Critical Thinking: Intellectual Standards

we guide to go by like two seconds you know I don't expect nobody to be up this early man but uh I want it to be one of the me I think I might make this a series right critical thinking because I you know you can't help but notice the the lack of it when we you know I'm saying when we have these panel discussions you know me good morning good morning everybody what's going on what's going on today it's gonna be some a little different rice and grind you already know what it is man you know I'm saying the link is in the chat room you know I'm saying we try to try to drop some game on y'all today something I should be able to benefit anybody who watch this and wants to work enhance their thinking right and gain a stronger mind but I know this is intellectual shit so I only expect to be like to folks themselves oh okay yeah yeah you uh look good down there Charlie was handy all right well I'm gonna get started like fuckin all right so look today I want to talk to you all about intellectual standards when it comes to critical thinking right and I'm gonna start giving y'all little pieces I don't know how I'm probably gonna do this kind of order I should probably do this in order but y'all can piece it together we're all adults so look I'm gonna read you an excerpt out of the thinker's guide to live analytic thinking right by dr. Linda elder and dr. Richard Paul right at the book I just found a mark collection a minute ago but it is they had some good information so I'm gonna read a paragraph and then I'm just gonna go over the left right what's going on don't pill all right so is that music tomorrow cuz I need y'all to be able to hear me y'all it's a good one let me go and y'all can hear me over the music or is it too loud so I turn it down all right all right so I'm gonna redo this is out of this is a paragraph out of the thinker's got to analytic thinking right okay so we're sure y'all still hear it's been enough whatever you met and it better I'm ready to answer the question one of y'all niggas so look this is straight out of the book I told to think of God to analytic thinking alright so regional people judge reasoning by intellectual standards when you internalize these standards and explicitly use them in your thinking your thinking becomes more clear more accurate more precise more relative relevant deeper broader and more fair you should note that we focus here on a selection of standards among others our credibility sufficiency reliability and practicality the questions that employ be standard are listed right and these are the standards I'm going to tell you about so to put this in the stuff that we usually see right and I'm gonna talk to all like y'all been around because we all been around right so we've seen how these debates go like how you always had people complaining about people moving the goalposts or there or then personalizing to somebody's talking point or applying something on a individual basis to the group the reason why situations like this happen is because the thinking hasn't developed the thinking had the level of thinking hasn't developed in the people who make these mistakes simply because you know I mean just like anything else being you know analytical critical thinking is a skill and it is a vital one to help your life I mean when it comes down to problem-solving and what is life but just a series of problems a series of obstacles that you know that you have to overcome to get to where you need to go to move up to the next level to get that next promotion etc etc when I put it and pretty much what I'm what I've been seeing for a long time there's just a lack of critical thinking skills amongst us you know as a people as a whole you know now there are plenty of people who don't have those type of problems you know when they actually when it comes to problem solving by people are some of the most crafty individuals on the planet when it comes to that however it's it only improves our capabilities when we have everybody thinking on a higher plane we have everybody achieving it and being able to problem-solve on an individual basis you know it's kind of that like that old saying goes you know you're only as strong as your weakest link you know so this is my this is my effort to you know help disperse the stragglers that's it right so this thing for everybody but it's good review you know everybody so I want to go through the intellectual standards that must be applied during critical thinking the first is clarity right clarity means that how understandable is what you're what you're saying how understandable or your talking points can the meaning be grasped and when I say graphic can they be understood by those you're communicating with you know you have accuracy which is basically free from errors pretty much everybody knows that or distortions you know pretty much is your is your information accurate is it true the truth of your statements the truth of your argument such a performance the next intellectual standard its precision and so that's basically you're not giving the person a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo you're being precise to your point so you're only giving the necessary information to underline your point you know what I mean so a lot of the times when we hear like for example when we hear people bloviate for a long time you know I mean when it comes to down to our point in them and they say a whole bunch of words and a whole bunch of unnecessary things that don't underlie the point it becomes Jeff and so you start you know filing up your communication you know the mean and and that's how a lot of people end up changing the goal or moving the goalposts is because they add in so many so many other low tangents or other little parts of irrelevant information that people lose track of what she was even talking about to begin with that's her you ever wonder how people get into a fight and didn't have to where they don't even know what they was mad at that's what that is you know I'm saying so let's precision well I guess I kind of rolled that into the next one which is relevance you know relating to the matter at hand you know make sure you stay on topic because that's how you problem-solve you solve every problem it's one step at a time debt so containing complexities are multiple interrelationships right so that means when you have an or would like for example when we talk about the problems in the black community and you don't talk about and you leave certain portions out of it such as systemic reasons legislation when you only cover the surface level you are missing the depth of the argument which means you're not going far enough to just to justify your argument or to underline your point breath means encompassing multiple viewpoints so this is a lot of times people do this on a panel they'll be like well I don't do that well we're not just talking about you if anytime