25 thoughts on “Critical Thinking Part 2: Broken Logic”

  1. An example of a non sequitur refuted in a video I just watched was that "because government does good, you can't criticise it." It doesn't follow because, say if a is better than b and b is greater than c, it doesn't logically follow that since b is greater than c, that b can't inherently be criticised for being less than a.

  2. This series would be useful if it wasn't so obviously geared towards attempting to convince people of politically correct narratives such as Global Warming, Evolution, Vaccinations and such.  It's presented as a way to think logically and in an unbiased fashion but subtely, and deceptively, it places these subjects in the midst of logical discussion, presenting them as fact, without actually discussing the logic and science behind them.  Disappointing

  3. Update: After some brief review reading, I've come to realize that there are many different types of non sequitur, and affirming the consequent is one of them. Ergo, the provided example is actually both, with the label of non sequitur being more of a general term for logical fallacies. My previous understanding was more in line with general speech than logical analysis.

    Isn't the given example an instance of affirming the consequent, rather than a non sequitur? As I understood it, a non sequitur is when a conclusion is effectively unrelated to its original premises, while affirming the consequent is falsely concluding a single cause from a given outcome, when there may be other possible causes.

    If P then Q; Q; Therefore P – This is affirming the consequent.
    If P then Q; P; Therefore N – This is a non sequitur. 

    Am I way off the mark? Can someone correct or confirm my thinking?

  4. My BIG PROBLEM with this use of LOGIC is that it is often biased.  This means that a person is expected to KNOW certain things before answer these questions. What if someone had no knowledge of different metals. These assumed knowledge, without even INFORMING the person that they should KNOW some information already before answering the question. What is more, is that there is no organized information of what you may need to know for a question.  Knowing about different metals may seem simple, but if you went to a person who never had an education can you really say he can't use logic simply because he can't answer biased questions.  Implicit information isn't always something simple, so why is it always assumed everyone else knows what the question writer knows???

  5. You clearly have problems separating fantasy from reality. To quote a mythological book to an adult with a properly functional brain has the same effect as showing the jewish star to a vampire: nothing. Show first that your imaginary friend is real and his name is Allah. After that you can quote the Qur'aan and expect something else than mockery in return.

  6. In it is fruit and date palms producing hanging fruit;
    Also corn, with leaves and stalk for fodder, and sweet smelling plants.

    Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?

    [Qur'aan Surah AL-RAHMAN]

  7. What is critical is your incapacity to see reality. You have a poisoned mind brainwashed by fear and cultural indoctrination. God and Hell are bad jokes created by men to gain control over others. In your case, it is working. You are a prisoner of your imaginary Allah, already doomed to burn in the Hell of superstition, ignorance and stupidity. Grow a brain and free yourself from this shit.

  8. No, fundamentalists in general because not all fundamentalists are religious. There are ideological fundamentalists and also nationalistic fundamentalists.

  9. illogical idiots should watch this
    only some christians are illogical idiots
    only some christians should watch this

  10. but some iron compounds are not attracted by magnets hence you cannot assumb that just "because an object is MADE FROM Iron that therefore it automatically gets attracted"

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