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my name is Darwin Jones get sweet why the headquarters it's gonna talk about some music and some beats that I really and my when I heard them this track is by the meatus is cause sissy strep but one of my favorite drummers Zig abou and yes the way Ziegler boobs runs were tuned we're already unique and I think my snare comes close to it but yeah this rule was crazy just like it's like something a lot of people sample just dis his drums but you probably recognize this another groove that inspired me that I was fascinated by was a good friend of my also rest in peace Clyde Stubblefield he played on a James Brown song called the funky drummer wanted a most sample on breaks in hip hop and more than just hip hop all other genres have sample his drums and that break it's very it's it's this pattern is very tricky to play because there's a lot of nuances and dynamics but I'm going to try to get it a little bit I'm had to play I'm gonna play them all away another break that I want to touch on when I first was kinda introduced to hip-hop era being rockin was one of the groups that had this track all paid in full and the drums I don't even know where whatever is no sample came from but this was the pattern another classic is from one of my favorite producers named Pete Rock actually playing this Bank are the soul brothers you had this track on the Soul Survivor album crossover the number one very unique pattern it went something like this oh yeah this next thing that I'm gonna play is actually a pattern that I played on for Jack White Lazaretto the second project that I recorded with and on this beat was inspired by MC Lyte she had a song called cha-cha-cha so that was inspiration and I kind of just played the kind of like in my own way a little bit of rock and we're something like this this track right here is from a slum village record produced by J Dilla one of my favourite deuces you passed on what something like this you know yes I'll just place on my favorite beats or some things that inspire me coming up some of the patterns and drummers hope you enjoyed it my name is Darwin Jones we light a Sweetwater's headquarters for more information sweet water calm

5 thoughts on “Daru Jones' Favorite Grooves | Drum Lessons”

  1. I love it. That kit. Personally I dont like the sound of it. The bass drum cymbals and hats in particular. But he numbers his lungs on his snare if you look close. That usually means he knows exactly how to tinker with drum sounds…so hes sharp
    But on a side note, I restore drums and sell them, so when I look at that kit, I'm like "nobody is gonna buy that". But hey, the man's unique and fun to watch

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