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dr. Daniels I'm so happy to have discovered turpentine from you and I speak on behalf of many other people we've tried it we're of course now we're wondering are we taking too much are we not taking it enough and what other manner can we take it in apart from putting on white sugar and after you after you answer I'm gonna ask you more questions about just what it can and cannot heal yeah so there's a broad range of dosing anywhere from four drops to a teaspoon a day that's pretty much the range and you need to get the dose the lowest dose that gives you a positive benefits that's the proper dose and is it the case that it you've got to be careful if you have sensitive kidneys you know oh no it's not the case at all not the case at all so when people say that they're not following the instructions in my free report you can get that it by chianti capsules calm and you sign in you get the candida cleaning report which gives you explicit instructions on how to take turpentine so if you are just taking turpentine out of the blue like oh but I can't take this every time you need to worry about a lot of things a lot to worry about so what the report tells you is how to prepare your body so that take interpret is a safe and comfortable experience so in the report it talks to you about hydration and the importance of hydration and how to hydrate yourself and what to hydrate yourself with and if you don't file the report yes you can damage your kidney damage a lot of stuff but if you follow the instructions in the report about hydrating your body and what to hydrate with then turpentine is actually beneficial through your kidneys and heals them okay there are many different ailments everyone's got different weaknesses and ailments I mean is turpentine just a panacea good for absolutely everything as far as I could tell yes people have joint pains broken bones poor blood pressure there's infinite the problems people have right and the turpentine helps for everything yep that's amazing so let me tell you how I know that please please the 1899 edition of the merck manual lists turpentine as a cure under each and every ailment I'm a big believer in this and that's when I first got my inkling that whoa this is pretty powerful stuff and then when I started using it back in about 1992 93 yes in wow this is amazing maybe you could give us one or two anecdotal stories of people that have had tremendous recoveries from using turpentine and of course there must be many people cancer that wonder if it would help ireally cancer it's not my favorite thing okay I'll tell you why 80% of folks who are told they have cancer don't have cancer they're perfectly healthy so I know that folks who have received the cancer diagnosis don't want to hear that so I don't want to talk about cancer because I just don't have a good attitude about it I think the definition of cancer is an uncontrolled growth it sounds a bit vague to me no that's actually very clear so many people who are diagnosed with cancer do not have an uncontrolled growth of anything so that definition is actually a good enough definition to exclude 80% of folks who are diagnosed with cancer they may have a lung they may have a growth but it is controlled maybe it hasn't changed in size for three months or six months but it's still labeled as cancer and they're rushed off to surgery okay thank you so can you give us any anecdotal stories of people that have had miraculous success stories taking turpentine therapeutically sure just two weeks ago I was on a radio show someone called in my daughter's got cerebral palsy she's 15 years old half advised and paralyzed she's not not able to move around and do anything I said hey you know what you need to check out Trevor time because cerebral palsy is caused by a parasite your wife picked up in her second trimester he started on turpentine and after just ten days she's able to move that part of her body and now she can walk and do a lot of things she couldn't do before well thank you so much a tremendous story good for everyone our closest somebody has alkalosis and they're afraid to take the turpentine alkalosis is is the body being too alkaline and apparently there was some concern about sensitivity of the kidneys are they your able are they okay to take turpentine now that person is poisoning themselves they have to find the source of their poison and stop poisoning themselves thank you so they are ingesting a poison that is causing the alkalosis they need to go search what that poison is and eliminate it from their ingestion program and stop ingesting it yeah so again if they get the report and just follow the report just by following a report they will eliminate pretty much every poison from their environment what is so striking and rewarding talking to you is your independence of mind and yet I guess you went through an educational system that kind of put you in a straitjacket like everyone else did you have right did you have Eureka moments that altered your awareness and consciousness the answer is probably no no no but really what happened to me the question is how do you get through medical school and even have a brain left at the end of it and so I had to partition my brain into this part is medical school memorize everything repeat that repeat it back to them and then this other part of my mind is planning my future and my future medical practice and how I'm going to help the people I take care of and a list of questions and things that were not answered in medical school but I will continue to explore so you were questioning what was going on even while you're at medical school your inner voice correct right okay did you catch that questions stories of joints yes I did yes so I was in Philippines just three months ago and my host suffered from arthritis and both of her knees so she was able to walk but that's really about it and so I said hey you know why don't we take some turpentine and so I'm gonna kind of get together we had a little turpentine party and since they hadn't