Critical Thinking (High School) – Deep Learning

Being a science teacher is an opportunity to use Deep Learning to develop critical thinking skills to help the students become competitive in the global market as well as to become effective decision-makers throughout their whole lives. My approach is to lead my units with lots of opportunities for students to experiment before going deep into theory and then by the time of theory is taught, every piece of information, every formula has a place of relevance for them In the future we're not always going to be told what exactly is happening we're actually going to have to use our pre-existing knowledge to determine the unknown and to explain the unknown and that, at it's core, that's what science is. I want the students to have multiple opportunities to do the labs because it takes away the pressure for them to be perfect and not only that, it turns out their mistakes into a valuable tool with which they can reach a higher level of learning. We're bound to make errors and when we do make those errors we actually gain a deeper appreciation and understanding for what's happening and it might even reveal something that wasn't initially part of the lesson When I lead with giving them the opportunity to think through problems there's less chance of them becoming overwhelmed as the course goes on, especially when the concepts get more complex This is because they know they've got what it takes to think critically and find the right answers.

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