50 thoughts on “Danish Lesson 1 – Self Introductions [NEW]”

  1. デンマーク語を学びはじめました。とてもわかりやすくて素晴らしいです!

  2. Omg I’m loving these!! Learning a lot with you 🙏🏻 thank you. Do you still live in Denmark?

  3. Marty, thanks a lot for these videos!
    I want to move to Denmark so i can get my master's degree and live there and these videos are helping a lot to understand the language.
    Thanks a lot man.

  4. I danmark.. Sier dere "ikke" eller "ik" ?? Skjønner aldri det.. prøver å lære litt dansk. Men du sa "ik" når det sto både ikke og ik.

  5. Just to let you all know that the greeting: "dav or davs" is no longer in common use in Denmark unless you want to sound like an old farmer. Lol

  6. Good job! This is one of the most helpful videos on danish pronunciation that I've found. I think sometimes you need a non native speaker to explain the trickier subs because they know what tricks helped them to understand the sounds. Tak!

  7. This is a very good lesson. It does not have any superfluous graphics and distractions, it is to the point, it has text we can rely on for reading and Marty is very good with pronunciation.

    Marty, as a language teacher myself I give you an A+ for your well-organized lessons. Also, of course, your desire to help people learn Danish, and your effort and time spent to achieve that goal. Tak! (see,  I learned!). Maybe one day the world will become one big Denmark, with intelligent leaders and a tight sense of community. Silly, I know, but Marty, you helped me dream of it as I watched your noble efforts.

  8. Rigtig god udtale, du vil gøre dig godt som tolk.. which means: really good pronunciation, you will make a good interpreter.. Fantastic my friend.. Its really hard for foreigners to understand danish.. Thumbs up my friend!!

  9. Not bad.. better then "Lean Danish series" with the blonde girl, she is impossible to follow. I like you are very intentional with vocal sounds. Much easier to learn. thx.

  10. I teach foreigners Danish, and my students enjoy your videos. Good work. I am also quite impressed. But perhaps you could practice inversion a bit more.

  11. How are you is just a greeting in America. Another way of saying hello. It's not necessarily meant to be superficial. Sometimes people respond to it in a literal way. It's a pleasantry that leaves the door open for more conversation. All languages have these things in conversation, I think. Americans also say, have a good day! It's another pleasantry. They laughed at me in England for this. 🙁

  12. Really trying to learn fast. My boyfriend has learnt my native language, "Swahili" but I don't know Danish. I want to surprise him.

  13. Oh my gosh! I learned a lot from you. Am here in Greenland now and currently enrolled in dansk class. Not easy. I can't find a job unless I can speak Dansk.😭But am learning everyday. Nothing comes easy , as they say. Thank you for this video. Mange tak! Godbless you.

  14. When I watch your videos I practice both my English and learn Danish, two for one! Tak skal du have, Marty, for your wonderful work with these Danish lessons!

  15. Very good! I was in Esbjerg last year and your apartment and the (lack of) background sound is exactly the same. Made me feel like being there back again. Thanks for the lesson. Going for number two now. Mange tak!

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