyone pass your house, never seeing a vehicle, but if you’re born in downtown London, or live here, your normal is never not seeing vehicles and people everywhere, and so when a vehicle passes
someone in the outback, they say oh look there’s
a car that’s not normal, and then someone walks
down an empty London Street and they say oh dear what’s going on? That’s not normal. And normal is only what
we normally experience, and thus if we live in a
crazy place then that’s what we normally experience and
this is how things are, and you’re born into a world, and when you come into the world, it’s got great relevance for what’s going on now actually this, then you take the world to
be as it is when you arrive, so you come into a crazy place, but this is how it is, so you don’t see it as crazy, and therefore when someone like me is questioning everything, about the crazy place, and seeing if it stands up to scrutiny, and most of it doesn’t, then of course mainstream society is going to see you as mad, I take that as a compliment, is one of the things I say in the book, to be called mad by an idiot as I put it, is a compliment, and I’ve been called
mad by many idiots over the years I can tell you, many of them journalists funny enough, but it’s just something
you have to live with, and you have to come to
terms with and accept, when you’re challenging normality, then that which has accepted
normality to be the real world, is gonna see you as crazy, it can’t be any other way. The thing is though, and I found this over the last 30 years, if what you say has validity, and you keep saying it, despite all the abuse
and all the ridicule, if you keep saying it, if it has validity, that’s the key, if it doesn’t then it won’t go anywhere, but if it does eventually
it will shown to be so, and that’s the process
that I’ve been through, it’s nothing like completed yet, but it’s moving that way, where world events, or concentrating people’s
minds on the fact that the world isn’t
like they thought it was, and they don’t like the
way the world is going, they feel uneasy about it, and that has got people in greater numbers to look at what I’ve written in the past, which is basically saying
the world that we have now, and we’re going deeper into, is the one that has
been planned all along, this is been the basis
of what I’ve been trying to get across all these years, the world is not random, the world is moving in the direction it is because it’s been planned to do that, this is why Aldous Huxley
in Brave New World, 1932, and George Orwell, Eric Blair
as he was really called, with 1984, published in 1948, that’s why they’ve been
so incredibly accurate in predicting the way the world is going, because they weren’t coming
totally from their imagination, because this plan for the
global Orwellian state of total control, which is daily coming in, I mean look around, it’s not been planned for
five years or 10 years, it’s been planned for a
long, long, long, long time. – What do you see when
you see the world today, and what should we be focused on, what are the big things that you see as okay this is happening, this is happening? – Well what I’m seeing, is, more and more people are
beginning to question what they’ve not questioned before, that is incredibly encouraging, and I’ve just finished a world speaking tour over the last 18 months, I’ve been all over the world, it’s happening everywhere, and it’s not just the numbers, it’s the kind of people, what I would call system people, you’d never think will
ever question the system, but they are, because in the end, this global conspiracy
that I’ve been exposing for three decades, is basically the hijacking
of human perception, because if there’s a few of you, and compared with the total
population of 7.5 billion, the number of people in full knowledge of what they’re doing is tiny. – Hundreds, thousands? – Thousands maximum, at the core hundreds, at the core, at the core of the core even less, and the rest of the structure
is fiercely compartmentalised, so people are daily different parts of this global web structure, playing a part in pushing the world in the direction I’m talking about, this centralised world
dictatorship without realising that’s what they’re doing, it’s a tiny, tiny number, so given the mathematics, you can’t physically control
your target population, there’s not enough of you, yes you can do it through
people in uniform, which is manipulating
the target population to police the target population, but you can’t do it en masse, what you need to do is control the perceptions of the population, because perception is everything, perception dictates what you believe, what you don’t believe, What you’ll challenge
what you won’t challenge, what you’ll accept, what you won’t accept, Support won’t support, everything, once they’ve got your
perceptions they’ve got you, and they’ve got your life, and they’ve got the collective perception, they have humanity, this is why they want to
control the information that people receive, and to marginalise alternative
ways of looking at the world, because where do perceptions come from? They come from information received, it might be a personal experience, information, or it might be the 10 o’clock news, but for most people it’s going
to be the 10 o’clock news, but it’s information, so if you want people to
