Dating & Sex Education at Hogwarts! | Hannah Witton

– Hey, everyone, I’m Hannah, and today I’m here with my friend, Eva, who is a fellow sex
educator here on YouTube. – It’s true, that’s me.
– Yeah, that is you. And also Harry Potter nerd. – Yes.
– Yes. Yes. Seemed more sure about that
than the sex education. (Eva laughing) 100%. – Do I do sex education? Maybe. Do I love Harry Potter? Yes. – Exactly. So we’re combining the two because Eva, if you couldn’t tell from
her accent, is from Canada. – Yep. – Not from the USA. – From Toronno. – Torrono, not Toronto. – No.
– That’s what I would say. But you run these sex workshops? – Mm-hmm. – Which is called? – How to Fuck Like a Hufflepuff. – Ah, and when I heard this, I was like, that is genius, that is genius. But it’s basically about how to have kind,
compassionate, casual sex? – Yep.
– Yeah. Which is all what
Hufflepuffs are all about. And so I thought we could
expand on this and just be like, what are the four different
Hogwarts houses like when it comes to sex,
dating, relationships? What does sex education in a school for witchcraft and wizardry look like? – Mm-hmm. – Oh boy. First off, why are Hufflepuffs into kind and compassionate casual sex? Why is that fucking like a Hufflepuff? What is it about Hufflepuffs that makes them kind and compassionate? I’m a Hufflepuff. (laughs) – I was gonna say, I feel
like that’s pretty integral to what we know about Hufflepuffs, that they’re very kind and
care for others around them and like other people. Isn’t that in the song, “How the Hufflepuff Takes All the Rest”? – She does. All the misfits. – Yeah, so it’s a certain amount, I think, of, yeah, respect and understanding of other people’s feelings, which you can do if you are having casual sex
with someone, surprisingly. – And you’re a Gryffindor? – Yes, but I also feel very
connected to Hufflepuff. I feel bad that I might’ve deceived people with my workshop, but I feel– (Hannah laughing) I’m a Gryffinpuff, so
hopefully I should be– – And I identify as a Slytherpuff, but emphasis on the puff. – Yeah. – Because you can’t say a Huffelin. So you have to say Slytherpuff. – Yeah. – What the fuck is a Huffelin? – It doesn’t– (laughs) – Every day I’m a huffelin’ (laughs) As a Gryffindor, you
speak for all Gryffindors, what happens in the Gryffindor Common Room behind closed doors or in the dorm rooms? What’s going on in there? – How my favourite thing to
think about this is that, if you are from one house and you’ve hooked up with
someone from another house, when you come back to share the deets, what are your friends’
assumptions about like, oh, you hooked up with a Gryffindor, they must’ve been, and I would think like, really adventurous in bed. Like they wanted to do all these things. Maybe they wanted to go have sex in the Forbidden Forest, maybe. – Like an idiot. (Eva laughing) Because where is the line
between bravery and idiocracy? – I don’t know, you get more privacy in the Forbidden Forest, maybe. – Maybe. – Maybe there’s like a– – Yeah, you are at a boarding school. Things get a bit difficult. – You have more space. – Room of Requirement. Surely that’s where everyone hooked up. – Is there a dungeon Room of Requirement? – The Slytherin’s Common
Room is in the dungeon. Oh, the Slytherins are 100% kinky, BDSM people.
– For sure. – Oh my gosh. – But see, when you think about that, I think houses can be
kinky in different ways. So Ravenclaws are big nerds about it. If you want to explore
rope for the first time, a Ravenclaw would be
like, “Yeah, I know how– – I know how to do it safely and properly, this is how you do it. – Yeah, they know all the knots, they’re, yeah, you’re gonna
be in really good hands. – I feel like, as a Hufflepuff,
I’m just overwhelmed all the time. (both laughing) I’m just like, what, where? (laughs) So many shiny things. How do I decide?
– I love it. – My thing about Gryffindors, and please don’t take this the wrong way, is I also kind of associate Gryffindors, especially male Gryffindors as the classic chauvinistic almost, but also chivalrous, but in a slightly, the energy is being placed
