18 thoughts on “Critical Thinking for Children – 5. Intellectual Virtues”

  1. This is very important. When I was kid I did not know what to think? how should I think?. I want to teach my kids and other kids from developing countries so that they can benefit. Is there a book for kids on critical thinking?

  2. Could we translate it? I too would like to share it with my nieces, but they yet do not speak/understand English. I'm sure there are many children like my nieces, and adults too. So what do you THINK?

  3. @communitydreamstudio opps, I meant that with national distribution for a series like this on TV, it would open up distribution in other countries as well. So, take it to the next level guys! This type of programming should not only be on public broadcasting but should be turned into a series on major networks for kids. Don't get me wrong, sponge bob and icarly, shows like that are entertaining but mainstream TV is missing these fundamentals that can guide and even change lives for the better.

  4. Very good initiative in producing these videos for the sake of kids. I would like recommend your organization in trying to develop some national television programs to instill these fundamental into our children worldwide. CDS would be happy to put together a pitch package for your organization to possibly bring a series on cable or national TV. Check out our website and let me know what you guys think and again GREAT JOB! Keep up the good work!

  5. @Automation2BFree : Even if there is something that we dont know, and off course there is, we should not make up nonsense-answers. Religions offer nonsense-answers and lies.

  6. @bary1234 i agree that all organized religions seem to be corrupt to some degree. But your statement shows that you lack intellectual humility, to be aware that there are some things you do not know, and therefore, since all humans have this in common, your statement shows your own lack of intellectual virtue. Please understand i say this to try and help you, invoking emotional reactions for my own selfish enjoyment is a waste of my time.

  7. This kind of education to children would kill all religions. This would end the second biggest problem on this planet: Organised superstition.

  8. This is brilliant! I wish we could make this go viral. Such basic and profound wisdom, neatly put, should be at the core of compulsory education. For ALL ages. Thanks so much for posting.

  9. I have had several adults tell me the same thing. When I produced the series I tried to make it accessible to all ages. Glad to know you appreciate it.

  10. Though I am an adult, I enjoyed this series. I am looking forward to playing this for my nieces when I get a chance. 🙂

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