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Welcome back Choomba for another Cyberpunk
2077 lore discussion. Today we are looking at education in Night City.
It’s often said, education is the most valuable commodity a person can own, but I suppose
that largely depends upon how one defines education. Mike Pondsmith once implied, that
to be “cyberpunk” is to question, and not accept the world at face value. An approach,
which in my opinion, is severely lacking on the modern Net, as evidenced by substandard
coverage of Cyberpunk 2077 news. In Night City, it is very expensive to obtain education.
In common with the rest of America, public education has become highly limited and there
is no shared national curriculum. albeit Night City tends to be more homogenous in that aspect.
Prior to the Fourth Corporate War, four high schools were in operation, Richard Night,
G. Lucas, South City High and Del Coronado High.
Another important consideration, which may or may not alleviate the pressure on the collapsing
system, is that numerous breakthroughs have been made that have influenced how one might
acquire knowledge. Most notable is the use of virtual reality. VR technology allows a
great increase in speed and retention of material. However, the possibility of hostile interference
with the computer can make the students pawns, especially for certain ideologies. Some students
become psychological wrecks. In an attempt to remedy the situation, the assistance of
Artificial Intelligences have been sought, but AI’s are not without their short comings,
particularly when interacting with humans, and a series of traumatic incidents have occurred.
Despite these problems, virtual schooling remains the fastest and most complete way
to realize education within Night City and it is affordable.
Perhaps VR might not be your thing so to speak, so some opt for chip technology. Literally
plug it in and your set to go for certain subjects like languages or history. With today’s
neural chips anybody can be a trivia king, but real intelligence, true cognitive excellence,
still has to be taught the old-fashioned way. Chippin’In to gain factual information is
sound, but education is not just about regurgitating facts, it is about critical thinking, performing
analysis, reaching your own conclusions. So, for example if someone uploads defamatory
content to the net, many people take it at face value, rather than questioning the purpose
behind the content. Can you authenticate the information? Does it contain personal bias?
What purpose does the content serve? What does the individual gain from making that
content and so on? In addition, not only does chip technology
not accommodate these fundamentals, but they are easily abused. How do you know the information
on the chip is correct? Many corporations insert their own ads and propaganda into chips,
and the users embrace this content without question.
Self-education and life experience represent a common strategy for a citizen of Night City.
Self-starting programs for reading, along with personal research via sophisticated databank
search, running-down of rumours and leads on the Street, and the exchange of experiences
with other Edgerunners are the most common methods. Medias and Rockers are forced to
resort to such self-teaching methods due to the amazing amount of propaganda in the media;
coincidently, these kinds of people usually have access to information that is restricted
to most others. One must also remember that the education process does not stop with entry
into adulthood. To be “cyberpunk” is to question, and not accept the world at face value. Nomad
education deserves some special mention here. Nomads do not allow others access to their
children lightly. Coupled with this protectiveness, is a deep respect for teachers and education
as a whole. Nomad schools are open to all children, however. They will teach even the
children of strangers, rather than strand the ignorant in a dangerous world.
If you have money to spare, more than likely your children will have corporate education.
It is said the stress is hideous. Behaviour modification, loyalty tests, indoctrination
and propaganda are common place. Usually by the age of fifteen, students will take a final
examination in order to determine where the individual will start their corporate career.
The suicide rate amongst this cohort of students, is high.
In terms of tertiary education, Night City also has its own university. The Night City
University began as Richard Night University, and was built in 1994 to be the academic centre
of his model city. He placed the campus on the western edge of beautiful Lake Park to
balance the thriving corporate sector on the opposite side. Together, they formed Night
city’s Yin and Yang of commerce and higher learning. On warm days, the campus end of
the park teems with students studying or enjoying the sun. After the corporate takeover in 2009,
the campus was expanded to its present size and renamed Night City University. Most of
the humanities functions were moved to the newly constructed northern half of the campus,
while the science department stayed in the grouping of older buildings in the southern
end. Today, Night City University has over 15,000
students, many of whom commute to classes on busses that run at 20-minute intervals
between the campus and the maglev station at the western edge of the corporate sector.
The university is best known for its high-quality engineering curriculum, but can still offer
a sound education in the humanities. When you visit the NCU campus, you needn’t worry
about the gang problem that plagues so much of Night City, because the campus police keep
stern control over the undesirables in their territory. Their glossy black protective gear
and no-nonsense attitude has earned them the moniker “The Mad Maxes” among the students.
While they may jibe their protectors, it isn’t uncommon to hear a student yell for a “Max”
when they get into trouble. While the main objective of the campus police is campus security,
students can enter into an optional protection agreement with the university in which the
campus police will come to the aid of any student living in the nearby blocks outside
of the campus. Night City University has been able to attract
leading scholars in the computer field. Notable among them are Professor Kang Park, pioneering
researcher in the field of neural chip interfacing, and Professor Alice Bloom, who was influential
in the creation and standardization of the world Net. Night City also has a medical school,
where the focus of the research is bioengineered enhancement and augmentation, biological nanotechnology,
such as biological computers, memory systems, and cytological micro-robotics. The students
and interns also help run a medical centre where they generally do not turn anyone away.
This place is often packed with screaming boosters getting amputations and the like.
It’s not uncommon to get additional injuries here, especially when a wounded gang member
thinks they have been waiting in line too long.
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