Critical thinking ep 2:is nightmare a harmless beanie boo?

hey guys it's me Papa gave my Georgia and friends and welcome back to another amazing video well I don't know if it's amazing cuz you know this is me from the past before I put the video up and because you know I'm filming it so it's not up on the internet yet so I don't know if this videos gonna do amazing but I know you guys anyways guys welcome back to critical thinking where I think critical about creepypastas or simply make up my own theories and all that yesterday I'm making my first Theory video on the channel and it's about five nights at Freddy's so critical thinking is basically where I think critical about things and thinking critical is sometimes making your own theories or sometimes thinking critical about creepypastas conspiracy theories that's pretty much what this series about is about so today we are talking about beanie babies and five nights at Freddy's wow what a horrible but you guys never saw that coming gonna need to wear these so for the next videos you're gonna see I'm gonna be wearing glasses I need to wear them really bad right now mom you know why friends you know why whoa Valen you know why not many people know why but whatever so so beanie boo we are talking about is called the end let me just show you the picture um hopefully I do not get copyrighted this is the beanie boo called the end and the end is a very creepy kind of beanie boo hold on I just port phone and that is the end a very strange there and you guys may be able to guess what but after character I'm gonna tie him to can guess can guess comment down below oh if you know what if my comments aren't disabled on my video because you two guys been disabling my comments because I looked it up and it's because I'm a child um so comments might be disabled on this video but if it's not comment down below who you think the five nights at Freddy's character I am going to be referencing is comment down below all right you got five four three two and one time's up thank you guys if you comment it down below um um quick little break into the in this in this video you guys so if you guys like this video please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe I am trying for the next few years to maybe get to one mill well 1000 um if you've seen my past video my last video you know why it's because there's a few streams I've been wanting to do really bad and I can't stream until I have a thousand so if you guys can get me to 1000 that would be really nice tell your friends about the channel subscribe yourself ask your friends to subscribe if you want this is a goal for all of us to get to one mill I in 1900's for one no I just want um a thousand subscribers not a million don't worry I'm not aiming for that but over the next two years that is gonna be my goal so that maybe sometime in the future we can do a stream anyway back to the main progress of the video um so if you guessed nightmare from five nights at Freddy's 4 you are correct that is who I am tying the strings to it was probably in the title of the video too so so here's the BD boo again and then let me just pour nightmare yes I did pull up tabs so that I could just do that so that we don't have to take a half an hour to search because my computer does not what um you know load very quick it takes it like a half an hour to load so yeah here is nightmare now I have a feeling that Scott Clausen took inspiration from the beanie boo the end to maybe use as a reference or another theory I have is that over the week oh five nights of five nights at Freddy's 4 it was so he got bitten in 1983 the bite of 1983 go check out game theories video on exactly why it's Lincoln anything and why kinda has to be 1983 anyways so pretty much it was 1983 the child got bitten while I was in the hospital he was in the hospital for about seven years and in 1990 they came out with a beanie boo because he had a small obsession with beanie boos and collecting them so William Afton decided to get him the bear called the end and the end was such a scary name that it started giving the child more nightmares in his dreams because he could see that there and the name the end is just kind of spoopy and now it's in vain invading his weak dreams so it's the seventh day the seventh night and now you're in the custom and then once the bear is delivered for that final night a child Michael after Michael Afton game theory video to explain this passed away from nightmare scaring him too much in his nightmares therefore the crying child died on the seventh night way it's five nights dang it I just put a hole in the theory well I guess I have a new theory my wife it's 1983 you're a child going to a birthday party and then your head gets trumped because of your brother and his friends you're in the hospital for a while in a coma before your nightmares a week passes because well let's say seven years passed by and the crying child was still in his coma and then his dad William Afton comes by sees that there's a new beanie baby out because you know the crying child likes beanie babies and guy his child the beanie bear called at the end and then that's when the nightmares begin because the end is such a scary name that it would scare people and maybe caused nightmares to make a very scary bear he's already traumatized from the animatronics out of crabby Pete's place Chuckie Cheese style Chuckie Cheese isn't crappy Freddy fazbear's probably tastes like cardboard but anyways back to what I was saying he started taking the beanie bear and thinking he started getting really scared of this bear and it became pretty much a nightmare that he would see rarely because of the other traumatizing things that had happened to him but yet still nightmare will still pop up over and over again nightmare will come after you through the last five days you are in life with the you are in between life and death the seventh day you're on the fifth day you are haunted the fifth and final day you are being haunted by nightmare fredbear and then all not day is when you die and yet nightmare leaves this is actually a pretty dark theory that like maybe the end beany there is actually what caused those nightmares in the first place but I know it's not much and like seriously coma for seven years I don't know tell me what you guys think down below again if my comments aren't disabled YouTube please you're not disabled my comments I really just want see what people think so yeah and I will see you guys in the next video I hope you enjoyed this I know it's a short video but you know it's what I can do for today I know I don't post that much but I'm going to try to be a more active Channel and hopefully get more subscribers and get you that video I promised you the livestream hopefully get you that livestream I promise so yeah I hope you guys have a wonderful day hope it's an amazing day hopefully this didn't creep you out too much hopefully you guys are okay and this didn't um scarred that beanie boo that you may have on the shelf scar you from that and that you want and I hope you aren't scared of your end uni boo hoping it will not bring you nightmares I'm recording so yeah I will see you guys in the next video you all next time good bye until next

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