Critical thinking: Long term consequence Analysis: Lazy Bird and its consequence

critical thinking long term consequence analysis lazy bird and its consequence there was a little bird which was beautiful but extremely lazy once while it was sitting on a tree it saw a man walking by with a huge bag it became curious and inquired what was kept in the bag the man said that the bag was filled with insects the bird became even more curious and asked where are you carrying the bag and why the man said my wife is very fond of feathers and so I am carrying this bag of insects so that I can get the feathers in exchange of these the bird thought as if a great opportunity is knocking its door it immediately said why don't you give the bag to me and in return I shall give you one feather each day your wife would be happy to get a gift from you every day and at the same time you don't need to travel a long distance you may return home with one feather of the day the man was convinced hung the bag on a branch and happily returned tune with one feather the bird was delighted that from now it doesn't need to go out in search of food every day the man came and a bird gave away plucking out one of its feather the bird had lots of beautiful feathers and thus had no problem to part away with one each day but gradually the feather started declining and finally was left with very few with declining number of feathers each day the beauty of the bird to fade it away no other bird wanted interact with this ugly bird now the bird was depressed and stopped singing to their insects which was her sole means of survival also started coming to an end a day came when there was no insect left in the bag the bird had lost the skill to search for food – and thus died of hunger inside sometimes life may grant some easy way but rather than grabbing it impulsively long-term consequence analysis is essential the once easy way may turn devastating another important insight is that one needs to maintain and upgrade skill keep on working even when everything seems great when challenging time comes the skills would help us to cope up with those situations

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