Dancing at Michael Jacksons Memorial Service in 2009

34 thoughts on “Dancing at Michael Jacksons Memorial Service in 2009”

  1. @MrDany2101 That was the closest the media could get. They didnt want any camera crews in besides the ones they hired

  2. you're gliding is amazing in this vid, but were like a million times better in your shoe video….is that even possible? 😀

  3. @qweasdzxcqwe111 Privacy – MJ
    and Why You wanna Trip on me – MJ

    and thanks =]
    check out my tutorials n how to glide

  4. Those are some pretty smooth glides man. I wish mine were that smooth, good dancing.

    Also, are those high tops?

  5. MJ inspired a lot of people. Go Chris! and all those others who love MJ dearly. May he rest in peace. Chris, you gotta get on America Has Talent.

  6. sick foot-work, show em what the human body can do – if it's not stiff as a board.
    Love Peace and LIBERTY, from Canada

  7. I learned the moonwalk in like 3 days… to perfect it, about A month or so… i learned off MJ though… i didnt know about youtube or how to videos back then lol… i was 13 when i learned….

  8. DANG! Dude you are awesome! you probably dont know me but i went to Bmt with you before i moved. you are the greatest!

  9. Im Wearing the Beat It Edition Osiriss, but the best gliding shoes for me are Nikes, and Vans are the worst. But i can do it in any type of shoes or ground… Just get good at doing it and you could be as good as me… and the first song is Privacy off of MJ's Invincible album

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