have a certain perception of the world event, the world in general, of who we are and the nature of reality, then control what people receive, then you control their perception. So when I look at the world, I see vast numbers of people, who are perceptually programmed, and when I, like I break it down in the book, when you look at a human life, it’s basically a perceptual programming and download from cradle to grave, you come out of the womb, and immediately you are influenced by your parents in terms of your perceptions, and they are not being malevolent, most of the time anyway, the vast majority, but they’ve been through the system you’re about to go through, the process you’re about to go through, they’ve bought it, accepted it as normal, accepted the crazy place to be sane, and therefore out of wanting
to do the right thing for you, they pass those perceptions onto you, and take a deep breath, take a step back and look at it again, when you think about it Brian, you come out of the womb, and within four years, you’ve only just got here, you’re sitting at a desk with an authority figure
representing the state’s version of everything in front of you, telling you when you have to be there, when you can leave, when you can speak, when you can go to the
toilet, when you can eat, what is what isn’t, what’s possible, what’s not possible, and
the nature of everything, and this goes on all the way
through your formative years, into higher education
if that’s where you go, and it’s a download of normal, a perception of normal, I call it the postage stamp consensus, it’s a narrow band of
sense of the possible, which is basically being repeated, one of the greatest forms of mind control, repetition, repetition, repetition, all through your formative years, you then go out from there, into the institutions, you become a journalist,
you become a politician, you become a doctor,
you become a scientist, you become a CEO or whatever, and you take with you
into those institutions this core version of normal, and when you go as a young
person into those institutions, those institutions are
already pillars solidified concrete pillars of the
same sense of normal, so now you’ve left school, but where you’re working
is still confirming to you that the madhouse is sane, and normal is how things are. A journalist who is doing a
story on a medical condition, will not go to a
complimentary practitioner who may have had great success in treating the particular ailment
they are writing about, they’ll go to the doctor, and the doctor will
give them the songsheet postage stamp consensus
version of that problem. – So normal or what we
believe about medicine, capitalism, government, are these normals that
we have been programmed. – Yeah because it’s basically Brian, all people hear, I call it the mainstream everything, the mainstream media, mainstream science, mainstream medicine, mainstream medicine, they are all unknowing most of them, the vast majority, agents of the postage stamp consensus, then you add the fact that
the global media now 24 seven is reporting world events constantly, in all their multiple different ways from the same postage stamp normal, so people like me, who left the postage
stamp a long time ago, and passed over the
horizon a long time ago, we are crazy, not by breaking down what we are saying, but by reflex action, because that’s not normal, that’s not on the postage stamp, then you look at politics, and we’ve got a choice between
left, right and centre, what’s called the political class, that’s very true, political class, but I would call it something else, it’s the postage stamp
consensus political class, because the left in politics is on the left of the postage stamp, the centre is somewhere in the centre, and the right is on the
right of the postage stamp, but they’re all on the postage
stamp still coming from this perception of normal that is about use another analogy
about the size of a pea. – The illusion of choice. – Exactly, and then you have peer pressure, because all those people
who the vast majority who have accepted this download of normal, with the blinkers on, I have no problem with that, if you want to give your mind away to someone else’s perceptual programme, fine, the problem comes when
those people think that they can then dictate,
ridicule, intimidate, those that have a different view, because that’s psychological
fascism for me, if we are gonna have a discourse, we should have all the
opinions in the discourse, but this is not what happens, the postage stamp consensus
is policed by those who have downloaded it and accepted it, for a long time I’ve used the analogy of the sheep and the sheepdog, people laugh at sheep, because they follow the one in front, and they follow the Shepherd, and then they run away
from the sheepdogs in fear, but humans have out-sheeped the sheep, we don’t even need sheepdog, we police each other, you can’t say that, what will your mother say, what will the people at work say, I don’t care, I don’t care what they say, they have a right to
believe what they believe, but actually funnily enough so do I, even if it’s different, so the stadium in which this control of humanity is played out, is in human perception, and what’s happened
