26 thoughts on “CRITICAL THINKING – Fallacies: Introduction to Ad Hominem Fallacies”

  1. I hated it so much when you assigned a different category for Ad Hominem based on gender.
    Oh sorry, it's not gender, it's SPECIFICALLY a fallacy for Ad Hominem based on Femininity.
    How can someone who specializes in logical fallacies, not see through the outright stupidity of that? I hate it so much when YouTubers sneak in these Liberal talking points into normal analysis videos, as though they are FACTS and not things that are heavily being debated right now.
    Fuck this shit. I'm done! I'm taking the Red Pill.

  2. Have You Seen any videos by ImprovementPill I love the the style of Video I'm gonna call it
    A Educational "POVCAD" (Point of View Computer-Aided Drawing) Video
    and I kinda sounds like "PODCAST"
    Good Video😁

  3. LOL, your brain on feminism when need to assign a whole fallacy to Females. Because being granted all the rights of a democracy without any of the burdens of military service, doing fewer hours in less demanding jobs and demanding more money, less jail time for same crimes, always having the benefit of the doubt in domestic disputes, having a monopoly on all crisis housing forcing men onto the streets, having twice as much money spent on female related disease research, complaining females are the sole victim of violence when more than double the number of men are assaulted and murdered, from a young age the opposite sex getting instructions not to ever hit females, being socially acceptable to marry for money, being able to produce offspring grating females an essential status regardless of my mate value society has organized fertility clinics and social welfare programs that will allow me to have children and provide for them should I choose to reproduce without a mate or marriage, at any time females can abandon their parental responsibilities with little or no social stigma and hand the child over to the state or abort the pregnancy a male could never relieve himself of this burden unless the female allows it, being pampered and paid for on dates, desciminating againts the opposite sex ruthlessly without social penalty, a department of women’s health whereas men have no such department, consuming the lioness’ share of entitlement programs while men contribute the lion’s share of taxes and etc etc etc is just not enough we need to invent fallacies for females as well.

  4. Can anyone help me with the following:

    It is good to do X to Y.

    All Y's are Z

    Therefore, it is good to do X to Z.

    I would like to know if it's valid or invalid. Why or why not?

  5. are male and white and black people also getting their own fallacy or do we rank too high on your "progressive stack" for special treatment?

  6. G) Given that all of Ronald Reagan's policies were the right thing to do (implicit premise) and the differences between his policies and the proposed policy are so small as to be negligible (charitable interpretation of 'similar') and context has not changed relevantly (implicit premise), it follows that this IS the right thing to do. This is an argument from credibility.

  7. My FWB commits the fellatio fallacy. She suggests that she doesn't gain anything from it. Yet, she is gaining a nutritional benefit from it. Consequently, she must be trying to also create a new fallacy, the Ad Masculium fallacy, just to spite my maleness and make me feel bad.

  8. There is an entire category for discrediting an argument because someone is a women? I almost never see that happen, but maybe it happens a lot in places outside the US?

  9. While it is true that this is a fallacy, it may help guide how much time we're willing to spend evaluating a claim… there's a reason we all do it.

  10. I've also studied philosophy and after learning about fallacies, I'm very concerned, because they appear too often. People often make claims, state things that are not necessarily true. While I see the problem in only stating the obvious, some things, should have researched these things. An example could be politicians using fallacies almost exclusively.
    Also people who haven't learned about fallacies and critical thinking often makes fallacious judgements about their current situation or other people.
    The world could indeed be a much better place if philosophy was mandatory world wide.

  11. Do you realize that calling "Tu Quoque" a fallacy actually provides the perfect defense of Ayn Rand's character?

  12. What a fantastic video! I thought the examples were great, and the animation is entertaining as usual.

  13. That was a terrible example of the genetic fallacy. Reputations lost, must be earned back. Should a credit card company give a credit card with a 100,000 credit limit to someone who doesn't pay their bills on time and has defaulted on loans?

  14. The genetic fallacy explanation is completely wrong.  "It could have changed" is not the issue.  

    Genetic fallacy is when one attacked the credibility of an idea based on it's origin.  For example, let's say I believe the sky is blue because a fortune teller told me in a trance.  The genetic fallacy is to say "a fortune teller told you the sky was blue in a trance, with is stupid and ridiculous, therefore, you're wrong, the sky isn't blue".  In reality, how I came to know that the sky was blue don't allow you to dismiss my claim solely for that reason.  You'd have to show that the sky is in fact not blue by some other means.

  15. Why does there need to be a distinction between an Ad Feminam and a circumstantial Ad Hominem? It is purely circumstantial that a person x happens to be a woman; therefore, the claims person x espouses are not necessarily related or dependent on the fact they she is a woman.

  16. couldnt that last one just have been an ad hominem fallacy and not its own thing. you know because it is attacking the person. if that gets to be its own i want an ad mexicanism to be on the list or ad blackism.

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