gone through like the full thing in the manual and read it I just gave him a small dose so I only gave her like a quarter teaspoon over some white sugar and so with a little language barrier but the next day she communicated to her niece that she wanted to take more turpentine I so that's nice and so I asked I said well my my knee pain is all gone and so the next day we had a big celebration and she got up and really danced and bent her knees and shook everything she owned and everyone was amazed because she had not danced in like 20 years beautiful story so it's really just amazing and these things happen all the time these are like everyday happenings now the person that asked you the question I happen to know they know somebody who thinks they have skin cancer behind the ear that's what they've been told but you've already explained it you don't want to address that well you you don't don't do it but I don't ya know okay okay I'm gonna go back and well you know let me just say you cannot believe everything you're told you can't believe everything you're told in fact if your doctor tells you chances are you can't believe it period this I'll leave it at that okay and actually this other person also suffers from piles that's hammerites yeah yes yeah turpentine advisable yeah but again you have to I would start the reason you have piles you get poor circulation there so I would start by restoring the circulation you know sitting in a bath of warm water getting your bowels moving regularly again this is in the report because you gotta get those bowels moving first so you can't dump turpentine into a congested situation where you don't have outflow okay very clear you know I wonder about children now that a lot of people wonder about children and taking turpentine what's the correct dose how often can they take it maybe we can start with a five-year-old girl because that I I have one here who so age is irrelevant it's a weight thing so if you have a 40-pound five-year-old we have 100-pound five-year-old so it's its weight well I don't say oh my kid this no no no no no what's the weight what's the weight so there's pre puberty and after puberty that makes a difference and then there's weight that makes a difference so let's stop let's start with newborn that's easy all right newborn so newborn to about mmm needed newborn to six months of age you just put the turpentine a couple of drops on the feet that's that's it that's the newborn ease till six months yes right very very simple and so people when people interpret time is used in the old days its might say the old days I mean at least two generations ago because when or three generations ago when compulsory schooling was started that's when the knowledge was no longer pass on from grandparents to grandchildren because if your aunt grandkids never saw the grandparents they were at school so jeopardize something that was used really from birth after six months old what what is the procedure well that depends on the kid then so now after six months old the question is what's this kid doing is he is he drinking from a sippy cup or what is he doing probably maybe you'd have to use a turpentine on the foot pretty much until the kid can swallow after pretending sugar or turpentine and castor oil so maybe that might be a year or two of age is when you'd be able to start doing that when the kid can swallow easily or will swallow these and how much how many drops everything is pretty much by weight and so we have we use pounds here in the States so probably you guys use kilograms do you yeah but I mean with any English speaker nose pounds oh okay so then it's about about ten point two five cc's divided by three so it's about three drops per pound okay that's very good to go along to go with and um I've got a 20 year old excuse me a 20 kilo child who's constantly getting worms is just forever getting worms and I think she shares their eating things with at school I have no idea how is possible that she's always getting worms little white worms so what would you suggest I want to get some parents go to school with the kid follow the kid for the whole day and figure out where the worms are coming from so you've got to cut off the source of introduction okay so a temperate Tainan cake is it's not gonna stop her from getting worms it may help her get rid of the worlds but it's not gonna suffer from getting the worms so you've got to focus on that I would say it's even worth homeschooling the kid so the most likely source of the kid getting the worms is the toilet at school so what this kid is most likely doing is a lot of times in kids use a toilet they put their hands on the toilet seat the prop themselves up and then the kid will eat and boom the worms go from someone else setting a toilet seat left little poo residue the kid got the poop residue on his hands and then each and there you have it the kids got worms that's most likely what's going on the the immediate remedy or intervention is needed is to give the kid instructions on using the toilet different instructions maybe want to give him a pair of gloves he's gonna put on so they can prop himself up maybe he you know needs to prop himself up and fall in I don't know how big or small the kid is so something's got to be done already give the kid some kind of talat to wipe the toilet seat with before he sits on it or whatever you want to do something's going to be done so that kid does not keep picking up these worms all right so let's say you've done that your next step is you got to make it so the kid poops at least three times a day then then you're ready to introduce turpentine well how do you make them poop three times a day well I have a product called vitality capsules that does it you can give him castor oil enough to make that happen you can give him prune stewed prunes you can give him a high dose vitamin C there's all kind of ways so that should be happening before they take turpentine yes and so in the report there's actually four steps that precede taking turpentine and these four steps are all dedicated to stopping