5 thoughts on “Critical Thinking Test – Answers to Sample Questions”

  1. what if the statements are all strong so therefore you would need the strongest statement. The query is in the given example what are the correct answers?

  2. You are wrong actually. For the first question you say that both claims 1 and 3 are correct, though only claim 3 is. Claim one is false because the statement is "If I go down to the pond today, the only birds I will see are swans". The keyword here is the word "see" Just because they only birds you will see at the pond are swans does not mean that there will not be any other birds, it simply just means that swans are the only ones you will see. Therefore claim 1 could be false which means it is not valid. Please reply with your thoughts.

  3. On the last question, which is the right answer? What is the reasoning when all answers are weak arguments but I still have to choose the 'right' one.

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