Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko: Irresponsible hikers finally learn their lessons (with English subtitles)

Draculay, I'm sorry. Please forgive me and my friends, huh? Sorry if we offended you, Fairy Mona and this mountain. We just want to go home. And we miss our families. Draculay, if you know where Ronnie and Betty are, please tell them that I really miss them. And please set them free. You know Draculay, they’re kind too. If only Fairy Mona can hear me… Fairy Mona… Fairy Mona… Please, show yourself to me. I really miss my friends. Fairy Mona, thank you, huh? Thank you!
My friends and I are finally reunited! I witnessed how you took care of Draculay. And I also felt your sincerity when you asked for forgiveness. Fairy Mona, I’m really sorry. Sorry if we littered. Sorry for the noise, it’s a shame that we disturbed you. Sorry. Fairy Mona, I’m really sorry. I was just pretending to be brave and trying to be funny. That’s why I uttered unusual things to Draculay. But the truth is I’m really scared here in this mountain. I’m not used to it. I’m really sorry. Please? Me too, Fairy Mona. I’m so sorry. I admit. I was a brat. I thought I felt so entitled [to do everything] because I am a blogger. I go to different places. Until then I realized that we need to respect people, animals or things that surround us, especially the nature. We need to respect them. I’m really sorry. Good thing you learned from your mistakes, and I’ve really felt your remorse when you apologize. You may go home now. Thank you, Fairy Mona! I hope you get home safe. Take care. Thank you, Fairy Mona. Let’s go? Oh, what are you still doing there? Let’s go! Don’t be scared, Draculay’s harmless! Right, Draculay? See? He’s sweet! Goodbye! Bye! Let’s go?
Thanks again, Fairy Mona? Bye! You’re free to come back, okay? From that moment, Vina, Ronnie and Betty became more responsible. They became advocates of nature. They no longer litter trash and they care for the welfare of plants and animals, even the elements around them.

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