Darkseid War: Batman The God of Knowledge

24 thoughts on “Darkseid War: Batman The God of Knowledge”

  1. Let's be real, if someone rode around on a mobius chair killing off all bad people in real life, the world would be so much better. Even for the relatives of those who are doing bad.

  2. Not a problem. He waits until they make the decision to start their act. Dudes driving on the way to rob, dude hiding in closet. It's not that they thought about them and he busted them. He busts them on the way there.

  3. Could I get more marvel stories, please. DC has stepped their game up big time. DC you turned me into a huge fan, but I grew up with marvel. thanks and your doing a great job.

  4. Hey Rob. Love the videos. Looking for the other one shots and the Darkseid war conclusion and can't find em'. I noticed this vid is old. Did you do not do them or am I lacking in the skill to find them.

  5. Democracy isn't innocent until proven guilty.

    Democracy literally means, mob rule.

    IF you have a mob, and they wanna hang a guy, they vote, and he hangs.

    A republic actually has the checks and balances like 'innocent until proven guilty'

    Just thought I'd clarify that for you.

  6. I like Batman's "new attitude" a little but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss seeing him kick some ass.

  7. Please do more Darkseid War! Both one shots and in general! Also explain how High father was going to use the rainbow set of lanterns to kill Darkseid or something. Speaking of Highfather, why didn't he intervene in Darkseid/Anti-Monitor? And how did Half become God of Light?!? F'ing love DC!!!

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