in the wrong direction. You’re like, “Oh, but ah.” – Come up to you at a bar and
kind of pulled some like– – But, they are also
champions of the underdog and rights, but they’ll
just do it very loudly. Does that make sense? So, the Gryffindors will
be screaming down the house at Hogwarts Pride. – Oh, yes! – And the Hufflepuffs, I
think, will 100% be there too. – They’ll be making buttons and– – That’s what I was gonna
say, they’ll be crafting. (both laughing) – It’s an important part of pride. (both laughing) – Gryffindors are the kind of allies that will be outraged on your behalf, but at the wrong time. – Yeah. – Does that make sense? – Mm-hmm, sometimes they’re like, “Ah, this is an injustice!” – Yeah.
– And you’re like, “But does it need to be
an injustice right now?” (both laughing) – Yeah, yeah. – Ah! Yeah, when you come out to them, they just start clapping in a restaurant, and you’re like, “No.” – Whereas your Hufflepuff
friend will be like, “Do you want a hug?” – Yeah. And your Ravenclaw friend has been like, “Oh, I’ve actually read a
couple books about this.” (Eva laughing) – Yes. – And your Slytherin friend is– – Your Slytherin friend is like– – “I know this hot guy
I can hook you up with.” – Oh, yes, yeah, that is 100% it. Oh my God, I love it. I’m trying to think what
else Slytherins are like, ’cause I kind of feel like
Slytherins get a bad rap. Hufflepuff on the streets,
Slytherin in the sheets. – Yeah. – Hey, that’s how I identify. – Exactly. – But what does it mean to
be a Slytherin in the sheets? – Besides being a fuck boy, fuck person. – I reckon Slytherins are more likely to be concerned with how your relationship is portrayed on social media. – Oh. – ‘Cause it’s about status. – Yes. – I’ve never experienced this because my partner is not on social media. So I don’t understand. But I’ve heard from people that there can be a lot of tension, and you liked that person’s post, or you didn’t like my post, especially in the early stages
of crushing and courting. – Yeah, they’re, yeah, they’re the ones that have immaculate social media. If you go anywhere with them. – The theme is just green and silver. – Yeah. If you go anywhere with
them, they’re like, “We need to take a
photo,” like, for, yeah. But I feel like Slytherins are also, Slytherins have gotta be good in bed. I’m trying to think why though. I have a gut instinct
that this is true, but– – I feel like the kind of people
that I’ve been attracted to and stuff, very much drawn to Slytherins. But why, Hannah? But why? – See, I’m drawn to Ravenclaws, which are also not maybe
the best fit for me. – Why? – Too cold. – I think Ravenclaws
probably come across as the more introverted type, but, oh my God, actually,
now that I think about it, I have definitely fallen for that type over and over again. The more like creative, tortured soul who’s really smart, but not
emotionally available. (laughs) – No. Why are we reading ourselves like this? – But that is a Ravenclaw. – Yeah. – The less emotionally-developed
Ravenclaws. Obviously, there are lots
of Ravenclaws out there who are lovely and make great
partners. (breaths rapidly) – Sorry, I’m just processing all of this, and reflecting back on all my life. It’s kind of way too real. – What’s it like being in a
relationship with a Hufflepuff? I feel like we’re very,
“Let’s go do this new thing!” “Here’s an exciting
thing, let’s go do this!” (beeping noises) – Also pretty career-orien… I don’t know career-oriented, but in terms of the hardworking component. – Yeah. I feel like we do things
to the extreme though. I feel like when a
Hufflepuff is hardworking, that Hufflepuff is focused and driven. But then Hufflepuffs also
know how to be really lazy. If we’re having a chill
day, we do that so well. We’re just like, nope, no hard work. I’m on the sofa, Netflix, blah. – I love it. – That’s kind of like how I feel. There’s no in between though. I think it’s just like. (grunts) I feel like maybe that’s how
we do relationships as well. I’m now completely analysing
myself as a Hufflepuff. But, the fact that I was single, and I was casually dating,
