Critical thinking ep.1 lanander town tone/syndrome

guys it's me papa gamer Georgia and Friends and today I'm recording a YouTube video in a new style because as you saw from the intro we are doing critical thinking which is the series of a hub thinking critical about conspiracy theories creepypastas three am videos and we are going to debunk them i have my loyal computer and today i have a guest come on up guests eat we have my friend Valens well do I have to back up all yes I'm told yes she's very tall but yeah I'm still older here Durer so today's episode is going to be on the creepypasta about lavender town um so Valen would you mind explaining to them what lavender drives Oh I'll read the actual creepypasta from what I know lavender town is about okay let's see I think it is it in the game Pokemon yeah it's so lemon your town is a town in Pokemon and the original theme in Japan some people got to beta test and they say that after the theme played people committed suicide and children I have the actual creepypasta right here because we are Georgia have actually listened to the song it has only done anything test um I'll explain what happened to me nothing happens for Valen my ears just might be a little bit more sensitive um so this is all the creepypasta wiki I'll probably see if I can remember to put this in the description down below for you guys so that you guys can see what this is so anyways lavender town syndrome the lavender town syndrome also known as live under tap tone or loud or in the lavender town suicides well the peak in suicides is an illness of children between the age of seven twelve shortly after the release of Pokemon Ryan green damn back in February he 27 in 1996 so it's kind of weird to say that he's he's suicides an illness only occurred here after the children playing the game reached a lavender town who was theme music had extremely high frequencies that studies showed that only children and young teens can hear as their ears are more sensitive minors are more sensitive than Valens even though I think it's actually weird because so here you're you're younger than me illness it between the age of 7 and 12 you're 10 10 and I'm 10 but I'm older than you by a few months yep and we didn't get affected so actually um well there was a small bit but I'm going to explain that because there is a part that says it here I'm pretty sure do – lavender town tone obvious 200 children supposedly committed suicide suppose and many more developed is illness and afflictions the children who committed suicide usually did so by hanging or jumping from heights please don't do you monetize me YouTube please whoops they weren't already gonna they talk about this a lot people talk about this a lot so I'm gonna be surprised if I get to monetize the children who committed suicide usually did okay those who did not put it track there did irrationally complain of severe headaches after listening to the lab and retard to tell me now yeah I got a headache but that's only because of the loud noise like there's a lot because of the high frequencies nothing will happen it's not like you'll actually commit suicide from that that's like that can't happen it not even have initiatives can do that hypnotist cannot make you commit suicide unless you already had that thought in your brain that you wanted plus you would well I actually are you timeout hypnosis yeah hypnosis is something where people they do you can't make somebody do something against their own world so if you you ask them to like rub bring rob a bank mother in hypnosis they can't do that cuz it's against their moral morals speak unless they already wanted to unless their morals were like come on rob a bank you can do this like I'm gonna run baby Sunday yeah or like I'm gonna commit suicide this Sunday yeah that can't happen it can't happen unless I thought is in your list you're depressed or you know depression and stuff like that that's the only way so I'm just gonna play a bit of the lavender town song by Grant gamefreak aka the 24 creators I'm gonna turn you all the way for you guys and I'm only gonna play a bit and my brain already hurts up or my head doesn't hurt at all my brain was starting to hurt go away lavender Ciampino nope okay um after further reading into it last night me and my mom talked about this and she looked it up and levered their tongue is actually fake the only thing that you could possibly be get is what I got which was a headache because there are high frequencies high frequencies it's like I actually did kind of get a headache but that's because my ears are kind of sensitive to so are mine but that's just sensitivity in the ears so there's one last thing I'd like to touch on and I'm not I don't know how to debunk this because there's actually video evidence that this is true and that is that hmm one video appeared in 2010 using special software to analyze the audio of lavender tongues music when played the software created images of unknown and the end of the audio this raised a controversy since and it's unknown steps up here until the generation 2 games silver gold and crystal the unknown translated into leave now I'm going to show you a picture of unknowns real quick let me just take that up well it might be it might actually be fake because you know there's Russell 3 amv dio's yeah that are super fake I used to watch this YouTube channel that was like I think it was so fake what channel was it it was like somebody really think somebody drew unknown here's a picture of a few unknowns again game print developed these we're not taking credit for anything we're just trying to prove and do some things um another thing that could be possible is that Game Freak actually released this creepypasta to get more sales to get people to play the game and see if they'd come in try to commit suicide my mom said that if she heard about this she'd probably get the game to see if she would want to commit suicide which I don't know I think that's gonna dumb but that's what we humans want to do where every human makes a mistake I just don't really understand like who makes a creepypasta about a game okay so say like Sonic Sonic CD glitches but does he really make you want to commit suicide he may scare you weights aren't dot exe also I like the thing of like you're gonna commit suicide no no one it doesn't like it doesn't tell you do that but I just I don't know who came up with the idea and that I'm just gonna play lavender town in the background that's why dot we're talking about lavender town anyways alright continue talking I don't because here's the thing you shouldn't really be talking about since I suicide because that's just okay it may scare you but you can't be really talking about someone's life for a honey that's just me because I roll you and if it's not true it's kind of still creepy that part that's that's creepy yeah I supposed to pull you live when you're drowning the most pretty far in the game I guess I'm being a weirdo okay my head isn't hurting I guess I'm buying you some steam from watching so many Pokemon creepypasta videos that's a lot frequencies like it wrecks your brains I'm kidding no it doesn't don't listen to me don't listen to me I'm just making out more stuff that could lead to creepypasta so what's in there is you know it just can hurt your brain since dad shut up no it's starting to hurt my brain again so stop it it's starting to hurt my brain again I'm not gonna listen to it no more I don't want my brain to hurt even though maybe some ghosts are real I don't think you should really be messing with somebody's life what's a fictional video yeah it's just fate um this video is actually really short compared to a bunch of my other videos so sorry about that um or so far I do it I think I might stop in a minute anyways um believe now thing can possibly be Photoshop since I'm pretty sure Photoshop was around in – in 2010 which I was only – when that happened and anyway so in Photoshop they could have possibly photoshopped it – but that but it would be really hard to Photoshop an exact image of the pokemons like that it sounds very hard to fake you know what I'm saying I'm just trying to prove anyways thank you guys so much for walking walking kid yeah your name walks they can keep stir walk and I'll just walk it around well locked in you know just thank you guys for watching not walking um thank you guys for watching and I will see you in the next video but maybe they would also like the signal okay my bye-bye

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