Dave Rubin on Faith and Critical Thinking

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  1. wow way to show your ass dave i thought you were doing good work till i found this vid and your obvious bias

  2. Where extremism comes into play is when people decide that only their way of thinking is reasonable. Once a group of people believe they hold a monopoly on reason they become certain that they're superior and those who disagree are inferior. Atheism is not provable. It is a non-falsifiable hypothesis – one cannot prove a negative. Extremism is spreading and it includes extremist Atheism. All this is is more sectarian bullshit.

  3. Nice hair-plugs, J-bag.  Here's a little critical-thinking; the internet does not need yet another disconnected academia elitist to dictate reality to us. What you conveniently leave out is that the Communist regmes of Stalin, Pot, Menghistu, Mao etc did not use religion to curtail human rights.  And if homosexual acceptance is your lithmus test to a free "critical thinking" society, then all of the aforementioned had worse track racords than any Christian society found in the West (in fact, let's throw in Cuba just to drive the point home).  Next.

  4. Black American favorability of gay marriage went from least in America to most after Obama's endorsement (now 56% black, 50% white). Imagine the progress of critical thinking if he admitted he was an atheist.

  5. u dont need to believe in a religion to have faith, u can have faith in someone or something but it does not require religion. religion is poison it does nothing but divide people

  6. Critical Thinking Depends entirely on the Axioms you start With and presuppositions, or "worldviews." Pretending that there is any such thing as completely objective reason outside of worldview is a Complete fantasy. There is no such thing as "Clear moral thinking" outside of a certain kind of faith, faith in the origional meaning of the term of Fidelity, being faithful to certain ethical principles which one takes as Axiomatic. This is the problem with this naive secular thinking, we need to look at the presuppositions. Religion isn't the problem, and reason isn't the solution (since reason doesn't mean anything outside of a worldview context), the problem is People who think they are being objective and completely "Critical" in their thinking while not seeing or aknowledging their own pressuppositions, axioms or worldviews, and thus not actually being "Critical." Unfortunatly the People who do this the must are generally not religious folk (at least sophisticated religions folk), but rather secualists and libertarians, since their worldviews are more or less orthodoxy in the west they pretend as thought they don't exist.

  7. Please add the climate change activist who doesn't allow nuclear fission as an option even though climate scientists agree it should be part of the solution to climate change. Many good people to interview, Ben Heard, Patrick Moore, James Hansen to name a few.


  8. I am yet to see peaceful change to ever occur in the world. Talking with ISIS will not solve ISIS. Talking with the neoliberal capitalists will not fix the foundational issues with their ideology. And never forget the fact that those in power are definitely willing to use force on you. But, of course, intellectual discourse is absolutely necessary and that is why Dave is so awesome. Just be prepared to physically back up your intellect…

  9. I can't say I see much conflict between thinking critically and having faith. It's much like science. Science and religion; Critical thinking and faith can go hand-in-hand. The problem is when you have no respect for one over the other. That's when extremism, both religious and non-religious, becomes problematic.

  10. When the f*ck did the left become so divided and conquered and begin redirecting so much of their energy to all this unproductive infighting? Over such exceptionality miniscule differences of opinion on 99% of issues nonetheless. Where the hell are these large powerful groups of "regressives" fighting so hard to defend Islamic fundamentalism and extremism? I would think such vast groups are easy to find. Muslim defense, sure there's that. The large increases in the numbers of hate crimes needs to be addressed and I applaud people like the ones escorting scared Muslims around major cities after the last couple of extremist attacks. Is Muslim defense "regressive"? I take issue with left factions that in my opinion go way too far with speech restrictions on college campuses, but that discussion is far from worth allowing this bullshit divide to begin resulting in an implosion of the liberal base of the likes of which we are seeing on the right. The more and more so many continue to exude their energy into the black and white battle of whether people should be more focused on religious doctrine or geopolitics, or whether we should be implementing trigger warnings or not, the more and more the left will get beaten down and defeated.

  11. The "new center" is obnoxiously arrogant. You're just hipsters. Nothing new here, you don't get your own special label.

