Critical Thinking – Improve Critical Thinking with this Simple Tip!

41 thoughts on “Critical Thinking – Improve Critical Thinking with this Simple Tip!”

  1. You may want to consider reworking your intro. It is extremely insulting to persons with cognitive disabilities to mock them. The intro was completely uncalled for.

  2. Hey Noah, try thinking about not using the 'sh' sound when there is only an 's' in a word.
    The word is structure, not shtructure.
    You'll sound more literate if you focus your awareness critically on that flaw.

  3. "Why am I fat?" Is it really a poor question?? I think the answers that you mentioned were poor in the sense that they are no so deep that solves the issue (if someone think that it's an issue).

  4. You pick a guide book on C++ for example, you follow along and you get
    the gist of what each small program entails. you get to know some
    aspects of how each program behavors, but when you are at your computer
    with no text books no guidance
    material, just you and your computer and you want to write your own
    made-up program. you
    then realize what it is to be a programmer. You then ask yourself I
    reference alot of
    material from books, but where is my mental reference collection of
    skills. ??? this is what matters. I walk away completely from the
    computer, from the books, from the reference material, I sit down with
    just a pen, pencil, rubber and white blank paper, I write and write, and
    write, this writing morphs into a algorithm, I then am able to
    psedocode steps, I then write more, and more and more, from my mental
    collection of
    what I can remember, I then begin to structure logically something
    connective, it's starting to form, starting to start. I feel levels of
    untested, unclarified success, I know that I now have some capacity to
    write programming. I am over the moon. I keep going, and going and face
    more and more challenges, I test snippets of code, some begin to work,
    many don't and I continue, continue, hoping to reach a understanding.
    What are
    your thoughts guys.

  5. I might not use the board but nibbling on a complex problem over time has made solutions almost effortless and I build 50 foot Aluminum boats with no sub contractors.

  6. " he brought up a really valid point." Are there degrees to validity or is it binary? Valid or invalid?

  7. Maybe I need to work on thinking critically but shouldn't the board be called a how do I board or something like that, or am I just not getting it.

  8. this was such a waste of time. He tries to be inspirational while simultaneously not explaining anything besides "make a how to board". This is an emotional appeal with no content, reminds me of late night "paid programming" scams without asking for money…

  9. Although the opening is weird, I really love this sentence: If you feed your brain quality questions
    You’ll get quality answers
    And you’ll live a quality life

  10. How to properly give a how-to presentation….. This looks like a C- on a college assignment if you pass at all.

  11. Surprised about all the not so positive comments.

    It was a good informal intro. in a simple form on how to start thinking, and to think what to ask yourself in order to find different avenues of thought. Maybe an excellent way to break out of mental grooves which keeps people spinning their wheels day after day.

  12. As someone who work is supporting adults with developmental disabilities I found your opening very offensive.
    Try a bit of critical thinking about what you are saying.

  13. Waited in vain for an example. Then, can you believe it, he asks US for examples, after giving none of his own. This is not about "critical thinking," it's about awareness. Critical thinking involves accumulation of info outside yourself, not just an increased awareness of self or searching only from within. Helpful little insight or tip here, but not any kind of advice for critical thinking.

  14. everything was good until you associated the critical thinking with the why am i fat and associating things such as dumb and being a loser educate yourself more on obesity and fat and anything else your going to use as an example.

  15. I love this. Anyone who knows what critical thinking is, makes fun of this video, and anyone who doesn't understand it, loves this video. This doesn't improve your ability to think. This just allows you to waste time until you come up with an answer. If you want to improve your thinking capabilities, start by using full, properly spelled words when texting. (Turn off auto-correct) just this one little thing will start to improve your intelligence. Don't use a calculator for simple math, like 18×4 or 72-26. These two minor tips will improve your intellect for free.

  16. Critical thinking isn't about asking how to questions. The answer you come up with could very well be wrong.

    A great tip is to delay your conclusion. Until you have visited as much facts as you can. If you don't have enough facts, avoid a conclusion altogether.

  17. thank for the information has help me to understand keys to critical  thinking you highlight points never though of.

  18. Noah, you are long overdue your flood.

    Advice for you, sir, don't open your video using stereotyped fun making of retarded people. Shame on you, and disliked.

  19. What about "WHY" questions? Like, all the why questions about nature and all its hidden mysteries.

  20. How long does it take to develop the habit of critical thinking, the usual time frame – 3 weeks, I've heard it takes 3 weeks to form the habit.

  21. ya got me thinking brother.
    How to make a million dollars annually working 30 hours a week or less in my real estate brokerage?

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