over the last few years, because when I started nearly 30 years ago there was no alternative media, for young people today they might find this kind of seriously ancient, and unbelievable, but when I started out doing what I do, you communicated by printing off leaflets and handing them out on the street, there was no Internet, but as this has grown, and the Internet has grown, there has been, and this is the key, there has been an alternative source of information to the
postage stamp consensus, now to be honest I think
one of the drawbacks, not drawbacks no, one of the limiting things
about the alternative media, is that much of that still comes from the postage stamp consensus, it might be on the far, far edge, but it’s still on the
postage stamp consensus, this is why much of the
alternative media dismisses and has ridiculed me over the years as much as the mainstream has, so I don’t think it goes far enough, in delving into things
like the nature of reality, which has fundamental
importance to human freedom, but when you look at how
this alternative information has actually giving people another way of looking at the same thing, another way of looking at 9/11, another way of looking
at the banking system, another way of looking
at terrorist attacks, and what they used to justify, and people have got more streetwise, some of us have talked in depth about the nature of reality itself, and people have gone, hold on, maybe the world is
not like I thought it was, and what this has done, not in its entirety, but it’s been massively
influential in triggering this gathering reassessment of what people perceive about the world, about themselves and world events, and that’s why now we’re seeing this war on freedom of speech, we’re seeing the Silicon Valley giants in the Devil’s playground, more and more algorithmically controlling the flow of information, using hoaxes like fake news, because they don’t want this
information circulating, because their perceptual imprisonment, is being unravelled by
alternative information, and we are now at a point where the effort to suppress alternative information are going to get hysterical, they already are. – Is that manifested in
political correctness? – Political correctness is quite simply, getting the target
population to silence itself, that’s what it is. And as I said, this plan has been around a long time, and it’s been incrementally
introduced step by step, what I call the totalitarian tiptoe, and every step has been
projected and promoted as unconnected to the other steps, but when you start seeing patterns, you can see it. – But they didn’t plan
on the alternative media, or did they? – Well I’ll come to that, I think they were surprised by it, but that’s an interesting point, an interesting story. But what I was talking about there, was the way this has
been incrementally done, and has been brought in
step by step by step, and where it’s meant to end, is with the total control
of human perception, up to this point, they have manipulated human perception, by manipulating the
information people receive, the plan is to go beyond that
where they are the perception, and what I’m talking about of course is artificial intelligence, which brings us back to
the devil’s playground, Silicon valley, because that is increasingly the centre, in the shadows is where it’s coming from, but in terms of the
world that you can see, Silicon Valley is becoming
the centre of global control, not only is it driving people, people would be shocked
to see how deep Google, oh it’s just a search engine, and Facebook, oh it’s just a social media platform, to see how deep they are in
the trans-humanist agenda of connecting the human brain
to artificial intelligence, so that artificial intelligence
becomes the human mind, and that’s not me pulling
this out of the ether, I’m quoting there Google executive, Ray Kurzwiel, one of the global PR men for Frankenstein. – Is he a Google exec, I know he’s at Singularity University. – He’s a Google exec and
at singularity University, and he has said that by 2030, and that’s a date, a year that keeps coming
up again and again, 2030, the human brain will be starting to be connected to artificial intelligence, I’m quoting Ray Kurzwiel here, and then artificial intelligence will do more and more human thinking, until there is no human thought, and artificial intelligence
is doing it all. Why are they openly saying this now? Because the sales pitch is
it will make us super human, isn’t that great? And all this getting the population, especially the young, who will be the adults them, addicted to technology, is all about the here kitty, kitty, kitty, preparing people to accept this, so you’ve got that agenda, at the end of this road, of the human mind as we
know it being replaced by artificial intelligence, but out of the same, as I was mentioning a few minutes ago, out of the same devils
playground, Silicon Valley, is coming the Google, Facebook et cetera algorithmic
censorship more and more, of the alternative media
using various excuses, because what they do is this, they give you an excuse, we have got to stop jihadis, oh yeah, we stop jihadis, okay, okay, and then they widen it, and widen it, it’s not jihadis any more, it’s people like me, and other people that are questioning the official narrative, and the pull them in, so the alternative media is