casually having sex, and I was doing that. And then when I’m in a relationship, I’m like, I am doing the relationship. – Yep. – I don’t know.
– I don’t know. That’s interesting that extremes as a part of the Hufflepuff. – Maybe.
– Maybe. – Any other Hufflepuffs
out there, let me know if you also feel like you
bounce from one to another. What are Hufflepuffs like in bed? This is a thing, I don’t know. Bouncy, is the first word
that came to my head. (laughs) – I don’t know. Wanting to know about
your partner’s interests and being able to fulfil those are like… – Basically, what your How to Fuck Like a
Hufflepuff is all about. (Eva laughing)
Yeah. – I don’t know if that’s quite, but– – Asking questions. Being kind and considerate. – Self-reflective about your
own boundaries and needs. And then being able to communicate to that with other people. – Hufflepuffs are into sploshing. (both laughing) – What, what? Oh, – [Both] with the food! (both laughing) – Because we’re next to the kitchen, so there’s a whole thing
about Hufflepuffs and food. – Amazing. – And so, Hufflepuffs
must be into sploshing. – Yes, and Slytherins are more
into BDSM because dungeons. – Okay, and then Ravenclaws
are up in the tower with owls, so they’re furbies. (Eva laughing) No– – Furries.
– Furries, that’s what I meant, not furbie. Furbie’s the little toy, isn’t it? – Yeah. (both laughing) – No, maybe the Gryffindors
are furries because lions. I don’t know. What are Gryffindors into? – Everything.
– Everything. – Everything. (both laughing) – They’ll try everything once. – Every Gryffindor is bisexual
or bi-curious at some point. – Wow. (both laughing) Can you confirm in comments? Aw, I like that idea. We were talking too about magic sex ed. So non-magic condoms are
already quite effective, so magic condoms would be perfect. – Do you need magic condoms when you’ve got Madame Pomfrey? – So yeah, is Madame Pomfrey
like your health teacher where you go into– – She teaches you, wait! Are there other magical
diseases that you can contract through having sex
– Oh, there definitely are. with witches and wizards? – Yes, there’s way more STI. – And there must be
different spells and curses and charms that you can put on people that will make your bits do funny things. – Yeah, engorgement. – Engorge you! – There gotta be a couple every year that try that. (laughs) You go to Madame Promfrey, and she’s like, so there’s a different
spell or a different cream, but you can’t just engorge your dick. It’s not how it works. (both laughing) – But if there was magic, right? There are so many, I
don’t wanna say problems, but so many things that
people come up against in their own personal sex life, and then they’re sex
life with other people, where they’re like, “Oh my God, things are going wrong. “My body doesn’t work properly.” Like, magic would fix. But is that a good thing? – To be able to, yeah– – Just wave your wand. And everything fits. – And you’re always wet, maybe. So you don’t have to
take the time to learn that you need more foreplay and need to have sex that’s good. – Is there a spell that makes you aroused, and is that consensual? – Yeah, and is that a good choice for you? – Love potions? What’s that about? – Yeah. We don’t talk about, when they’re mentioned, they aren’t like, love potions are super restricted. ‘Cause some potions are super restricted, like felix felicis. – Yeah. – So I would think that love potions are also very restricted. – Because how long does
a love potion last? – Yeah. – ‘Cause it depends how serious it is. ‘Cause if you can brew a love potion long enough to last 30 years. Ooh! Like, what? – That’s definitely, you’re
getting life in Azkaban. – There you go. Also, this is not on sex
and relationships at all, but, where do wizards and witches who have committed petty crimes go? (both laughing) – You’re right. – Where do they go? If a witch has committed fraud or stolen someone’s tooth brush. – Everybody goes to Azkaban. That’s so messed up.
– Where do they go? – I didn’t think about that. – Is there community service
for witches and wizards? And rehabilitation?
