5 thoughts on “Critical Thinking Test – Types of Question”

  1. Your definition of "assumption" is incorrect. An assumption does not necessarily have to be a bad one. Assumptions are those things we take for granted, and may be unstated or we may not be fully conscious of them. Assumptions are absolutely necessary for critical thought. You cannot think critically without making assumptions. Why? Because not everything can be a suspended question all at once. Some assumptions have to be made so that you can make forward progress. Not EVERY assumption is necessarily an unwise one. The word "Assumption" should not have that connotation in the realm of critical thinking. Assumption itself is a fundamental element of reasoning, and as such it is necessary. But you do want to make the most reasonable assumptions that you can. In your DVD example, say that you know sales last year were at "X" level. So you assume that reaching sales at this level is at least possible for this year. That is a reasonable assumption. One that would lead you in the direction of discovering why your sales were what they were last year. The idea would be to repeat that success–or improve upon it. Were you not to make ANY assumptions, it's like you start at zero. This is not helpful to the thinker. You should not have to recreate the universe every time you need to solve a problem.

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