under tremendous pressure now, and suppression, because it’s challenging the narrative, and that changes perception, you change perception and
you’ve changed the world. – The illuminati, I don’t know what we call them, did they see the devil’s
playground coming, or is the technology
a bump in their plans? – Well they created it. – What do we call them? Because when you talk about
the reptilian shape shifters, even in your live events, you say okay here we go, if you haven’t heard this before, you’re gonna take a deep breath, and I’m gonna talk about
reptilian shape shifters, and then you talk about it, so can you talk about them, and is it the illuminati and
everything that goes around it, and why do you qualify that
for the newbies in the room, because you didn’t believe it at first. – Well I didn’t not believe it, I just put it on the backburner when I first started hearing this information, that’s what I do, if I hear something that’s fantastic, what most people will do because of this perceptual download, this postage stamp consensus, they’ll say load of rubbish, basically doing that, but what I’ve done over the years is said, okay well interesting, so we’ll put it on the
backburner and we’ll see what else comes, and then more information comes and then you go somewhere else and
more information comes, from unconnected sources
over a period of time, and eventually it crosses the line where you think there’s something going on here, because this is just too much now, too much information, too much corroboration, too much supporting
evidence and experience, but you know, it’s an interesting point this whole thing about nonhuman manipulation
of human society, because this perceptual download, the postage stamp consensus, is so narrow in its sense of the possible, that almost everything in eternity, is rejected by the postage stamp, by reflex action, one of the things you get is, oh I bet you believe in little
green men and all the stuff. Well hold on let’s just
take the perspective here, according to mainstream science, the electromagnetic
spectrum is 0.0005 percent of what exists in the universe, some say it’s a bit more but not much, visible light which is
the only frequency band which we can see, is a fraction, a tiny fraction of the 0.0005 percent, so humans compared with what exists even in this universe are basically blind, we don’t live in a world, we live in a band of frequency, actually we live in an information
source if you go deeper, and then according to
mainstream science’s projection of the size of the universe, compared with that planet Earth is the equivalent of one
billionth of a pinhead, now the postage stamp
programme is so all pervading, and the suppression of information like I’ve just said in the
mainstream is all pervading, that people laugh at the fact that this world could be manipulated
by a nonhuman force, when they can see a tiny
fraction of 0.0005 percent, on a planet equivalent to the billionth the size of a pinhead. The key to keeping people
in perceptual servitude is to suppress the
nature of reality itself, because if people
realised what I just said, they are far more likely to
say well hold on a minute then, if we can’t see almost anything, then what else exists, well hold on a second, look at the diversity of
form in the human form, never mind the animal
world and the insect world, that is operating within
that tiny band of frequency, what the heck exists in
terms of diversity of form, beyond that, which is in the almost
entirety of existence that we can’t see, and when you come from that perspective, then nonhuman entities
many taking a reptilian form becomes far less fantastic, than if you’re coming from
postage stamp consensus, which is waving it away by
reflex action load of rubbish, and I’ve not sat in a
darkened room pulling this out of the ether, I’ve researched all over the world, and when you have
ancient cultures all over the world who are describing nonhuman entities in the unseen, which is almost what
isn’t unseen to the humans in the way that I’ve just described, many taking a reptilian form, and that has passed through the ages, and then you meet people
in places like America, because once you start talking about this, you become someone that people
will give information to, because they can see a way of getting out to the public arena, because you won’t think they’re crazy, and they are telling me the same, people who have been in
mind control projects, people who have been
in government projects, who have interacted with these entities in underground bases, and they are describing
what the ancients described, when you’ve got this
man who is unfortunately just died in his 90s, William Tompkins, writing a book in 2015, describing how he was
seconded in 1942 into a top-secret naval intelligence
operation in America, based at the naval base at San Diego, where his role, or the role of that organisation was to interact with nonhuman entities, and he produces documents, he produces pictures of people he was with to support what he claims, and he is saying world
governments are controlled by a reptilian nonhuman race, I’ve been saying that since the 90s. – Who are these people, Royal family, reptiles, Trump? – Well let’s look at how it works, first of all, these entities operate in the unseen, overwhelmingly in the unseen, because we like I said earlier
