Curriculum Road Map

The curriculum roadmap. By the end of this
presentation, participants will be able to
demonstrate the ability to identify the
different elements which contribute to the course
learning outcomes, and are related to one another. Differentiate a course
learning outcome from a program learning outcome. Identify the
different resources, on which the program learning
outcomes are based upon. Specify which entity is at the
center of all these outcomes and elements. What determines the
content of a course? The curriculum roadmap
specifies all the elements that determine and influence
the contents of a course in a particular college program. Let’s take a closer
look at this map. Let’s start by the
most important element of our course– the learner. The course content
intended for the learner is determined by the
course learning outcomes. The various learning activities
chosen for this course help the learner acquire
the course content. The learner can access
the proposed resources for this course in order
to facilitate the learning process. The learner will
demonstrate what he has learned through the
various learning assessment. All those elements surrounding
the learner are linked. If one changes, the others
must be adjusted accordingly. The course content
can be adapted based on learning principles and
beliefs related to the course, and on the best course
design for the program. Let’s see what you’ve learned. Tell me if the nuts
below are good to eat– true or rotten, false. A course design is centered on
its course learning outcomes. True or false? False. Although the course
learning outcomes do define the course
content, that content revolves around the learner. His knowledge, his needs,
and his limitations. Thus, the learner is the focal
point of a course design. A variety of learning
activities can help in reaching
the course learning outcomes, true or false? True. We can choose amongst a
variety of learning activities to make it easier for the
learner to acquire and practice the course material. The choice of
learning assessment depends on the chosen
course learning outcomes, as well as on the
chosen learning activities, true or false? True. For example, if a
course learning outcome has been modified,
we will probably have to adjust the learning
activities and the assessment related to it accordingly. Where do the course learning
outcomes derive from? The course learning outcomes
derive from the program learning outcomes. The program learning
outcomes are governed by the Ministry
of Training Colleges and Universities based
on various sources, like the government guidelines,
emerging trends in field, workplace needs, stakeholder
input, college policy and practice, and
technology and resources. Let’s Review. Complete this crossword puzzle
to show what you’ve learned. Here is a list of French and
English words and acronyms for this lesson. Congratulations, now you
understand the curriculum roadmap and its central point– me, the learner!

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