we're talking about the community right we're not just talking about one individual person we're talking about an entire group of people that is composed of individuals and not all of which have the same experience or outlook as yourself so when you talk about things make sure you use its proper form anytime you talk about groups it's plural so you have to look beyond your own point of view or your own personal experience that way you can start to understand the world around you better you know me see step in with somebody tells you snuck into somebody else issues that's what they mean all right so logic this is a big one the parts make sense together you have to make the parts make sense together with no contradictions so everybody wants to claim like oh you know they're you know I've heard a lot of people brag on their ability to you know will logic and you know the strength of their mind yet their arguments don't make any sense they tie together things that don't go together or can easily be be disproven you know and that's a that's a sign of weak logic because all logic is built on facts that's what logic is logic is how you tie together those facts to understand your world that's what that is so okay so significance like this kind of goes back to the relevance right so significance is basically if you're if you're on point well for topic or something or mentality like this if you if you're under schooling you're trying to highlight the validity of your argument but you use things that are seemingly trivial you know or that are trivial rather they it's not gonna whole way it's not your arguments not gonna hold much weight because your argument when you're when your argument is based on things that are miniscule you know it kind of it's gonna fall apart you know you want you want whatever your argument is based on to be based on significant research that's like if I came to you with like this theory you know to me and I wanted to prove it but there's only been one study on it you know there's on like okay well in anyway if anybody knows who's ever did experimentation you know people were multiple studies and and sometimes multiple studies concurrently to me and sometimes the same study a few times to ensure that you're getting the correct results and concern to ensure that the median of that data was to ensure that you are absolutely certain about what the constant is in that experiment and that's very important they do this for everything like everything firm like I think one person the axe would be on the qawalli cuz I think she does it for a living but she has like she says she's handled like thousands of rats you know the meaning like for real and that's because they do hundreds of experiments so uh the next point in the last point and I'll dive into these even more deeper in a minute place the next point is fairness right so and this is another big one went out especially on YouTube from what I see on youtube so fairness is in what you're saying justifiable so it's not self-serving or one-sided so when you run into these arguments and people start trying to justify when people start saying I will I don't do that or they're obviously coming from a point of view that hasn't considered any other point of view like for example a dinner a dinner specific point of a point of view you don't saying that is obviously not fair because it's biased you know the saying it was good Amanda good morning good morning everybody we just came in so now I'm gonna go over the questions that you can ask and you can access all these questions you know or ask these questions with their argument you know the same or what somebody else argument when you're you know when you're taking it in when you're listing all right so clarity when you're forming an argument this is what you should ask ourselves could you elaborate further right could you could you go deeper on the subject you know to give a whole more well-rounded explanation for what you're thinking to better express yourself in your ideas so another way you can do this is given an example right or that which is why you know when I talk I use a lot of examples and stuff just to illustrate to the people you know I'm saying exactly what I mean so you know and then could you illustrate what you mean those all help with your clarity forming the clarity and conciseness of your argument right then when it comes to accuracy this is a very important moment when we're talking about these debates that we have online accuracy basically ask yourself how could they check on that so basically any argument anything should be able to be fact-checked we're dealing this is reasoning that we're talking about critical thinking this is not anything from the spiritual realm or none of that other shit this is you know let's get busy this is straight what you know Lucy I know you niggas don't breathe you feel me so trying to fuck what you own this shit so look accuracy how could how could you check on that how could you find out if that's true or how could we verify or test that you don't I'm saying those are the questions that you need to ask when it comes down to evaluating that accuracy of an army so precision for the next one precision could you be more specific right could you give more details or could you be more exact because when you have in these arguments when you're having these discussions what you want to do is be as concise hold on this fucking animal all right so most sense all right so precision could you be more specific to do to give me more details could you be more exact and it's important because you want to think about it think about it like wartime right if you're talking over a radio and your position is getting shelled by more arounds or you're under fire you don't want to be saying a whole damn novel over the radio when all you really want to do is give them the coordinates to blow the motherfuckers up who is shooting at you right your air support your naval support you know you want to be as clear and concise this is exactly why the military uses abbreviations and acronyms and shit because it shortens things up too so you can be more precise you know exactly what a motherfuckers talking about this is why we have to the you know I'm saying the alpha Bravo Charlie Delta echo you know saying Foxtrot this is why we have those things so it's a more precise way of communicating and it's and it's a chronic thing too so there's you easily know what somebody saved because you already know the word that's being said for that's precision you know what I mean so relevance right relevance is how does that relate to the problem and we say that we mean whatever evidence you're presenting for your argument how does that relate to the problem how does that bear on the question and how does that help us with the issue so basically if the information that you're putting forth supporting your argument or iffy if it useless information and a lot of times