live in a frequency band, the band frequency, anything beyond that
frequency we can’t see, we’re not aware of, and people have no trouble accepting that the old analogue system of
radio and television stations are different frequencies
sharing the same space without interfering with each other unless they are really close on the dial, the analogue system, BBC1 and ITV and CNN, they are sharing the same space, but they’re just on different frequencies, and the television picks
up different frequencies as you change the channel, well in the same way, worlds, or realities is a better term, are sharing the same
space without interfering with each other unless they’re
very close on the dial, and at that point where
they are close on the dial, and there is some form of interaction, that’s what we call ghosts
and paranormal activity, and so these are not just reptilian but other nonhuman entities, are operating just outside
of the human sight. And they have to have vehicles within our frequency band within our world that represent their interests, that are basically vehicles for them to manipulate our society, and so particular bloodlines
were created that are hybrids, part reptilian, not always reptilian, but part reptilian part human, which is the origin of the
Royal aristocratic bloodline, whole order of the ages, the ancient Chinese emperors used to claim the right to be emperor because of their descendant from the serpent gods, and the reason that these Royal bloodlines and aristocratic bloodlines
have incessantly, obsessively interbred, it’s because they’re holding
this hybrid genetic programme, and for a long time, they ruled because they
were a special bloodline, just down the road from us now in London, we have a head of state even today who is head of state
because of her bloodline. – The Queen. – The Queen, if she was a different bloodline she might be cleaning the throne, not sitting on it, this is the nonsense of it, why are you queen, because someone had sex with someone, and that person was born first, therefore they are the monarch, I’m sorry I thought we
lived in a civilised society with some form of intelligence, what’s going on? But across much of the world, as humanity started to awaken a bit more, from its civility to
these royal bloodlines, they couldn’t sustain it any longer, and so the Royal in your face
control started to disperse, it’s still around in some areas, like we still have a monarchy here, and in the Commonwealth countries, but in lots of countries it’s disappeared, but these bloodlines didn’t, and their sense of being special, and being “Royal”, never ended either, and so they moved into
the dark suit professions of banking of politics, all the dark suit professions, government administration et cetera, and they’ve gone on running
the show ever since, while not being overtly Royal, and of course what happened with the so-called great British Empire, and these other European empires, is these bloodlines
went all over the world, and they impose themselves
in North America and South America and Australia
and all over the world, and they’ve gone on
controlling it ever since, but when you look at
the situation from just the general population perspective, everything seems to be unconnected, people seem to be unconnected, but when you go deep into the shadows, they are not unconnected, what you have is a structure, a global structure, which is like a spider’s web, a very good way of describing it, at the centre is the spider, that’s this reptilian
and other nonhuman force, which is operating in the unseen, the strands immediately
around the spider are the most exclusive secret societies. – Such as? – Well you won’t even
be able to name them, some of them don’t even have names so they are harder to establish, they are really exclusive
groupings of people, who are close enough to the
spider to know the big picture, you come out from them, they are people you will never
see in the public domain, you come out from them, and then you start
hitting secret societies that we do know of, and when I say the Freemasons, the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar, the inner circle of the Jesuit order, Opus Dei et cetera, I’m not talking about
everybody who is a Freemason, nothing like, these structures, not these secret societies are
fiercely compartmentalised, you’re looking at the inner
core of these organisations, not most of its membership
who are clueless about what that organisation is really about, but the people within
these secret societies who were kept in the dark
are a wonderful front, unknowing front who these
others can hide behind, so you keep coming out from the spider, and eventually you hit what I
call the cusp organisations, where the hidden meets at the seen, so here you will find
the Bilderberg group, the Council on foreign
relations in America, the trilateral commission, the club of Rome, which was created to
manipulate the environment, to justify global transformation, and organisations like that, and then you come into the seen, and you’re into governments, you’re into the banking system, you’re into corporations, you’re into media ownership et cetera, and to the public, looking on, the decisions that impact upon the world, and impact upon their lives, are being made in the world of the seen, they’re being made by politicians, they’re being made by
