3 thoughts on “Critical Thinking Study Skills Workshop”

  1. the first thing you open up with is the young turks, an awful, biased mess.

    you've found my weakness. I'm leaving for a more… Critical video.

  2. I am an adult learner and I wish I had this video when I went to university. Your points are very good and right on the money. The intro middle guy was right, we only retain what we think we need in high school, what we don't yet know is that we need it ALL.

  3. One of the main reasons many people cannot reason and think critically is the first component of critical thinking is to have a good and solid command of the english language. It is very sad how many Americans do not have a proper command of the english language. English and grammar needs to be taught extensively, if we pushed english grammar like we do sports we would have the smartest most logical citizens in the world.

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