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KATHRYN BOUDETT: There’s so much going
on in schools, so many different ways in which we want to improve
student learning that it’s really important to focus your efforts. The Data Wise Project at the
Harvard Graduate School of Education is dedicated to supporting
educators in using the process and cultivating the habits of mind
that make improvement possible. DEIRDRA AIKENS: I could involve Data
Wise when I first became principal here. I saw that we had a problem
that needed to be solved. KATHRYN BOUDETT: It’s
a systematic approach to organizing the core work of schools
around instructional improvement. BRIAN LEE: We used our
data to help our students. We’ve always done that. We’ve always had the best
interest of our students at heart. Data Wise has given us a
vehicle to take that information and transform it and transport it into
places that it can be more useful. AMANDA MARUSA: And I just
remember thinking, wow! OK, so we’re really going
to be discussing this, using our data to drive our instruction. NATASHA REID: Being able to go
through a step-by-step process makes that definitely seem attainable. And it helps you know
that you’re not alone, and that it’s a collaborative effort
that really makes it effective. KATHRYN BOUDETT: You can participate
in this course on your own, with an informal group of
colleagues, or more formally, as a series of professional
development blocks at your school. We will review the terrain
with you and give you a rough sense of what might be
involved if you and your colleagues decide to explore the Data Wise
improvement process in your setting. We’ll end the course
by giving you a chance to reflect on possible next
steps for your journey. AMANDA MARUSA: Once we were
able to sit down and take a look at the entire journey and think
back to, well, here’s where we started, it’s just really cool
to see where you end up. Schools and systems that
embrace this process call it a whole new
way of doing business. BRIAN LEE: When you look at
your data at the end of the year and you see the gains that
you’ve made and understand that it was the efforts that you put
into the Data Wise process that brought that about, it’s hard to doubt it. STUDENTS: Welcome to Data Wise!

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