  12. I like to take it step further then Peter does. To me, faith is the act pf pretending to know that which cannot be known. It's a great tool for use when you have no explanation or argument, but your ego won't allow you to admit it.

  13. I'm not a religious "extremist" but I am a fundamental Christian. I enjoy your show because you seem honest and to have integrity. I don't agree with all your points or arguments but I give you credit for not trying to shut out voices you don't agree with.

  14. Dave, I love your show. The topics, amount of honesty and guests have been amazing. 10/10 keep it up.

    That said, I loathe having the partial interviews uploaded first, with a delay on posting the full interview. I don't have time to keep checking in to see if a full interview is posted and am not going to watch the partial interviews when I am already dedicated to watching the complete ones. This wouldn't be a problem if the show wasn't so awesome. =)

  15. What else does the sign say? All I can read is: Losangeles westwood silverlake lost (Los ange leswe stwood silverl akelost )

  16. I know how many times this week I've been called an "islamaphobe" or "racist" this week, I can only guess how bad it is for you.

  17. To think critically is also to realize how miniscule and meaningless and STUPID you are (you being all of us, not specifically you Dave), and that no one knows either way whether there's a God or not. ….Granted, that God, whether there or not, has no place in political decision making.

  18. I wonder what Dave thought about TYT throwing him under the bus in a recent broadcast and making fun of the "regressive left" label? I really just watch them when I need something long in the background lol

  19. Can something be true, apart from logic and reason? If so, is critical think/critical method flawed? Does truth supersede logic and reason? Does faith play any role in critical thinking/critical method?

    Yes. Yes. Yes. And Yes. At least I think so.

  20. As an agnostic non-theist, I really don't understand why people want to place pressure on those who have religious beliefs. With the exception of a few outliers, Christians, Jews, Taoists, and most other religions are fine, they've evolved beyond the need for negative attention. Islam? That's another story entirely. Its foundations are so deeply rooted in hatred, bigotry, and misogyny that I doubt it will ever be able to coexist with Western Liberalism, at least not without radical reformation.

  21. Scapegoatism. Prescribing that people have to be 'fixed' or corrected, if they have religious faith.

    And the bone that's used, is that minority of religious people who use their religion to justify violence or sexual preference/racial abuse. If you don't support dumping on religious people, then you're somehow enabling violence or discrimination. Yeah, right.

    Some of the most brilliant people in history, have been religious, and some have been atheistic. Some fit into neither category.

    For some people of faith, they believe they have used reason to arrive at an intelligent creator. But for many others, faith is simply a choice; it doesn't have to do with rationality or irrationality. We make a lot of choices, more than we're willing to admit, without rational backing.

    Leave people the heck alone, unless they are actually bothering you. Defend against destructive behavior, not against disagreeable religions or religious people.

    Leave people alone. You're not superior to them, just because you didn't make the same faith choice, that they made.

    I'm done with this discussion. Bye.

  22. Ali Rizvi?! Man The Rubin Report is gonna eclipse all other shows. I just wish Hitch was a live for a 3-4 hour discussion

  23. Hows that Arab lady going, Dave? Will she be interviewed?
    How about Ross Douthat or Bishop Robert Barron on Christianity and critical thinking?
    Is it possible to interview former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din?

  24. In Victoriana, and even before that time, there was no contradiction between religion/spirituality and logic/science. They were two separate things, that deal with different issues.

    Today, we see atheism pushing it's agenda on the realms of morality. Science and hard, formal logic, can tell us how things work. It cannot decide our values, our ideals, our morals.

  25. Next, bring on a well-known Christian apologist (John Lennox, David Bentley Hart, Roger Scruton, etc.). At the very least for diversity of thought. Your dichotomous view of faith vs. reason (in this case through the prism of "critical thinking") is, in many instances, artificial and inaccurate.

    There's so much conflation in this three minute video that it would take an hour to unpack it. I think the least you can do, Dave, is bring someone one to voice the other end of the argument. As a conservative, I've come to respect your channel for it's honesty and openness. This would be a great way to continue that project.


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