Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Teach Your Children (Official Music Video)

25 thoughts on “Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Teach Your Children (Official Music Video)”

  1. The maker of the animation shows Nixon and bombs dropping. Yes, plenty did but the war ended under Nixon and those before him that started the war were Democrats. Regardless, both sides F'd that one up

  2. This is cheap politicking— using a beautiful tune to promote a political point of view. I do NOT appreciate this abuse! You are worse than those you point at !

  3. Watch Playing for Change do this song they take it to the next level. šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘

  4. This is such an antiracist song.

    I was lucky. I'm 57, and I was raised by my grandmother. She was raised in The South. Somehow, she had absolutely no tint of racism.

    She told me "If'n you're going hate someone, hate them because of who they are and not what they are"

    One of the wisest pieces of advice I've ever received

  5. A new version. Of the truth
    The Donald Trump gave it away. My mother was right. And I'm 44. She graduated in 1969. She still wont stop her ranting. But she is telling the truth.

  6. This is my era (born in 1954, OK a bit young). Attending Community college writing class in 2008 we were given an assignment to write about "a social issue". None of the students even thought of "the protest song". Widely represented were essays about gender, who gets to use what bathroom, child abuse. Now I agree, these are also important issues but I feel the larger picture was not well represented.

  7. To All the Artists: Beautiful. I was there at Kent State. I knew you were going there and I love you for it.

  8. You know, what this video made think of is that the Schrutes consider children very valuable, in the olden days women would bare many children so that they would have enough workers on the fields

  9. Great illustrations on our '60's political history, but CSNY WAS NOT talking directly about all this in their song…. this artistic video is not what the song is telling us….the lyrics are about what to give our children, not about recalling all that happened. Listen carefully to the words without this video, if you never have. I performed it many times..I am 70, know the tune well…and there is not political message or reference whatsoever in the lyrics…It's allegorical in its tone.

  10. I saw Graham last night in Akron. Spot on. Lots of energy. Big fun. And he mentioned this video. So here I am.

  11. Why are musicians and Hollywood typically Liberal. I'm not saying its bad. But why? And why are some others conservatives.

  12. Yes, the whole world IS watching. Question the ability of so many CAREER politicians that have been a thorn in our sides for DECADES. THEY are the problem, NOT the PEOPLE.

  13. Love the song, But,like usual, you sissy liberals play the 'poor little 'ol me role and portray us people who take responsibility for our decisions/life as villains. When you gonna stop being a bunch of tit sucking,titty baby cowards?

  14. america the most raciest country on this civilized Earth. Guns,bombs and We the Others hear " We have to remind the earth of what we are " yeah sure a shithole country with more incarcerated 17 year old males then any other place on this Earth. So let that prick build a wall, but extend it to keep all the redneck arseholes inside.

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