we're not you know when we're on these panels there's a lot of useless information that's put out there like like you know shit that doesn't underline anybody's point or it's completely irrelevant to the conversation and it really takes away from the potencies and and uh you know and uh I guess what you would say yeah the quality of the argument you know them saying simply because you're doing the most you're saying too much shit you're talking too much shit please get out of your go go alright so depth depth of the next one right depth is what factors make this a difficult problem right acts that question what are some of the complexities of this question you know and then what are some of the difficulties we need to deal with so basically a lot of times people approach real complex questions in a very elementary way in a very surface layer way and if you only think about think about every problem like a trip to the doctor's office when the doctor does an examination on you what does he ask you know he might have to you know you tell him the problem you know and yeah he'll check out the immediate area you know maybe your arm hurts but then he'll give you a list of questions because he's trying to I didn't he's trying to have some depth with his analysis of your health that's what that is that's why he asked so many questions and he takes the answers for all them questions because he's trying to not only cured the symptoms of the problems but he's trying to cure the problem that's why I went muhfuckas go to the doctor's office and just be like give me some pain pills they never do that shit they're gonna ask you what the fuck you know a whole bunch of other shit to see that is that even even though they might prescribe you the pain medication they're still gonna be on some shit like okay well I need to find the underlying problem so I can cure this person and the entirety of the problems and symptoms instead of just a surface level symptom saying cuz think about it if he gives you something like a painkiller he doesn't fix the underlying problem then you're just gonna remain sick you're gonna be right back in there muhfucka asking for payments you know what I'm saying I hope I'm painting this real clear cuz I really wanted my people to really understand this shit so uh breath write the questions you need to ask when it comes to this one is when it comes to this standard is do we need to look at this from another perspective right so basically not just looking at it from a singular perspective and most of these conversations that we have there about the group they're about to collect it you know when people say when people have these conversations they say us are we are they you know and but that's how they start off and then they in the conversation well with I and that's incorrect because now you're changing the form you just went from plural to singular you just took the collective and judged it by your narrow you'll never world view you don't I'm saying you can't do that if you're trying to have a real analysis if you're trying to have a productive analysis that's unacceptable for critical thinking so uh do we need to consider it from another point of view right do we need to look at this in other ways you know all those kind of wrap up into one question right so lodges we want to the next one Lodge does all this make sense together basically can you get from A to B you know from B to C and it all makes sense there's no you know gaps in your argument there's no weak spots in your argument you know that's what that means so basically like a essay to take it back to like school right the the best way to kind of think about this shit is like think about it like a SN right so you write an essay or term paper or dissertation or whatever right you have to ask yourself does my first paragraph you know align with my last you know what I mean – the does it fit does it fit with your last one that way you can make sure that you tied both ends you know I'm saying how how were you starter that what you set out to prove is what did you ended up proving at the end right that if you can make it through all the body all your arguments all your evidence or your experimentation on your research and end up at your land at the end summoning up what you said in the beginning and proving what you said that that isn't that is the argument in its entirety that that is a you know I'm saying that is something that you can put forth you know to be tested in the realms of academia you know what I'm saying then you have significance right so when discussing problems you know especially complex problems right you know you'll Dobie there are several issues with a lot of these problems right it'll be problems with enterprise you know that's a complex problem so the thing is you have to understand you don't say how important is that problem to consider so for example you know we talk about the black community you know me and we talk about a lot of different things you know in certain things take precedence over others because the consequences for certain things are heavier then then than others right so like for a long time people said that you know with we've argument right now you know we could go back and forth for that forever but are there more significant problems than weeds going on in the black community behold by community have the problem but if we've just top of the list no not no it's not so the thing is while it is it might be a problem with the self worth and self image of our women's you know it's not killing anybody you don't I'm saying like this is not weave is not the reason muhfuckas getting shot down in the street weave is not the reason that you know I'm saying like you get what I'm saying but that doesn't mean that problem does not have to be addressed it does but it's just about putting putting shit you feel me push it in the correct position you know so that way you can prioritize what is more what is most important in this the central idea to focus on right so when you have a complex problem you you have to look and see what is the central theme to these problems what is the central essential question that you know that has rare it had that had written the argument right so when you talk about the black community that problem you know it's just me saying this but that's how I look at it that problem is white supremacy and that is the central problem overall now there are other problems that come along that are a company that or have spun off from that but a lot of the times a lot of these problems are symptoms symptoms of a major underlying cause so they appreciate a dark patch her man salud man salute to that brother man I wish I had a bomb or something to drop on me but I wish I had the button paddy shit but man salute to that brother man but uh pretty pretty much though this is the central you know what is the central idea to focus on my opinion why scream see is the big problem