Cutest 9 Year Old on Fortnite Teaches Me How To Build (Fortnite Battle Royale)

hello what's up man oh hello how's it going can you hear me well yeah cool you have any wounds I have a few yeah I am zero oh you good you want get your first one yeah okay follow me where should we dropped it over here okay you have a nice mic thank you I got it for Christmas nice do you know I just looked at BC trolling BCC trolling if you use a drift board you can go inside the volcano and pick loot at the bottom I saw that video today actually yeah that's cool yeah accepted your friend request awesome yeah you like usually like if I kill people there I can't get their loot yeah and once I'm added golden scar net fell down oh man yeah that sucks oh it was a golden silence cart but still something legendary so it's very weird how do you feel about the hamster balls I like them like in in competitive games or tool P yes I agree I got I got seven minis oh yeah all I can hold a few do you have any skins um no what I'm thinking about buying my first skin very soon because I really want to get people skins like random people but I don't know how to do this – I fix I want to I can send you a skin I can I can buy one I really appreciate that it's very kind of you because there's a spin with like 800 people cuz I could get it for you you know that's like a lot of my money yeah I think you should give it to somebody one of your other friends because I actually have I have a lot of money to buy the V bucks I just haven't really wanted to spend money yet but I think I'm gonna spend some soon you should definitely give how old are you I'm 22 good 22 yeah you're in college yeah nice you're a bit more than two times more than me design nice you're very mature I thought you were like swallow my dude is nine and he's trying to give me some skins at fortnight oh and I'm the best builder in my class I'll do that's awesome how many of your classmates I play for name about almost half that's cool and I made my I made up my own ramp rush yeah it's like they get it you can only do it for three times and then you it's not gonna be able to you can't be able to do it I wanna show you so you have to place around oh wow actually that is actually really cool and instead of doing the triple ramp over here you could put an extra an extra ramp is that that's actually pretty good I've never seen that one before I'll just I'll just making my own ramp brushes so if they shoot you at the top it's gonna be like a stick she in the middle it's gonna be very hard to knock down yeah cuz you're close to the ground yeah from all side is gonna be with one two three four five you have they have to rape five things yeah that's pretty that's pretty good I'm nursing that I'll try to practice it and playground he's good and my editing is probably the best let me see your editing okay all right I'm watching yeah no three two one go that's pretty good look you want to see my editing yeah all right remakes let me build first so that yeah don't waste too many mess that yeah that's okay okay I'll do one more just just alright yeah all right I'm ready 3 2 1 go whoa nice thank you let's get the hamster balls and leave yeah thank you let's get to it I can just sit there so I wanna be one you laughter this sure I've been doing this a lot I go look like I meet people that have like around like 10 20 like a couple of limbs and then like they have but they have like uh uh very little wins midseason eight and I have zero wins and all the seasons I've been playing a truck and they try to 1v1 me would I beat them okay well one there's people in front of me over here yeah don't go see them and see what if you want to play it smart don't go for them on the bricks that are build with the hamster oh they're down over there they're down trap them like an awesome it's Brenda's coming from the south yeah i'ma get it I'm gonna try to get him I'll get him he's lon max you get him to you I killed them you killed them I want to see okay there's a map oh that can be good if you can use that do you have enough space to carry it I think I'll drop it for ya I have an idea actually I have an idea let's see where it's taking us okay can I see it okay I'm gonna rip this over there okay you'll get a replacement for the bow yeah and I have a launch pad yep well we will be in the star bow I am glider II to play how about you okay yeah I think you went too far or is it close to you so right here oh sorry yeah oh there's ten people oh my and then you take the one all the way over here this would take it so sweet if we win this game I'm be so happy there's ten people T on this man yeah cool I'm gonna get the chest over here okay I'm gonna pop my med kit there's some apples over here you can heat oh yeah oh I got another boom bowl nice yes zero wins 800 games by the way how are we doing so well I never did this good and duo's like random duo's it's all about working as a team yeah and this is my first no this is my 2nd game yeah you ready yes do you try do you want to like go at this or something something that's near the edge I don't know I think we can't leave okay we can play aggressive I'm confident yeah I'm gonna stay here there's a baller there's somebody over here I'm gonna push okay you can bring the baller to me okay it's a team of two oh shoot make sure you don't die I knocked one of them nice oh they're right above you oh I killed them with poison trap for a while nice cuz people watch them pushing them he's a soccer skinny gotta be careful yeah you could take the baller I almost would have died to fall damage but I had glad to redeploy oh I'm trying to get the high ground careful to stay near the soccer scan usually they're very good there's the RPG should we get the RPG I'm just staying down low because this is the thing there's a grenade launcher I'm gonna take it for my boss I'm just gonna stand like oh shoot someone shooting at me but teammate I think is shooting at me with the boom bow oh he's back here let the very bottom I long stride it away I'm dropping yeah I see em I see em you're insane well they launch padded he's over there you're gonna kill the record yeah my kill record right now really I'm taking the ball 5 is a cool record yeah I didn't get that too long and I'm playing a lot of the team oh my oh boy okay I'm scared right now it's all good it's all good this meeting psycho just literally tried to force himself on me I'm I'm gonna come up to you he's below me yeah oh they're shooting at my baller you're sitting on my wallet shoes and this teammate is like east or something this guy is finished I'm coming in oh shoot oh no no no no my ballers breaking low I'm right under you my first win oh my goodness oh my goodness I never saw that victory Royale oh go over in ring they have to come you see this guy East Valois yeah you push him with me he's right over there you going one side and start spraying him okay let's go all right Seymour careful careful place safe oh good I have five tracks you have any healing for me oh yeah do you have healing for me oh I don't you're fine man you're fine I know I am but like it's scary for me it's gonna be my first one ever don't tell me all my friends at school I gotta win so you don't have any minis anymore no what about campfire let me see oh no I just have traps and like turrets okay you can give me one spy trap okay I'll give you five and I have to poison okay and I have I have one turret that's fine oh my goodness I'm shaking Oh drop you some axe we're let's go have enough that's okay okay my building this metal now well they have a ball or two that's the downside all their building the sky vase Sybase this by baking you can break it down yeah let's go oh shoot oh it's it's the soccer skin that guy oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot I almost died in the storm shoot the ball is very low the other guy got me I'm dead let's go dude that was all you man I was all about teamwork oh I'm shaking right now I'm like shaking

23 thoughts on “Cutest 9 Year Old on Fortnite Teaches Me How To Build (Fortnite Battle Royale)”

  1. SypherPK you did a wonderful job staying calm, a lot of ppl wouldโ€™ve been screaming at that kid to help…..good job man, really

  2. This kid probably has like 400 friends now because he is in this vid and has about 278 wins๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

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