14 thoughts on “CRITICAL THINKING – Fundamentals: Normative and Descriptive Claims [HD]”

  1. Im just an armchair epistemologist but let me have a go at this: your a babe. is that a normative claim? well, you are.

  2. A descriptive claim could be a normative claim, for instance "he's got big ears" might be a matter of opinion

  3. Can you really call it an 'opinion' if it's about a descriptive claim? I guess, but I tend to avoid using the word 'opinion' in such a sense.

  4. Here's a claim: we have reason to believe what is described in this video. Is this claim normative or descriptive?

  5. I wonder why the person with the most annoying voice, and by far the worst lecturer, had to dominate all the videos. Would have been nice if they mixed it up more with the other presenters.

  6. I say there are no normative statements (at least among claims which are genuinely held by the person making the statement).

    They are implicitly making descriptive statements about their own brains.

  7. It is a source of many headaches that people making descriptive claims: You wouldn't expect them to be invested in it, nor do they themselves believe themselves to be; But the opposite tends to be true. It is very upsetting to have your facts threathened. They are, after all, part of your universe.

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