– I hope so. – Has J. K. Rowling said
anything about that? Or is there a better
alternative in some fan fiction? – Trans people. (Hannah gasping) – Yes.
– Surgery. Are there spells to make you transition? – But then also dormitories are split. – Fuck. – Female, male dorms. – In terms of culture in Hogwarts, it’s still pretty cis-normative. – Yeah, only in terms of the dorms. Maybe in the uniform as well, ’cause obviously the girls have skirts. The quidditch team is
mixed, which is really cool. – That’s true. – Quidditch teams are mixed, so I’m down for that. – I know in terms of being on hormones you kind of don’t know
what your body’s gonna do in terms of what you’re gonna get. So if you could actually be like, I wanna lower my voice
by just this amount. – Yeah. – I want this amount of facial hair. And magically that could just happen. – I would like this
amount of hips, and this, but then, gender dysphoria aside–
– Could everybody do that? – Yeah, exactly. You could change anything about your body and the way that you looked and your breast size and
your facial features. That’s really tricky. Or does the magic somehow know if it is– – Is there a special– – If it’s because you’re trans or if it’s because of other reasons. How do witches and wizards
get plastic surgery? – That’s true.
– Is it magic or do they have surgery? – Is the surgery magic? – I mean, it would be kind of the same as any other magical surgery
that Madame Pomfrey can do. One woman for an entire
school of children and adults, just sorting them all out. Yeah, Madame Pomfrey’s
Sexual Health Clinic. – I love it. She’s got all the magical condoms. I hope they’re everywhere. I hope they’re very accessible. – Yeah, just go to the
Room of Requirement. Professor Umbridge though, she’d crack down on all of that. – Oh yeah, no more magic condoms. – You’d be doing so well, and the characters are
just getting to the age where they’re like,
“Maybe I wanna have sex.” And then Professor
Umbridge is like, “Uh-huh.” – No sex.
– No. Don’t even think about it,
she can read your thoughts. – Isn’t there like, you
have to keep a distance, or, I don’t know. – Oh yeah, that was one
of the rules, wasn’t it? – Yeah. – Obviously, this is all in good fun. And we would love to hear in the comments some of your interpretations
of how you think students, or people in general, of the different Hogwarts
houses behave in bed, in relationships, in dating,
in all of those scenarios. But we also came up with some other puns for if you wanted to run your
own Harry Potter sex workshop. So yours is How to Fuck Like a Hufflepuff. And then there could also be How to Ravenclaw Your Way Out
of An Abusive Relationship. How to Open Your Gryffindor. That was it, How to Open Your Gryffindor to New People and Ideas,
or whatever it is. – And then How to Slytherin
Without Being a Creep. – There you go. So there’s some workshop
ideas for you guys. – Yeah. Feel free to email me, we can collab. – Oh yeah. And where can people
come and actually take one of your workshops? – Yeah, so I am doing my
workshop twice this fall. Once in Ottawa on September
21st at Venus Envy, and then on October 27th,
right before Halloween, at Good For Her in Toronto. – Oh, and Good For Her
is one of the sex shops that you took me to. Yeah, it’s good. And, also check out the
podcast episode that I’ve done with Eva over on Doing It! We talk all about her thesis. What is your thesis about? – My thesis is about sexting, and how it can be related to communication and satisfaction and
all those good things. – So cool, so cool. – Yes. – Our own human Muggle, 21st century kind of
magic technology, right? I just came up with that. Oh my God. Oh! – You’re brilliant. – I know. (both laughing) Also, we did a video over on Eva’s channel where we talked about some
of our favourite sex books and sex research papers. So, definitely go and check that out. Please do give the video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. And don’t forget to subscribe
and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss another one. Bye.
– Bye. – Nailed it.
– Love it.

