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  1. It is interesting that the initial lectures set argument conditions "If such and such …". Here we are informed "IF" is a weasel word.

    "If" can apparently be local or global, depending upon one's bias. Or perhaps it is something about philosophy itself. And if not philosophy, then man's psychology. A young and interested person might consider the potential for a doctoral thesis on the "Psychology of IF".

  2. I've always had some what of a social anxiety. I'm sure it roots to my childhood, my parents were constantly moving. in return i never had to chance to stay in one school for very long. Now recently discovering rhetoric, I feel as though I have control over my thoughts, actions, and words. I think of it as an art. Thank you for your videos!

  3. This professor has zero issues getting women. He dresses like the head villain in a Tarantino movie.

  4. Dr. Sadler, WOuld it be too much to ask, if I request the literature you had students read throughout this course?

  5. well, I've been busy… would you agree with the following

    accrual (wealth), rational (law), impartial (justice) and ethical (charity) are the 4 factors that are involved in a working system.

  6. Well have a think and discuss with people what they think of the current political situation and perhaps bring up the idea… the Institutional States of America has a nice ring to it… and the acronym "ISA" brings a nice advertisement to those who own a PS3 because of the games Killzone (1, 2, and 3) the good guys are the ISA.

  7. I'm doing what I can personally from over here… I just won't have a voice until summer, every man tends to have one chance in life to be able to say something very important until his dominance has been pushed down… philosophy is more of an understanding towards than politics… they should be almost the same subject, I've been researching for months… whatever you need to know I probably have the answers stacked somewhere… I just don't have a lot of access to American Media.

  8. That makes you perfect for the job in my eyes and you are more qualified than most for persuading… the only way these state of affairs happened is when people begin talking about it… let's look at the facts we know… 24 states voted for Romney, the states control food supply, these states hold most gun owners and are very fond of them compared to the others, TheAlexJonesChannel, Adam Kokesh (today arrested but for now :/ ), The church, town hall meetings + have good contact with others…..

  9. This stuff is more a matter of attention to history and politics than philosophy as such. I just happen be to be more or less non-aligned politically and to have a strong interest in political history and totalitarian movements.

    Meetings and contacting others? Perhaps down the line. I give talks and workshops of various sorts, both academic and popular — but that's one way I earn my livelihood. Organizing stuff like that generally involves someone else on the other end inviting me in

  10. My apologise, I had it the wrong way round… but honestly I've contacted every American I personally know and they don't understand this material very well. You being a philosophy teacher is pretty much the only person I can have any dependence on in being in track of what I have in mind… over here we're just as dense a majority as same over there… but the people with a better understanding must prevent what is going on. Could you undertake meetings and contact others towards this idea?

  11. Interestingly, since the Civil War (when we saw some massive realignments of party collations), it has less often been Republicans carrying out the wars, or for that matter really expanding the national-security-surveillance state.

    Of major American military interventions — WWI (Wilson) , WWII (FDR), Korea (Truman), Vietnam (Kennedy-Johnson) — the majority of them have been under Democrat administrations. Iraq 1 and 2, and Afghanistan provide recent exceptions.

  12. Well from my own understanding how it's been in America…

    Democrates fund the government
    Republicans use fund for war

    and this repeats continuously

    From the last election I would suggest the division of the USA of the states that voted for Romney and Obama as separate countries and have someone such as Ron Paul in that office, So the west/east America (liberal) are having their guns taken away, and the centre states make a slow break with info-war and impacting the message to rejoin the USA

  13. If a politician is clearly bad and the majority of the people (civilians/police/military) unconsciously agree, how would you get rid of him if it was needed to be immediate? This is suggesting the majority finally realise… what are the methods of this to be done exactly… and this to be done peacefully.

  14. Yep, I'm no fan of his, his administration, or his party. That said, I'm not a fan of the candidates that the other party put up as alternatives to his either, nor in particular of that party

  15. True,

    But as it goes I wish your country best of luck, The president seems very pesky and somewhat malicious, please GOOGLE the following and attempt toconnect the dots;

    What The Heck Is The Alinsky Method?

    2knowmyself Psychology of self deception

    /watch? v=T_AAMa_X2dM

    /watch? v=l-HqHSkYG-Y

    teach people you know about the method and persuade them to do the same for exploitive reasons and to not speak out against the opposition.

  16. Yes, Philosophy has many uses — and is valuable in in itself as well.

    In the UK, you're somewhat better off than we are here in the
    States with Philosophy being part of the curriculum

  17. Living in the UK… I really appreciate these lessons… as a matter of fact they don't teach it near me… I grew up 18 of my years wondering what I was actually good at but felt I was pretty good with judgement and somewhat psychology… and then finally discovering philosophy which is pairs it up really nicely… I can't understand why it's such an undervalued subject than it shows people how they could be being mislead or misguided… but it is essential to me for a good politician.

  18. Ah — now I see what you mean. So, would one euphemistically answer that question. . . ?

    I think that likely, a lot of people do precisely that. Although, I suspect there's also probably a lot of wishful thinking on the part of people about where they will be in 5, 10, 15. . . years. I'd have quite a few students at FSU who were convinced that they were going to go to Law School or become doctors, or the like — when they had trouble passing my 100-level Critical Thinking class.

  19. Explaining myself has never been a strong point… well first of all, hypothetically speaking, if you were going to be interviewed for a job… and the question came up "where do you see yourself in 5 years"… how would you answer it?

  20. I still can't figure out what you're writing here. A question isn't going to be a euphemism, or interpreted as a euphemism. It could include a euphemism, of course, but that's something different

  21. basically how do I answer that question as honestly as I can without seeming that I am a fortune teller.

  22. I mean in the sense that I can critise the question (as you have previously said on this that you can't predict the future)… say if I was applying for a job… I begin to critise the question interpreted as a euphemism… and then I follow on saying something such as "but yes I certainly orcastrate the penumbra of the future seeing myself as a manager or co-exectutive in the next 5 years." what is the best way of showing a rather causious approach to the question is what I'd like to know.

  23. when it comes to a common question asked… "where do you see yourself in 5 years" what is the best euphemistic approach to answering that question with criticism?

  24. Well, again, I have no idea who is presently taking the class, since these videos are from FSU (where I no longer teach) in Spring of 2011. In that class, it was mostly 18-19 year olds, with a few older students.

    I guess for a European, the most important thing to start from with respect to the "American University system" is that there is no such thing. There is no overarching "system" about which one can easily generalize — conditions vary radically across schools.

  25. Well, if you like these — the vids I did for FSU (which I left after that semester) — check out the videos I've uploaded in my personal channel. There's two Ethics series from my Marist classes last academic year, and a new, ongoing Existentialism series. Down the line, I'm planning a much more comprehensive Critical Thinking series.

    Jeff Bridges? Well, perhaps in his incarnation as the Dude, I suppose

  26. Ok. Good series, I have some more to see. BTW, I see the videos and I see Jeff Bridges playing you in the movie of your life. 🙂

  27. Yep, the flipcam battery would run out sometimes. That's one of the perils of DIY educational technology.

  28. The videos for the first lectures on Rhetoric end abruptly as if battery or media ran out. We are left to wonder what we missed. 🙁

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