David Baldacci Teaches Mystery and Thriller Writing | MasterClass Official Trailer

[MUSIC PLAYING] My wife likes to tell people
that he looks very nice. He's a very nice guy. He's a very calm guy. But, he has a dark side to him. [MUSIC PLAYING] As a thriller writer,
my job is to look out into the real world,
see the problem side. I create the problems. Then during the course of
the novel, I solve them. You don't want the
reader to sort of settle back and be really
comfortable and, like, drifting through these pages. You want to grab them by the
throat right from the get-go and hurtle them through
the next 450 pages. [MUSIC PLAYING] I wanted to get into the
weeds with all of you about how I go about my craft. Great characters. How do you come up with them? How do you pace a
story so that people can't stop turning the pages? All the things that go into
making a successful writing career, I've tried to deliver
to you during this MasterClass. [MUSIC PLAYING] I was a lawyer when I first
started writing my first novel. I would spend time
with my family. They would go off to bed. And around 10 o'clock
I would go downstairs and I would write till
two in the morning. Every day, seven days a week,
and I did that for years. If you want to be
creative writing stories, you have to be very
creative in finding the time to write those stories. [MUSIC PLAYING] Research, for me, is critical. This binder is my nuke binder. And the section I'm
gonna read to you is about two and a half pages
long. Two and a half pages versus this. Do this. Leave almost all of it out. You will thank me later. I had insecurities. You will have insecurities. So any writer out there
who's doubting their ability to actually sit down and tell
a story, I'm telling you, I got your back on this. Writers change the world. Books change the world. As much as you might
need a class from me, I, and the rest
of the publishing world and the world in general,
we need you a lot more. I'm David Baldacci, and
this is my MasterClass.

11 thoughts on “David Baldacci Teaches Mystery and Thriller Writing | MasterClass Official Trailer”

  1. The coolest part about Masterclass is how they're always awesome. Thanks for being literally indomitable, @masterclass
    (I hadn't expected another perfect one on writing. You are the saints of online knowledge conveyance)

  2. No joke, I was just casually binge-watching masterclass videos again, as you do, and was like 'Why have I never seen this? This looks too good to skip?' and I just realised it was uploaded like 5 minutes ago lol

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