Dance Academy S1 E1: Learning to Fly

When I was young, I wasn’t
so clear on the whole gravity thing, and my imagination got me
in a lot of trouble. But there was this one moment
when time stopped and everything made sense. Then I landed and broke my wrist. But from that day on I’ve always known that
in another life I could fly, and that’s why in this life I dance. Tara. Sorry. Go on! Aunty Bev just called. The post’s on its way. Go. Right now,
in the back of a van, there’s a letter
that could change my life… Move! Because, see, I don’t just dance. I want to be a principal dancer and three weeks ago I auditioned
for the top school in the country… the National Academy of Dance. It was my year, my one shot… and I thought
I was ready for anything. I didn’t have a clue. You think
you’re funny, don’t you? Oh, I’ll wipe
that smile right off… Excuse me. Dressing rooms?
Um… Are you auditioning as well?
Isn’t it exciting? I just peed a little in my pants. OK, so you are… You’re here. Just go straight
down that corridor, turn left, and it’s the second
door on your left. Thank you.
Don’t mention it. Don’t let me stop you. I have pepper spray in my bag
and I’m not afraid to use it! Well, I was just standing here,
minding my own business. In the girls’ dressing room?! Pretty sure those
are urinals in there. Unless you can go standing up? So is it an attention thing?
What? You know, stripping
in front of strangers. ‘Cause that’s cool. I mean,
I’m sure they have support groups. If you’re looking,
I swear I’ll hurt you. Sorry, guys. I’ll come back later. Oh! No, we weren’t… Wait! That wasn’t anything. I mean, obviously it was
something, but it wasn’t what… Hey, no judgement. Please can you take me to the girls’
dressing room? It’s an emergency. Come on. So, audition week, huh? Is it that obvious?
No. Well, you do have that whole
wide-eyed Bambi thing going on and I’m pretty sure
this top is inside-out. But, hey, it’s a good look. Put it back on, Ethan. This is you. Thanks. Good luck. Welcome to the National
Academy of Dance, one of the most elite
training institutions in the world. You have all been chosen… from amongst thousands of dancers. Sorry. However, we only have room
in first year for just a few. It will be your job
over the next few days to make sure you’re among them. OK, can the boys finish warming up
and follow me next door? Girls, you’re staying here
with Miss Raine. Patrick, can I have a word? This young man
didn’t bring any tights. Hey, did you find
the dressing rooms OK? Fine, thanks. Come on. Dance!
Um… So you met Kat? We were all
at junior school together. Kat’s… lots of fun. Um, yeah. OK. Cool. But the staff know that
if you’re friends with her, then you’re not really
taking dancing seriously. Bad impression to make
in audition week. Got it. Nice leotard.
Oh, thanks. My mum made it. I’m Abigail. This is Georgia. I’m Tara Webster. You and I are room-mates.
Oh, yay. So, I know it sounds ridiculous,
but I have this thing. Abigail always stands
at the front of the barre. Oh. Yeah, yeah. Of course. Sorry. This is going to be such
a great week. I can feel it. Développé. And sustain your turnout
to the end, girls. This is about proper placement,
not height. Good. It’s Abigail, isn’t it? Does that look like
a nice line to you? Forget the flourishes.
Concentrate on your technique. Hey, ‘oops’ about this morning.
I’m really crap at giving directions. Tara. Hey, I’ve never done these before. Really? How long
have you been dancing? I need air. But it’s after 10:00.
You’d be breaking curfew. Seriously? I’m not allowed outside? Yeah, Mum.
The girls here are amazing. Some of them
are stronger than I am, but that’s, you know…
that’s to be expected. Uh-huh. It’s definitely everything
I thought it would be. Can’t turn.
Low extensions. Terrible feet. Breasts. Who’s that? Ethan Karamakov.
He’s going in to third year. Are he and Kat together?
Half-brother. The better half. Every year,
girls come into this studio thinking that wanting to dance is enough to make them dancers. It isn’t. Does that hurt? Should it? Get your head out of the clouds
and start thinking critically. Hey, Doc! I think he’s anorexic.
Katrina… You have to face
your physical limitations. Not everyone is born a dancer. Don’t force it.
You’ll damage your knee. I’m not. This is natural. And prepare yourselves
for a lifetime of hard work, sacrifice… and, more often than not,
disappointment. Ow! Don’t crowd. Don’t crowd.
Where does it hurt? My achilles. If it’s snapped, she’s out. Back to the beginning. Thank you, Miss Raine.
Thank you. Thank you, Miss Raine.
Thank you. Miss Raine? Hi.
Number 45, Tara Webster. Do you think Georgia’s
going to be OK? I’d be more focused
on my own future if I were you. Right. See, I don’t know
what’s wrong with me this week. It’s probably nerves.
I’m not usually this bad. Webster, isn’t it? You’re 15? Your technique is what
we’d expect of a 12-year-old. Physically, you have potential,
which I assume is why you’re here, but so do a lot of other girls. I don’t think you’re ready. Problem shoulder blades.
Weak ankles. Behind technically. At least you can catch up. I need
to be genetically reprogrammed. Great. You are coming with me. What? Where? Third-years are having
a party on the company rooftop. But I’m not really in a party mood. Negative, bunhead.
What have you got to lose? But can I go like this? Um, no. Come on! Have you met Christian?
He’s auditioning as well. Training bra. Didn’t recognise you. What did he just call you?
