Curriculum Vitae Alberto Gonzalez Espinosa

Living. What a wonderful thing, isn’t it? we wake up and start making choices those choices can be the difference between happiness and sadness, between success and failure. I am a happy man. I’ve always done what I love. I’ve been studying a double degree in automotive engineering and industrial design Yeah. That’s been five years of my life. I love design. I love automotive design. I love doing things with passion And now I want to find an internship in an automotive company where i can combine design and engineering. A place where I can put my creativity to the limit and work like I´ve always dream about. That company would benefit for my open mind and creative point of view. My name is Alberto González. I speak English Spanish and Italian. I´ve studed and lived in Spain Italy and I have a high level in Catia, AutoCAD and Keyshot. I can scketch by hand as well. Now it’s time to make my biggest choice so far. I´ve chosen your company that’s why you’re watching this video I really reckon that working for your company would make me happier and will help me growing as a designer, as an engineer and a person. I´ve chosen you. Would you choose me?

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  1. The best CV ever, I don't know who you are Alberto, but I think you already are a great designer, engineer and, above all, person. Congrats for your video, good luck!

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