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    Remember also though that spells are invented, so it's likely that while some disfigurements can't be rectified and body parts can only be changed in certain ways, that may change in the magical future. Someone would have had to invent Skele-gro (the potion that grows Harry's arm bones back) at some point, which implies a magical past prior to its invention where it didn't exist and presumably it was created to help people with bone problems, be that density, breaks, or a vanishing thereof. Perhaps wizards could learn more about body-changing magic through researching metamorphmaguses like Tonks.

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  31. JK Rowling's word is entirely devoid of sex and sexuality (I mean, it is a children's novel series, at heart), and that's why I love fanfic and the rest of the fandom for trying to marry it into a world where teenagers will rightly date, fuck, fall in love, and not in a sanitized way like she tried to do with Ron/Lavender, Ron/Hermione or Harry/Ginny.

    Personally, as a Slytherin, I think our House will have an over-representation of aces and aros (asexual and aromantic) because we're not about that committed life. We're about ambition and independence, both personally and professionally. Most people in Slytherin probably hook up a lot or not at all, never really date or go exclusive, and then either marry older, or never at all. I think their public persona is as sex-liberals, but most are probably very inexperienced, because they have high standards in sex partners.

    My image of Gryffindor is a house full of jocks and politicians, idk something about that righteous go-getter attitude. Probably get into very messy relationships, good in bed, but not to date. Probably the House that gets married the most, and gets divorced the most lol. Loudly into trying kinks and BDSM specifically, but actually weirdly prudish/exclusive

    I think you're on the money when you say Ravenclaws are more emotionally distant, or are just rather less interested in romance. More likely to have a "platonic life partner" or a "queerplatonic relationship." But I think this is the House that's the most responsible when it comes to safe sex, and the most experimental when it comes to kinks and sex toys (knowledge is everything!). I think Ravenclaws (and Slytherins) will make good subs, because they can stand to let go of their need for control the most

    And Hufflepuff will be the House of slow dating or great casual sex/one night stands that become life-long friends. All about enthusiastic consent. Actually, I think they'll be good doms, because they'll be good at aftercare

  32. I feel as a Slytherin your "in bed" for me is totally wrong. What you describe for us can and are for some. I think most people think that towards us because the small amount that do like that are the either the most vocal or the most sensationalized so get the most recognition that leads to stereotype. To completely honest me in bed is most like what you describe Hufflepuff. I am most focused on my partners enjoyment. I do not like dominance. I feel that sex should be completely equal. The idea sex would be partners that are focused on the others pleasure so in turn would be equal and wonderful for both. I am up for anything in bed (except BDSM) as long as the other person is comfortable with doing it too. My ex wife was extremely kinky so I have pretty much did everything you can do sexually at least once. There are some things I really liked. There are some I have no interest in ever doing again unless I have a partner that wants to try it once. I feel since I have had experience I can at least give them a true experience to let them decide if it is what they like. Instead of two people that dont know what they are doing fumbling around trying to figure it out on both sides.

  33. I feel like Slytherins are the ones who don't make a big deal out of anything, like you come out to them there response is just 'okay cool' and then go back to the conversation you were having before, but you still know they care they just don't make a big deal about it. Also I think Ravenclaws are Dom's because they love having more knowledge then everyone else.

  34. I think that although there are definetily a lot of classic intellectuals in Ravenclaw, there are also most certainly many emotional intellectuals. There are sort of two sides to Ravenclaws (as there are with all houses), we get a lot of the introverts, but we also get a lot of people who see emotional intelligience as just as valuable (if not more) as traditional book smarts.

  35. Edit: Massive comment below the Read More incoming. Oh gods, I've thought way too much about this.

    I feel like Slytherins would have a super scary reputation, like 'OMG, he was a Slytherin… Are you okay? What happened?? Did he tie you up???', but then in the actual act they're really open and, well, flexible. Like you can suggest anything to a Slytherin and they'll be totally fine with it. They're maybe a little bit selfish naturally, but with prodding will absolutely do anything you want.
    I feel like they're probably more overtly kinky than the other houses, like I can see people discussing the merits of various paddles in the common room, but when push comes to shove, I feel like they're ALL about that Power Exchange Dynamic. I think maybe humiliation, predicament bondage, and service submission are probably the most common kinks in the dungeon.
    Also, I think Slytherins would know themselves and their needs/boundaries really well. Like you set up to go to town with a Slytherin, and they're like "Okay, if you do this I'll finish pretty much instantly, but I can do THIS for hours and still be having a good time. And if you do this, this or this then it's over and you can never speak to me again." Stuff like that. I think it's different from Ravenclaw, who also have a whole list of what to do and what not to do, but while Ravenclaws will present you with a 600 page disertation on the how and the why and the OH DEAR GOD NO, Slytherins will just casually bring it up during negotiation and expect that to be that.
    Also, they'd SOOO help any trans friends find the perfect transition spells for them, including sneaking them into the Forbidden Section to find the good shit. But they'd also make the most problematic jokes, but if anyone EVER disrespects any trans/queer friend of theirs they'd be ready to throw the fuck down in a heartbeat. And somehow they'd manage to be both a less and a more problematic ally than the Gryfindors.
    Source: Me, a kinky trans Slytherin.