bankers and what have you, but ultimately the plan for the total subjugation of humankind, is coming from the spider, and it’s playing out
through this structure, and this is why, what I’ve been doing Brian, is I’ve been going round the world in the last 18 months talking, what I’ve been setting
out in this 10 hour talk, is the background, and also the wish list, how they want the world to change, and how they want to change it, and what they want to introduce, so every time I go into a country, I used to get there
four or five days early, and I’ve got a checklist from the talk, of all the things that, because America is
further ahead of anybody, and Britain too, but what I have this checklist, and it might be Australia, it might be the Balkans, Serbia or any of those countries, it might be anywhere in Europe, America, Canada, every time I go into a country, check, check, check, check, the same things are happening everywhere– – What are some of those things? – Some countries obviously
are further ahead like Britain and America et cetera, but they are all moving in that direction, first of all you have the
incessant centralization of power, you have the gathering police state, you have the disappearance of cash, you have political correctness
more and more imposing itself in country after
country after country, silencing people, a war on freedom of speech, and also the whole transgender agenda, which I expose in the book, and that’s just a few, and one of the reasons
that more and more people are looking at my work, is because what I wrote in
the 1990s is happening now, and when I say I said that in 1995, and it’s happening, I don’t say that so that people say look he’s good he knew that was coming, no I say it for one reason, if I knew it in 1995 and
1992 it’s not random, it’s been planned, otherwise how would I know it, how would Orwell have known it, how would Huxley have known it, and one of the people in that book, but massively so in the last one, Phantom Self, is a man called Doctor Richard Day, who was a Rockefeller insider, a very close associate of
the Rockefeller family, and for whatever reason in 1969, which was about 20 years
after Orwell’s book came out, he addressed some paediatricians
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and no one knows why he did it, but he asked them to turn
off recording equipment and not take notes, because he was going to tell how the world was going to change, because what he represented was going to change it in that way, and one doctor, a guy called Lawrence Donnigan, he did take notes, and he later did a series
of interviews about what Richard Day said that night, when he realised that actually the world was changing in the
way they said it would, and the world today is a mirror, not just in theme but
in detail of what Day said at that time in 1969, and one of the things
that Day said which was like what? in 1969, we are going to make
boys and girls the same, this transgender explosion is not about, and when I say explosion, I mean this obsession with it, language, everything, getting even small children
to question their gender, systematically everywhere, check, check, every country I go into, like I say it’s further
ahead in some places, but it’s happening everywhere. – And further ahead is not a compliment. – No it’s not, it’s further ahead in this agenda, these things are not random. – What are they trying to
do with the transgender? – Well this will sound fantastic, except if you do the research. – We just talked about
lizard shape shifters, this won’t sound fantastic. – They are already doing
what I’m about to say, this spider, and we can come to shape
shifting too and how that works, if we get into the
nature of reality itself, but this spider has an
agenda for the world, and I’ve got a chapter in the new book called the assimilation, and it is to assimilate the human mind, human consciousness, so that their mind becomes the human mind, because you know people keep talking about artificial intelligence, they say artificial intelligence
is taking over this, artificial intelligence is running that, what I don’t hear is, okay, what is artificial intelligence, what is it? Because I quote some people in the book, I could have quoted many more, scientists working with
artificial intelligence who don’t understand it, and openly admit they don’t understand it, they don’t understand the speed
in which it’s progressing, there was a story this week, about artificial intelligence creating artificial intelligence
technology that was better than human artificial
intelligence technology, we are playing with the
end of humanity here, what is artificial intelligence, what I say at some length
in the book actually, is this force of manipulation, ultimately that’s what’s controlling artificial intelligence, so when artificial intelligence, if we allow it, takes over human perception, then what’s taking over human perception is this manipulative force, it’s been a progression, because I’ll say this to you, the control of humanity on the scale and the level that we’re seeing, depends for its total
success on technology, without technology, without computerization
