35 thoughts on “CRITICAL THINKING – Fundamentals: Validity [HD]”

  1. how about the statements
    Aliens speak English
    Splot is alien
    Therefore, Splot speaks English
    It is confirmed valid but Americans also speak English? Must be invalid or i just dont get it?

  2. All humans are mortal. My dog Max is mortal. Therefore, my dog Max is a human. Therefore, invalid argument.

  3. Had an assignment for my ethics class and this helped so much. I was struggling for an hour until I found this video. Thank you!

  4. Valid:
    A is B (coffee is a bean)
    B is C (bean is a food)
    Therefore A is C (coffee is a food)
    A has B (dogs have fur)
    C has B (Claire has fur)
    Therefore C is A (Claire is a dog)

  5. Invalid, two objects that share one property doesn't make them identical as the property is not defined as property describing all properties of the object.

  6. HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of yours. PLEASE never stop doing videos. There is a type of fallacy im hearing theists accuse me of. Can you help me with it? (Or someone else familiar with logical fallacies?)

  7. how valid can a definition of validity be if guessed at for all we know arbitrarily in the first place, etc…tks for posting the thought provokin' vid.

  8. Oh! I know this one! Invalid! This is the fallacy of affirming the consequent or fallacy of the converse, if you will! 😀

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