15 thoughts on “Critical Thinking: Inductive Arguments 1”

  1. I don't at this point, no — these videos were recorded in my CT classes back in 201, while I was still teaching at FSU.

    I'm since moved up to New York, and started producing videos in my own institutional channel. Down the line, I'll be shooting a logic sequence

  2. You mention at the beginning of this lecture that you skipped over the formal logic section – do you have another video where you talk about this? btw, really enjoying this course.

  3. No — but FSU is in Fayetteville, NC, one of the most humid places I've ever lived. It was so bad that towels often wouldn't dry unless you had the AC on

  4. A great Lecture very insightful as always. The book you mentioned was it this book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey because if it is I just picked it up on my kindle for the good price of just £3.33 which is only pound more expensive than the tea I buy at my favourite tea shop.

  5. Well, there are ways to reframe inductive arguments so that they can seem like deductive arguments, but they tend to be rather cumbersome — and they get away from what's really key to inductive reasoning, its focus on probability

  6. OMG!! 70% of blacks in that Uni!? WoW!!! was imagining like at least 80% of whites were in that class lol

  7. "Do analytic philosophers use less inductive arguments?" — tough to say, since we'd have to look at a lot of the arguments they make. I think you could say that many of them see deductive arguments as a sort of ideal

  8. Great talk, left me with loads of questions regarding how framing effects the choice between the two approaches, anything the makes me want to go question & find answers is always a good thing. Great series of lectures, wish I'd been turned on to this stuff long before now. Can't thank you enough for posting these, they've definitely woke something in me! 😀

  9. Do analytic philosophers use less inductive arguments? If they don't, is it often that the philosopher will explain why they are using an inductive argument deductively?

  10. awesome. Dr. Sadler just did in about 10 minutes that my philosophy teacher could not do in a collective 5 hours. Thanks Doc.

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