it couldn’t have happened, without this technology
that’s emerging all the time, pushing it on, it couldn’t have happened, are we really saying that
people are sitting around a table tapping their fingers
waiting for some geek in a garage to invent the
next level of technology they need to push this control on? I had to laugh you know, a few months ago the BBC
did two documentaries on Silicon Valley, they were alright, they actually questioned
it a bit funnily enough, but not enough, but a bit, but there was this
sequence of garage doors, and as the sequence went
through the voiceover was saying behind this garage door this technology was created, behind this garage door this was created, behind this garage door this was created, and I can imagine the
manipulator sitting behind a table saying, too many garage doors guys, too many garage doors, they’re gonna suss it in a minute, too many garage doors, we need another narrative, another story, why do I say that? Because what I’m saying is
actually this technology that seems to be brand-new, and coming out of nowhere just invented, I say that technology
existed and was known about by this nonhuman force
the spider while humans were knocking rocks together
and shooting arrows. – And this is all part of the plan, they’re leaking it out to us. – They’re leaking it out, and of course they need cover stories, to get it into the public arena as if it’s coming from the public arena, I say it’s not, I mean I’ve talked to people, and read many, many accounts of people, who have worked in what they call dumbs, deep underground military bases, where you need a higher security
clearance the lower you go, and they go deep into the earth, who have talked about the fact that if you go deep enough that’s
where the interaction takes place between nonhuman
entities and human scientists, which ends up in the public arena as just discovered a new technology. – And can I ask, why do they want to do
this, the manipulators, why not get rid of us, why keep us around, why keep stringing us along, we must have some value to them if that’s what they’re doing. – Well yes we do, and I can sum it up in
a scene from The Matrix. – Was that movie made by them, or was that alternative
media or is it hard to tell? – It’s hard to tell. – Because they’re throwing
us a bone every now and then so we feel like
we know what’s going on. – Yeah and also you
know just a quick aside, the world they want to take us into, and we are going into unless we wake up, is so fantastically different
from the world we have known, that they have a big
problem with that chasm, so I’m not saying this
is about The Matrix, possibly, I’m not saying it for sure, but I am saying it for sure
about this stream of movies, year after year after year after year, that are portraying the
very dystopian machine controlled society that
they want to take us into, because it’s called
pre-emptive programming, what they’re doing is systematically making us subconsciously, consciously too more and more, subconsciously familiar with that world, so as it comes in for real, it’s less of a chasm, it’s less of a shock, because we are being prepared for it, because it’s all in mind-game, it’s all a perception game, the whole thing is a perception game. So what Morpheus did in The Matrix movie, is he held up a battery
and he said basically the machines have turned
humans into one of these, which is an energy source, and you remember the
scenes in The Matrix of the babies having their energy trawled, if you look at common
themes of ancient cultures, and of people I’ve spoken
to on the inside of the system particularly in America, there is a common theme
that these entities feed of human low vibrational energy, because of our perceptual
state is a frequency, if I’m in a state of depression, then I’m in a frequency, depression is a frequency, joy is a frequency in our reality, and if you’re gonna
absorb energy as a source of energetic sustenance, then the energy has to be within the frequency band you operate on, and these nonhuman entities that are manipulating human society, by the very nature of who
they are and how they act, the human word psychopath and psychopathic just encapsulates them, if you look at the so-called Hare test of psychopathic traits, including no empathy at the top, where people have no failsafe
mechanism of behaviour, because they have no
emotional consequences, because they have no empathy
therefore anything goes, things that we couldn’t
do because emotionally and empathetically we
couldn’t do it to people, they have no problem because
they are empathy deleted, so they are in a low-frequency state, and therefore if they’re gonna use humans as an energetic source, human emotion has to be in
a low vibrational state, so they set up a human society
to generate maximum fear, low vibrational state, anxiety, depression, conflict, and all these low
vibrational emotional states, fear of the future, regret of the past, resentment, all these low vibrational states, and they feed off them, they feed off them just like
Morpheus is talking about, they’ve turned humans into one of these, so we are an energy source to them, and the idea is to get humans controlled by artificial intelligence, so that they can completely
control our perceptual state. – Is that the final plan?