or and it's the underlying cause for a lot of the other symptoms that we see plague the black community so while we will discuss these other problems and them other symptoms will need to be solved do you know I'm saying the focus should be on why Spencer that is the underlying cause you know of all the shit you know which is why you know cerulean does what he does shoutout to cerulean so which of these facts are most important that's the third question for significance right so I mean but that's pretty much covered in the other two right so fairness right this is really big and its really big a lot of the times when it comes to when it comes to what like emotional when it comes to the arguments and topics and discussions that hit close to home right cuz let's be real everybody got emotions you know what I'm saying everybody you know I'm saying there are certain things and people's like people been throw they're not trying to you know they're not trying to hear that you know but the thing is when you're stepping into the realm of critical thinking if you neglect any of these intellectual standards your argument will immediately crumble there are people here you know on YouTube that have all the they have clarity accuracy precision relevance depth breadth logic significance they have that down they have it down but then when it comes to the fairness a it completely destroys the argument so people who could be taken seriously people who people would listen to ders even though they have did they know how to think they already know how to think they know how to think logically right and tie things together their their bias destroys their own like destroys their own greatness to be honest but look back people aren't stupid it's just that it's a lot of us who just don't give a fuck they we don't give a fuck enough to motherfucking read you still be like but the thing is we have the ability to do this shit all of us but we have to get like look man ladies gotta get out to bag you don't say you know what fellas you know I'm saying let the nuts hang you feel me like we gotta be you got it look you got our approach this shit like this is a motherfucking medical operation and the patient on the table is black people in black culture right the survival of us is on the table so if you if you decide not to if you decide to skip us step just because you feel like it I mean what you think gonna happen to the patient the patient Oh God and the patient is us you did so we can't let it we can't let us stop you did what I'm saying so look do I have any vested interest in this issue and my body all these gender arguments on YouTube this shit is motherfucking bikes you know you got people who advise from the female side you have those who are bias from the male side to the extreme the most extreme degree and those type of conversations are never productive they just go round and round and round and round and nobody learns shit nothing it's accomplished you know it's just not you know it's not productive when it could be like look you can have fun and be productive we got to start being real with ourselves like look at my biased on this you know I might have our evening am i listening to this guy or am I am I just hearing him until it's my turn to talk we gotta start being honest with ourselves so we can have some productive dialogue and this motherfucker so the next question right am i sympathetically representing the viewpoints of others right basically are you are you putting yourself in somebody else's shoes for a moment because really that's what you do when you hear somebody else perspective this is this is how you begin to empathize and you know I made a video talking about the lack of empathy I see you know for the brothers you know me and it's you know this is part of that that mi sympathetically representing the viewpoints of others am i stepping outside myself outside my own personal experience so that I can understand or try to comprehend what somebody else is sharing with me with somebody else is telling me you know I mean it's an it's very important it's important for all of us to do that no matter what gender you are it's important because if you can do that not only will we understand each other better black men and black women understand each other better our communication will improve but you know nobody's trying to talk to somebody who's not who's not in pathetic towards the situation or even attempting to try to understand it how do you what do you think happens when two cultures that's never met before me they speak two totally different languages you know that so you know what they do in order to kind of communicate you know they point they do the most basic things they point and they say the word in their language you know what I'm saying that's how they that's how they communicate they show you you know and then in return so you can develop a a dialogue you shall then with what that's called in your language and from that mediate from that exchange right there then that's how a bonds are built that's you know that's how people in the development you know to the point where look man we're in a country where man look people speak all different types of languages you know the chances are the guy who owns the gas station in your neighborhood you know he speaks a whole different language than you but he damn sure know how to give you the correct change don't you know how to ring you up don't he know what you ask for when you say forty on pop folk you know I'm saying look and even something but this is this is what's so crazy about it even a motherfuck you can communicate with a motherfucking like that but when you look at us as a community how our men and women how we talk to each other you will look to do look for a lot of us the guy at the gas station talks you know we understand the gas stays the guy at the gas station more you know and that's a motherfucking shame especially since we speak the same language that we were in the same motherfucking struggle together as a people you're all black folks now you know I wait for another day to get really all into that the levels of this shit but I just think it's in I know it's important for us to uh to start applying these intellectual standards and holding ourselves to a higher you know what I mean that's that's that's really really what we got to start doing but uh I thought I'd share that with y'all you know I'm saying share that which all this morning but uh yeah that was the intellectual standards to critical thinking I'm thinking about waking up and giving to my people some of this shit every day just so just so we can elevate my dog whining y'all look man I love my people man and I appreciate my viewers shit man this is the motherfucking rich the his typical Willis Greg Kilmer is that some fucking science and you motherfuckers you know like share subscribe hit me up on patreon hit the link man fuck with your boy man amount

