42 thoughts on “Critical Thinking: Why bother?”

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  2. lol that was hard, wanted to see what I could do without googling anything and got half of them. πŸ˜›
    I loved #10 and #20 (even though I got both wrong) haha.

  3. I think for the random trivia questions one was meant to realize that they have a computer right in front of them to look up the answers with.

  4. 73% didn't know what was an inning, english is not my native language. lol The president question isn't outdated? I don't get it. =

  5. got a 43% hmm I didn't think about how tired I am or another 100 factors to take into consideration like everything else. Is this critical thinking or overly thinking anxiety. lol i don't know. That dam philosophy class screwed with my head…

  6. @sariglenn Hahaha.. I had 58% and I don't feel dumb because many of those questions did not require critical thinking at all. Just some knowledge i don't give a damn about and never investigated. Just be proud of who you are and continue to think for yourself! Cheers

  7. That's kind of a dumb test. It's not objective, and you can't answer more than half the questions without a priori knowledge. If the test is one of logical reasoning (which critical thinking is after all) then each question would be autonomous and a closed system one could work within without required prior knowledge (other than perhaps the ability to read english).

  8. Got a 77. I randomly guessed at a few of them (And outright missed one or two)
    Though the Bill clinton one doesn't quite work any more since Bill Clinton is not president. Thus, the default answer fell to: "Harry truman" Who was president then.
    Also, Global warming. I could have sworn I read a few notes giving the gas output of yellowstone in the 500 tons a day range. OH WELL.

  9. you know that the last part of ur video made me laugh … i was having a bad day … goes to show u … in the most unlikely place (= thanks and i got a 54% ay caramba

  10. @sariglenn
    Believe me that's not bad at all! I changed the quiz a short time back, and this one is far more challenging, so congratulations!

  11. @Shawnruss
    HOW many times do I have to say that the test is only a place to begin…I've replaced the test. It can be argued that it has subjective elements as well, but on YT there are a lot of critics and very few people actually contributing content.

    I'm not a fan of either of these tests but it would not be possible to post the Law National Admissions Test (LNAT) and UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT). They would certainly test critical thinking skill as unbiasedly as possible though.

  12. @OriginalTharios
    So true,
    It's as if the author of the 'test' has the specific citations to the facts of the dilemmas he or she produces, but doesn't cite them…..
    Subjective testing is subjective πŸ˜‰

  13. @mooseasaurusrex
    Old video had the info to the side of the video…so sidebar = lowbar (also called the crotchbar).

  14. I still don't know what a sidebar is. I heard about it and seen it in court with my sons' mother, but don't know what it means or where it is in this context. If the author or anyone else more computer savvy than me (and that's a l l of you) could help, I'd appreciate it. Many 'thanks' in advance.

  15. That is an incredibly poor test. After I got the first couple of questions wrong, I figured out the pattern and got them all right. Each makes assumptions about facts which are never even hinted at in the problems or the questions, and so the only way to be correct is to "think like the author". By the way, you can use all four answers on every question, you're not restricted.

  16. Yea <.<
    I got 0%

    Actually I manage to ALWAYS get the correct answer at th fourth try <.<

    I guess when its 5 am and you didnt sleep yet after writting all this crap for the thesis, i might not be able to do critical thinking ._.

    I shoud probably scrap what ive been writting too ._.

  17. I like your new image. (Even tho, I miss your nice smile.)

    I am skeptical of the existence of "critical thinker". Every kind of people to make a society. But I guess there is such of pepople who experience solitary more than other.

  18. I just wanted to let you know that if you continue to fail to stay away from YT, I'm sure I could find it in my heart to forgive you this character flaw. πŸ˜‰

    Good vid – would be nice if everyone took its precepts to heart.

  19. GalaxySmith18 – several books listed on my channel. Also

    Your Inner Fish
    by Neil Shubin

    which the idiots of youtube are not allowing me to add to my channel.

  20. Cool quiz!
    Were you asking about typos? There are a couple I noticed in question 10. in answer C "raising" is misspelt and in answer D "naturally concerned" should be "naturally more concerned".
    Thanks for your efforts… BTW I got 86% and 7/10 right first time. I had trouble with 5 and 6.

  21. I've been reading a special Time Magazine publication on The Brain, and there are studies of how we process information differently at different ages. Young people learn language skills at an amazing pace; teenagers sometimes act irresponsibly, because that part of the prefrontal cortex is still developing. And after 40's thru 60's, while memory may slide a bit, the brain is better able to deal with ambiguity, and relating multiple data, judging = wisdom.
    Male & F brains are different, too!

  22. Well, I'll be taking that Quiz when I have a mind to, πŸ˜‰ heheh.
    Great vid, great thoughts on critical thinking skills.
    I like the idea of Bracketing — when you come across new info or ideas — put them in [ brackets ] for a while, and see if they stand up to the test of reality. If not, discard them, if useful, remove the brackets.

  23. It's nice to see that you are semi-returned.

    I trust that I'm allowed to accept the opinion of acknowledged experts without personally verifying their findings. If not, I am stuck at the level of John Locke's knowledge confined to personal experience.

    I am not disputing the inestimable value of critical thinking when I say this πŸ˜‰

  24. I'll confess that I made a snap perception without suspending my judgement β€”Β when I saw you'd done a new video, I grinned at what I 'knew' I would enjoy watching.

    And I did! ;8)

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