Daisy Ridley Teaches Jimmy How to Pour a Perfect Pint

-Let's talk about "Ophelia."
-Yeah. -Let's talk about this movie. You compared it kind of — Because it's
based off of "Hamlet." -Yeah. -I added an "A" to that,
"Hamalet." -"Hamalet."
-That's like "rappaer." Rappaer and "Hamalet."
No. "Hamlet." But you kind of
compare it to, like, fans of "Game of Thrones,"
you think, will enjoy this. -I started watching
"Game of Thrones" this weekend. -Just this weekend?
Like, the last season? -Yeah. No. First season. -You just started watching
the first season last weekend? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Oh, wow. -I'm two episodes in.
But the thing is — -It's a great ride.
You're gonna love it. -Oh, my God. Loving it.
-It's a great show. -But I know what happens
at the end. Yeah, but it's still enjoyable. -She already knows
the end of "Star Wars," so, I mean, come on. -Yeah. Yeah.
-She lives in that world. -It's enjoyable. And I watched it and I thought,
"If people have an appetite for this,
they definitely have an appetite for 'Ophelia.'" -Why is that? -Bloodlust, people going crazy,
a bit of incest? Sure. [ Laughter ] -[ British accent ] A tad bit
of incest? You know you've got
that one, yeah. Check. Check. We got that. -Yeah, so, that's why
you'll like our film. -[ Normal voice ]
But who do you play? -I play Ophelia.
-Yes. Are you the queen? No. -No. I'm a mere
low maid-in-waiting, lady-in-waiting. -Aha!
-Yes. The queen is played by
Naomi Watts. Fantastic. She does a dual role. We got Clive Owen —
in a great wig. Draco Malfoy plays my brother.
-Yeah! Come on. -And George MacKay plays Hamlet. -Did you —
This is an odd thing, but did you get behind the bar
at the wrap party of this one? -I actually didn't make it
to the wrap party. -Because last time we talked, you told me that you
used to work in a pub. -Yeah. -And you know how to pour
a pretty decent beer. -I do.
I haven't poured one in a while. I was never much one
for small talk. I was like — I wanted to
get the thing done. Like, I like to do my work. -Yeah, you don't want to
socialize. -No. I'm here to
pour some pints. -Let's get down to
some business right — You want to pour
some pints right now? -Absolutely.
-Let's do it, pal. ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] All right, here we go. Let's pour a beer each
and see who — What is the secret to
a good pour? -I would say,
with slightly darker lagers, they're more bitter, so they
require more of a head on them, because it counteracts with
the bitterness of of the beer. -Really? -So there's a steady angle,
as you well imagine. -You don't turn the cup
or anything, right? -No, no, no.
-Okay. -Just — I haven't done —
-Here we go. -Slow and steady.
-Slow and steady. Oh, no. I feel like, already,
I'm too foamy. -Oh, my God.
I'm actually pretty foamy, too. -You are? I might out-pour you
at this thing. But, also, I've been drinking
for a lot of years. I'm really good at this.
-Wow. -Oh, wow.
That's pretty good, by the way. -That's a big head,
but look at that. That's pretty gorgeous.
All right. -There's no — 'Cause — Yeah.
That's pretty good, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, nice. Nice! -Not bad?
I think — Yeah, I — -I mean, that sort of looks like
an old-schooly sort of beer. -Yeah. Mine looks like a
scented candle or something. Let's watch a clip
from your movie. Here's Daisy Ridley in
"Ophelia." We'll have a cheers beers. -Cheers.
-Take a look. -I thought your brother
was too low, but I see he's too high. -You are the first among those
who might understand. -I was a mother to you, and you
turned my son against me. -Forgive me.
My lady, you raised me. -I think you protest too much. -You cannot know what it is
to love a son. -I know what it is
to love yours. -Ooh!
[ Cheers and applause ] My thanks to Daisy Ridley.

24 thoughts on “Daisy Ridley Teaches Jimmy How to Pour a Perfect Pint”

  1. Her teeth are fukkin ridiculous, also Felicity Jones's– it's a new requirement for Star Wars white-lady leads (and they're British). To combat the old stereotype that Brits all have ugly teeth. Overcorrected (haha).

    If she has time, she WILL be in a GoT spinoff. Has to.

  2. I can’t stand jimmy fallon anymore something about him seems off. Can’t put my finger on it. But he’s living fowl I feel it. Nosecandy ass dude

  3. Ridley: "Draco Malfoy!! They told me you were killed by Harry Potter." 😨

    Felton: "No Rey, I'm your brother in Ophelia." 😦

  4. 1:42 sooo me. At work.😅🤐 I had to tell people yesterday that am a quite girl that im no stuckup I'm just about quite. 😅 I mean I talk but not that much. I just wanna make sure people don't get me wrong this time.

  5. Little starter tip. Let the beer flow first then quickly put the Glas under it. Will reduce unwanted foam to a minimum

  6. Did Daisy switch stylists recently because that top and that hair is just not flattering.

    However I love her so much.

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