– Yes. – Then they’re gone if
they get that right. – Yes because then they’ve
got complete control, they will then be able through
artificial intelligence to dictate the human frequency, and be able to feed off it, without anything like the same amount of manipulation it’s taken this far, so if you have a war, even fear of a war, fear of a war, anxiety a war itself it’s an energetic explosion of low vibrational energy. – And that’s what you see
with the war on terror? – All of it, it’s two world wars, I mean look at the world and the number of wars and conflicts, and this is an interesting
point too Brian, there was a book written, by an English academic called
Steve Taylor called The Fall, some years ago now, and what he was doing was focusing on a period about 6000 years ago, when there was a very significant, and in terms of what we call evolution a very fast change in the human psyche, and it came out of the Middle East, after invasion of what he calls Indo-European and Semitic people, of course when I say Semitic people people think you mean Jewish, no, no, Semitic refers to a language group, in the Middle East, and the vast, vast majority
of Semitic peoples are Arabs, something else that’s an inversion, no, no, no it’s Jewish, anti-Semitic, no, no it’s not, so it was Indo-European
and Semitic people, and from these violent
invasions around 6000 years ago, this new psyche came out of
the middle east into Europe and eventually through
the empires of Europe all over the world, and it was a psyche that saw everything very differently to what had gone before, according to Steve Taylor, before this change of psyche, there was no war as we know it, there was no male dominated societies, there was no hierarchy as we know it in terms of hierarchy and wealth, there was no bricks and
mortar religion as we know it, and one cultural academic Ryan Esler, in America called it the great change, a change that basically
has never been seen before, and as the European empires with this new psyche as Taylor calls it, started going around the world, they were imposing this new
psyche on native peoples, they would go into Africa, they go into Asia, South America, the native Americans, they would go into Australia
and the aboriginal people, and they would take the place over, and they would marginalise
the old psyche if you like, all the ancient knowledge, a great friend of mine Credo Mutwa, a Zulu shaman who’s now in his 90s, said to me, when the Europeans came into South Africa, they milked the minds of
the Shaman to find out what they knew and then killed them, they wanted an end to
that stream of knowledge from the ancient world, so basically they started
with an historical ground zero where they could invent another history. – Reprogramming. – Yeah, a new programme, what’s also fascinating is
this guy William Tompkins who wrote about his work from 1942 and this naval intelligence
interaction operation with nonhuman entities, he talks about reptilian races controlling world governments, he said that this reptilian force, started to impose itself 6000 years ago, which is kind of interesting, because that’s when this
new psyche happened, again what is a new psyche, its control of perception, it’s a new perception. Continue watching this
fascinating conversation for free by clicking on the link
below to visit our website and I’ll see you on the inside. – When we become the two eyed, third eyed consciousness that we are, it’s over, that’s why the control and
the nature of our true self are connected, because one must stop us remembering that, this is what religion is about, religion says your little me, and big me is out there and by the way me with my collar and my hat and my frock, I know what big me wants,
therefore listen to me, do what I say and then you’ll be fine.

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