Cubo6 free program to create educational games.

Cubo6 serves to make educational games You can visit the Blue Sky web We click on the “English” option We choose a game to play now Read the game rules carefully First question appears Shoot the right answer with the left mouse button If you crash you´ll lose a heart In the end, the program tells you the number of errors You can create new games easily We set a title and we will create a set of text questions We set the first question, the right answer and 5 wrong answers We save the question and write the second question We save the question and the whole game. Now we will play the game just created Our game, created in a minute Works! Now we are going to eliminate a game. It`s simple. Now we will create a game with images We will choose the image of the question with the “Browse image” button We choose any image (jpg or png) from our computer Fill in correct answer and wrong ones And repeat for each question Now we test our game It works. Png`s transparent background images are very nice With the “Modify” option we can modify a game 🙂 In addition we duplicate the old game, so we can duplicate the game and if we want, to modify one of them Now, if you like, you can delete the old one If you like the program remember to click on Blue Sky for know this magnificent project

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