Critical Thinking Skills

top of the day to you my good friend it is so nice to see you once again it is great to see you as well I hope all is going good I was speaking with a friend last week and he mentioned something about critical thinking I kind of have an idea what critical thinking is but I pretended that I understood what he was talking about in reality I was just nodding my head so I did not appear to be stupid I am glad I ran into you so I can ask you what critical thinking actually is first we have to understand the critical thinking is a skill and not something we are born with so we can all learn to become critical thinkers which will aid us in making better decisions that much I do understand what I am not familiar with is the actual skills involved in becoming a critical thinker you can basically break it down into four different categories analysis inference interpretation and deductive reasoning during the first analysis stage where you're trying to determine the credibility of the evidence what type of assumptions are introduced and if there is any informal fallacies present during the second inference stage we need to identify what elements are needed to draw a conclusion we need to query the evidence and form a hypothesis the third stage involves interpretation we can decode and clarify the argument being presented we can also form an inductive argument based on a generalization of the evidence the last stage involves the use of deductive reasoning to draw a logical conclusion based on highly scrutinized evidence which is being presented in the arguments premise I think I am beginning to understand to become a critical thinker one must be highly skeptical of all information and assumptions we must be able to distinguish between an argument based on solid logic and an argument based on informal fallacies false assumptions and misinformation yes if we all take that approach than we are at least ensure ourselves that we have the capacity to form good decisions based on solid logic you

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  1. Great video on an important topic! I'd like to let your viewers know about the Safe Care Nursing Framework as it's now available as a comprehensive online course on critical thinking for professional nurses. Anyone interested can register here: or

  2. After some careful thought my critique of your "critical thinking" is as follows.

    "Critical Thinking" is an ORWELLIAN NEWSPEAK oxymoron which idiots and sycophants use unwittingly to display ignorance and incompetence in reasoning and logic and in use of language. Applying the non-sequitur modifier "Critical" ironically does indeed accurately describes the state of near fatal and permanent impairment of understanding the difference between sense based reasoning and mind knowing and the relation of cause to effect.
    One may think and even define dog shit as a pleasant smell but it will still stink nonetheless.

    Mankind still confuses the simple plagiarism of Sense based reasoning as thinking.
    Know that To Think otherwise is a critical error.
    On second thought perhaps "critical" is powerful and useful adverb/modifier we should apply to other activities like critical testicle scratching and critical mustache combing.

  3. See religious people, whatever your claim e.g. an invisible man in the sky, watching everything you do, keeping score it all boils down to solid evidence, something religious people avoid by using the cop out "just have faith", "just have faith" is another way of saying "the evidence for the proof of this claim is not important", well it is with any theory, religious theory's as well as non religious theories.

  4. Christianity lied,and burnt many books thru the centuries including nonbelievers.

    Historians leave out many things about the ancient Roman Empire i.e. "Clementia".

    "Gospel of Caesar" watch?v=wwfY069iPVI "Deception/lies 325 CE" watch?v=bDbPi_X2yUY

    Check out 1st two links in description of "Sacred Cross" watch?v=h3Vj-EgwRJQ

    Richard Carrier's own words on Zeitgeist @ 44:55 watch?v=pX4LvKvIWJw

    My pic is a coin from Julius Caesar,and they are of 3 sacred "Tropaions" of victory.

  5. It does'nt get any more intentional then MSNBC, with the story at the 2 minute mark of this video.-> watch?v=UhugUzUuPkE

  6. I had to giggle…….wondering how many people will never hear the message of "critical thinking" because being so distracted by the head scratching……which pretty much exemplifies today's reality, too…..

  7. Fox's misinformation is deliberate and malevolent to an extent and purpose not seen on the others mentioned.

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