23 thoughts on “Critical Thinking Part 1 – A Dragon In My Garage – Atheist Experience 360”

  1. Argument is really poorly displayed… if you go to the moon but destroy the planet bc you're smart enough to build a rocket ship but too stupid to prioritize not destroying the planet you live on over a ego wank of "going to the moon"… you're way less civilized than the people of history

  2. The native Americans were not wonderful people who did everything perfectly. They fought each other all the time and killed lot and stoked each other’s lands and women

  3. Jeff Dee's awesomeness is reason enough to have him continue to do guest spots on TAE. Why does he no longer do this?

  4. Atheist are blithering simpletons. Dumb as the day is long. They want to impress, but not on my watch. I call it as I see it. Dumb as a brick. Being mislead by the devil.

  5. I too have a very low IQ, and believe that complex design does not require a Complex mind. I believe in Random chance. And Magic. Perhaps Bugs bunny Created the Universe. Or the Spaghetti Monster. I want to impress the No nonsense Atheist. Who won't be made a fool. For their ability for critical thinking. They've got it all figured out.

  6. The Country was not a Beautiful Paradise until the English turned up. Sure the Land was Beautiful but the Native Americans were over Fishing and Hunting just like most Cultures, they were harming the Environment as much as anyone else and they were certainly not Pacifists.

  7. Assuming Life does not exist in the metaphysical sense, greater physical/ chemical complexity leads to broader expressions of complex reactions to stimuli, the lower the complexity the lower the life likeness it has until none are observable for example a computer program and a rotisserie, both are more complex than an inanimate piece of material but one is likely much more close to being like us, but it's not complex enough yet to fool an astute human. We can make synthetic insects, we can see the appropriate lit up parts of our brain when performing tasks, we know of no signals or other leaving the body at death, but we also have a sense of awareness, and we are not unique in that, other primates, mammals, reptiles, these complex organisms among others show signs of what we think of as awareness at different levels depending on the species, curiosity leads me to pose does complexity lead to awareness and at what level of complexity does something gain the minimum for awareness.

  8. I have found most not all but most religious people defend their faith are not honest at all. They delude themselves of what they believe and especially what is in their bible. Even when you show them exact quotes in their bible or things the bible clearly gets wrong they won't admit it. They make excuses for it and try to spin it or just say you are taking it out of context.

  9. Science is also not about destroying everything, but stupid people deliberately create war that are usually religious wars, including the wars against the Native Americans. And science does not claim the right to control everyone as most religions do.

  10. The idea that native american indians were some reverent ppl who lived in harmony with nature…just isn't true, and never was.

  11. While europeans DID bring diseases they couldn't fight, they were not disease-free, just ones already here. Most tribes warred with their nearest tribes on a regular bases. Most tribes practices slavery and torture.

  12. Indians were known to burn entire forests down, so as they regrew they kept the trees farther apart and stopped too much undergrowth…in an attempt to create better habitat for thier main prey…deer. They cultivated the "pristine" lands we saw upon coming here.

  13. Indians didn't destroy their environment because they didn't have certain technology. They didn't have the same resources that Europe did so this isn't some racist thing. When we show up, the Columbian exchange begins and we fuck up everything. Hopefully it's a stage we must go through to eventually explore the galaxy.

    "Multiple outs" Huh, That's interesting. I always thought it was called apologetics.

  14. Only thing I would say is the native American culture and Europe invading and eventually taking over the land had nothing at all to do with science. Science doesn't make anyone or anything do anything lol.

  15. A lot less humans 1,500 years ago is obviously the main difference,when Indians were the dominant being,having millions LESS makes the major difference.

  16. This is pretty old. Maybe it's time they repeated some of this stuff. A lot of it seems very convincing to me. 

  17. When it comes to the native northern americans, so called "Indians" I just want to mention that there were tribes who were settled, meaning they'd built permanent housing, grew crops, and were keeping domestic animals, so they were not unlike their european counterparts, however most were semi nomadic, meaning they stayed for a while in one place, and then moved on. What's well known are the semi nomads who followed the Bison herds, from which animal they got meat and clothing and made their semi permanent housing, the tipee. I know there are a lot of 'idyllic' ideas about the way of life of the native americans, but life in general must have been hard. There is a misconception about this so called living in 'harmony with nature', while it is a fact, that the native americans had just as much of a detrimental impact on the environment, as the europeans had on theirs over time.

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