Nothing. Hey, Christian! Ooh, sorry. Hi. Kat invited me,
but I’m just going to go. No, stick around. I’m Ethan. – I know.
– Hey, who’s your friend? Oh, no way! You’re HER. Who? This is the newbie who got
undressed in our changing rooms. – It wasn’t like that.
– Brilliant story. When I heard…
Kat. I was like, “Wow,
you are practically famous.” But I would never, ever
deliberately do something like that. All newbies should be more like you.
Bonus points for enthusiasm. Um, I’m just gonna go. What did I ever do to you?! Nice, Kat.
What? I am never
leaving this room again. It wasn’t meant to be this way. What way was it meant to be? I don’t know. Like a dream come true. It’s everybody’s dream.
No-one’s going to hand it to you. If you want to stand out, you have
to prove that you’re special. I would if I knew how. I can show you. In the last week we’ve been assessing
your technique in the classroom. Tomorrow, for your final audition, we’re looking to see
how you perform a real dance, how you tell a story. Hey, sorry about last night.
It got a little bit hectic. The ballet is Karamakov’s
‘The Ugly Duckling’, and the solo you’ll be doing is when the duck discovers
she is actually a swan. First group, get ready
to do a run-through. Front row. She’ll see me.
That’s the idea. On the rare occasion I get nervous,
I picture myself on stage. You should probably
imagine yourself somewhere. Failing that, follow me. Webster, isn’t it?
You altered the choreography. Why? Um, I don’t remember. Abigail. There was a coldness now. I want to see
what’s beyond the steps. You could learn something
by watching Tara. It was surprisingly good. Next group, get ready. I was looking for you. Great class. I need my leotard back. OK. But do you still
want to practise later? Guess not. Hi, sweetheart.
I guess you’re not there. I’ve been thinking about what you
said about not being strong enough. Seems to me you’ve already
forgotten where you come from. Think of me putting a crop in
during a drought year. It takes courage to back yourself.
But then, you know that. Anyway, I feel like
a goose talking into a machine. ‘Night, princess. Good luck tomorrow. I overslept. I’m not an alarm clock. Number 45, come with me. But I’m meant to be last. We’d like to see you now. Thank you so much for everything. Break a leg. Hello, Tara. We have some questions. You are aware
it’s against school rules to leave the boarding house
after hours without permission? You must understand that
we’re responsible to your parents, and, of course, there
is a serious safety issue which could impact
on the entire academy. Tara,
an allegation has been made, and if it’s true, we’ll have
no choice but to cancel your audition. They’re talking about
breaking curfew. Why would they
be asking her about that? Hey, everybody,
call off the witch hunt. You have something
to contribute, Katrina? No, she doesn’t.
Tara, don’t be silly. Well, Abigail
was snoring last night. Seriously, that girl needs to do
something about her nasal passages. Your point? My point is, Tara
bunked in with me last night. Really? Would I lie, sir? Miss Webster? Um… I was in Kat’s room last night. Excellent. Then I’d like to see the solo that Miss Raine
has been telling me about. Don’t mention it. Have you warmed up? Sorry?
Are you ready? Um… Somehow I forgot
everything then… all the things I didn’t know, how there’s way more to surviving
in the Academy than just ballet. I forgot about my audition
and what would come next. I forgot everything but dancing… because in that moment I remembered that just to dance
is all that matters, and no-one can take that
away from me. I’m ready for the Dance Academy.
At least, I think I am.Subtitles by MemoryOnSmells
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  1. I love dance academy so much. the fact that the maturity is high helps me enjoy this even better and not make me cringe like most other shows. 😂

  2. I love this show soooooo much i watch over season 1 and 2 for l 3 times and i never get tired of watching it i really wish there was a season 3

  3. omg, I am from germany and I only knew this whole series in german and it's kinda weird…to see it now in the original form😂

  4. my favouritee episode of all!!!
    love dance academy loads!
    amazzingg…vl never forget dance academy in my life!!

  5. Hello,i'm from Italy. I hope you will read my comment. No,this is a letter not a comment. I started playing piano when i was 9.
    My dream was of being in a strage,putting hands on the piano,and start to open the door that is full of my emotions that i NEVER show. I always been a shy and introvert person. I was bullied too and the bullies said that "If you cry you will be always weak" or "you are lesbian!" (i'm not even lesbian)
    So i learned to hide even more my emotions. But, i did something really stupid. Sometimes i think that, i will never be able to realize my dream. But, watching Dance Academy i learned to follow my heart,that the strong people show for what they are. Never stop dreaming.

  6. "When I was young, I wasn't so clear on the whole gravity thing, and my imagination got me in a whole lot of trouble" – season one episode one

    Season 3 last episode: start of book tara gave to miss reign

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  11. Tara Webster and all ballets training are my favorite scenes; however, I felt sorry for the one ballet who injured herself (at 11:15).

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