Critical Thinking with the RED Model

I see you know common sense tells us that critical thinking is a necessary skill in the classroom in the workplace and life in general but so often common sense is not common practice so what I want to do today in this video is to dig down a little deeper and talk about critical thinking but also introduce you to a model a superb model it's simple but effective and powerful it's the red model for critical thinking Red's an acronym R stands for recognize assumptions he is evaluate information and D is draw conclusions now the first thing we have to do when we critically think about any issues we've got to first stop take a breath clear the clutter and then first recognize assumptions an assumption is an inference its opinion it's a belief and sometimes their fact and sometimes their fiction and you know even if you've just watched two friends have a misunderstanding that an assumption can lead to big trouble that's where the second step evaluate information becomes critical see what we have to do with information that we have we have to make sure that we have the information needed for the particular issue at hand where did the information come from do we need more is the information that we're using just information that we use because it supports what we believe that's something to notice that's known as confirmation bias or we only using information that confirms what we believe or are we looking for a more broad-based open-minded source of information and then once we've got the assumptions we've got the information the next thing we have to do is draw conclusions we have to make a decision about the issue at hand so there you have it very simple three steps recognize assumptions valuate information and draw conclusions I encourage you I urge you to review the model learn it apply it and live it if you want more information on critical thinking see my book like the third edition of my book study skills do I really need this stuff it's published by Pearson Education in the meantime thanks for joining me today have a great week learn Lots choose well live well and be will

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