12 thoughts on “Critical Thinking: Intellectual Standards”

  1. To me, the most challenging part of this process is keeping the information relevant while going in depth with the analysis and trying to encompass multiple viewpoints at the same time. When I was younger I wouldn’t have applied these standards because I was either ignorant or didn’t give a f*ck. Now that I’m older if I try to go beneath the surface of a subject or explore other views of it, I lose track of what’s relevant to the topic if the discussion is heated or under pressure. That’s why I do better writing sh*t instead of speaking it. Writing gives me more time to guide myself through this process. Getting old’s a b*tch like that. Y’all young brothers and sistas need to practice this sh*t often before you lose that youthful energy to use those precious brain cells effectively as possible.

    Y’all need to copy and paste this sh*t.

    Intellectual Standards of Analytic Thinking


    Precision (Be concise/specific.)

    Relevance (Stay on topic.)

    Depth (Go beneath the surface of a subject. Explore the complexities.)

    Breadth (Consider multiple perspectives.)

    Logic (Put facts together with no contradictions.)

    Significance (How important is a subject to be considered?)

    Fairness (Avoid bias.)

    I hope I ain’t leave nothing out. Much respect to da Scragg Killah for droppin’ science this morning. I wasn’t ready for this sh*t.

  2. You really switched gears on this one. Such eloquent elocution and intelligence. Not trying to kiss your ass…but damn! Full disclosure, this is only my second time hearing one of your talks, but still 👍🏾. You multifaceted sneaky ass Bastard 🖕🏾… like that….me like very much. Grinch God indeed…….😁.

  3. 95% of channels in black YouTube lack critical thinking. You ask where are you going and they continue to tell you where they been.

  4. Much needed knowledge for black YouTube! We tackle a lot of issues in these YouTube streets!! It’s good to see someone actually thought about a correct way of doing it!! Debating or arguing without proper rules and standards in place is senseless. Good video!!

  5. Gotta respect it. People always say others don't know how to think, they just regurgitate other people's talking points. Teaching people how to think is a productive method of helping fix that problem, rather than simply condemning them for their inability to think, reinforcing the cycle of non thinking.

  6. No matter how logical you are, the illogical still will not get it. You can't ever be rational with someone who's irrational.

  7. Thank you for this lesson Professor Grinch! These knee grows on YouTube make my ears hurt with their illogical arguments. They need to brush up on their critical thinking skills…frfr

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