  36. Regarding plastic or transitioning surgery, Hermione got her teeth fixed during second (or third) year and she lied to Madam Pomfey so that she would make them smaller. So there is definitely some hope for transitioning mages out there.I am more concern with the vocabulary : wizard vs witch. In our world they mean totally different things and there can be both male and female wizards and witches. I think in the HP universe they use mage and no-mage , but I could be wrong

  37. I read a really sweet fan headcanon once where a third door appeared between the two staircases for girls/boys dorms, that could only be seen by Non Binary/Trans students, and once they opened it they discovered an new dormitory that all the Non Binary/Trans kids gradually moved into. It was so wholesome how the castle was making spaces for the students who needed it. It was so good I wish it was also in the canon.

  38. When she said the title "how to f*** like a hufflepuff". I just couldn't believe how interesting this business can be. 😊😅😅

  39. There must be permanent body modification spells that exist because in the second book Hermione's teeth are smaller after Madam Pomfrey fixes them to make them smaller when she gets hit with the spell that makes them grow. It's never mentioned again but its implied that it was a permanent change, which would suggest that you can change other things as well.

  40. I would think that the dormitory stairs would know if you’re trans and going to the wrong dorm as they would with anybody else and that nb ppl would either get a choice or there would be a separate dorm for those who are nb.

  41. This is really interesting! I'm a pure slytherin on all the quizzes, I don't have any of the characteristics of the other houses with Hufflepuff being the least like me, I always get zero points on the quizzes in it, followed my Ravenclaw and them Gryffindor. Never thought about Hogwarts houses and how it related to sex. Harry Potter is technically based in the 90's so it would be more conservative with trans etc compared to now

  42. About the talk of surgery and changing your body: I feel like that wands have restrictions on them when they are bought, so that you couldn’t just change anything about yourself. So that you would actually have to go to someone medical ot see what’s right for you, and there wands have access to here spells,

  43. What about sex toys? Like magic vibrators you never need to charge and which can change shape in miriad of ways, or Magic BDSM Gear. Posibilities are endless 😀

  44. At least why Gryffindors, boys can't enter the girls dormitories. There's a scene in Order of the Phoenix or Half Blood Prince (the book) where Harry and Ron try to go into the girls dormitory to tell Hernione something but the stairs turn into a slide. Apparently Godric Gryffindor thought girls were more mature than boys. Sexism? I don't know.

  45. I just can't agree with this video i think you haven't really thought it through , the target audience of harry potter are young children and you are making light of sexualising that world and that is wrong wrong wrong and in some point's sick and depraved.
    I think you should watch your video again and think how a child might react to it , pull this video or at the very least age restrict it you need a long hard look at what you did here and take this video off youtube where innocent kids are able to view your video's.
    I have reported this video already, ask yourself this if you had young kids who love harry potter would you want them watching this…remove this video it is wrong.

  46. YES HANNAH I am exactly the same when it comes to my lazy/hardworking and relationship/single brain divide. I feel like it's the true Hufflepuff commitment coming through – whether it's all or nothing we are so committed to that idea 😂

  47. My life as a Ravenclaw is completely dictated by my ability to overthink and overanalyse EVERYTHING – my surroundings, any possible outcomes of any situation etc. – which I have always seen as a a very 'on-brand' quality for a Ravenclaw. That being said, in terms of sex and relationships, I think that would translate as being the ones to be the most self-conscious and less able to open up emotionally as, say, a Hufflepuff or Gryffindor (much like your brooding, introverted 'claw crushes Hannah). Our minds are so preoccupied by other things that we can perhaps struggle to just enjoy dating etc. for the sake of enjoying them and potentially find 'gross' feelings harder to deal with (maybe there are 'more important things' to focus on). That's only my personal HOT TAKE though – there are many different types of Ravenclaw out there! 😊✨💙

  48. Gryffindor: "🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 WE SUPPORT YOU! 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈"
    Hufflepuff: "…can you support me a little more quietly, tho?"

  49. Hermione had her teeth magically shrunk after Malfoy hit her with that bucktooth spell – and originally her teeth had been a little large, but Madam Pomfrey didn't know that and told Hermione to just let her know when they were back to the right size, so Hermione got them shrunk a little extra so that they were more normal!

  50. Slytherins get so underestimated and judged. As a Slytherin I would like to point out how passionate and committed we can be and how a Slytherin gives you everything or nothing. It’s pretty much black or white, I feel like. Slytherins can be very emotional and devoted partners and for sure they are magical in the dorm room… ✨

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