11 thoughts on “Critical Thinking: Fallacies 4”

  1. Can the "attacs on person" fallacy include attacs on one-self? That is, something along the lines of (assuming person X argues against doing Y)  "I've made that mistake of doing Y once myself. I was in a bad place back then, and, let me tell you, it's the kind of mistake you don't want to make yourself". 

    or perhaps: "Who are we to make that decision?"

  2. Many people also have the tendency to split things into black or white. For example, if someone is against abortion and you are for women's rights, you may see the other person as evil and dump on to them all these other evil qualities.
    A similar thing happens In pretty much every political discussion I have. Many people's counterarguments are of the form "you are wrong because you share ideas with this political party and they are for something else".
    It's caused by our avoidance of nuance.

  3. Really good!! I wish I had those classes in Uni!!
    Where's these classes Parts-Whole and Authority-Experts mentioned on that video? They are not on 1-2-3!!

  4. Thanks! That's a high complement. I'm in the process of developing a new Critical Thinking course and textbook — didn't really like the one we had to use for this class — which will have associated videos in my own Youtube channel

  5. Thanks! If you like these videos, come see my Ethics and Introduction to Philosophy course videos over on my own YouTube channel

  6. A good question. I don't see it that way. One could just as well say that "pro-choice" is a euphemism or weasel word. The general stance and program isn't to honor or promote/protect just any sort of choice, after all. A common criticism gets made of "pro-life" along similar lines.

    I suppose one could object that rather than "pro-abortion," one ought to specify "pro-legalization-of-abortion" or "pro-maintaining-abortion-legal" — and there's a legitimacy to that.

  7. Loving all these vids, so excuse the bunch of comments/questions, wondering if refering to 'for-abortion' in itself is a strawman for the position of pro-choice?

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