the input of parasites and so you have to first stop the input alright we've closed the door now we get rid of what's already there oh very interesting okay so my position on vaccines vaccines are 100 percent total hoax they absolutely do not work they are totally ineffective for the diseases that they are supposedly helping they are actually spreading those very diseases for example for polio the only way to get polio is to get vaccinated or to be exposed to a vaccinated person and that's from the medical industrial complex itself you can google polio vaccine spreads polio and you'll see reports from the medical literature saying yes that is the case in the United States the only cases of polio in the past 40 years have been from the vaccine park your son Hershel every single fall every single case of polio in the United States in the past 40 years has been from the vaccine all right so you're trying to avoid polio taking the polio vaccine makes absolutely no sense it is ditto for all the other vaccines okay so that's my position on vaccines all right next question all right you got a vaccine what are you gonna do about it the answer is turpentine does actually help with that it it is a solvent so it dissolves the vaccine residue from the places in the body where it's being sequestered and stored it actually dissolves them and gets them to leave the body that would be the tox as well as the parasites so again in the report it talks about what kind of diet to use hydration getting the bowels going and then the turpentine can help the turpentine frees up all this junk to leave the body but if you don't have brisk bowel movements like three times a day it's like you're all dressed up with no place to go the toxins the parasites are like okay we're ready to go like there's no exit and then they just rearrange themselves you thought you had problems before oh now they go to the skin you got a rash to go to the head you got a headache they'll go to the lungs you got a cough and so you put all my took interpret I and I'm feeling worse oh no it's because you didn't properly follow the report in the preparation okay here's the next question how can we recover from the overuse of antibiotics first and foremost is stop using them no that sounds like a smart answer but not really there are antibiotics in your tap water there are antibiotics in your meats antibiotics in your milk there's antibiotics every place in your environment and so you have got to stop ingesting these antibiotics so the antibiotics in your tap water you stop ingesting those by drinking distilled purified water it takes out all the antibiotic residues antibiotics in your meat you have to take the time to find the farmer talk to the farmer and ask him what he is feeding these animals if they're getting antibiotics and when they get inta backs what is done with them so what happens then in an America there are some farmers when they give in and back to the animal they remove the animal from the herd and separate them and that animals not sold for human consumption so that's one method other farms they do true with antibiotics the only one necessary you don't want to eat that meat all right because that's got antibiotics in it so you've got to take the time to explore and find that out when I first discovered the issue of Antibes in food supply and then you find out that 80% of all antibiotics are given to animals not people so if you are eating meat in the West let's say the United States you are getting such a high dose of antibiotics that if they really worked you wouldn't have the infection you went to the doctor for in the first place because you're already overdosed on antibiotics from your food supply so obviously you're not going to accept antibiotic prescriptions that's number one but number two you've got to eradicate the antibiotics from food supply because that dose of antibiotics is about four times what you would have gotten from the doctor all right so you stop taking antibiotics let's just say you listen to what I said you took it to heart you remove the antibiotics from your food supply you're not eating dairy unless again you've gone and talked to the dairy farmer and he's not giving the animals any antibiotics and you're not eating meats to have an affair all right good no more antibiotics next step if you have been taking in a bannocks we've got an antibiotic overgrowth so maybe you're having digestive problems if you're having some type of problems then definitely follow the candida cleaner or tougher time protocol and take turpentine and usually that's enough to fix it you could drink pop probiotics like sauerkraut juice but if you're feeling fine even though you've had a history of antibiotics then there's really nothing to do you've already recovered okay well you shared a story on a radio show and your daughter had sprained her leg and you gave I gave your daughter turpentine with castor oil and it seemed a cure her absolutely in about an hour that's an extraordinary miracle yep it's that so it's from pine it's from these pine a pine tree turpentine yeah you know controversial issue is a lot of people want to know where to buy the serpentine what type of turpentine to buy and I'm very nervous about telling people such things well what do you say yeah so let's back up back up back up back up let's back up a hundred and twenty years okay so that's a reasonable distance to create comfort if we go back 120 years people with no education illiterate we're safely using this stuff all right okay I don't want to be pejorative let's use the words uneducated primitive naive unsophisticated people all right so if you can just kind of relax and understand that then that's gonna help you realize and maybe give you some confidence that you could do this too all right that's one thing the other thing though is there is something called cultural context people did things a lot differently back then than they do now so that's why again I have a report if you read the report carefully read it carefully I recommend people read it twice it's an easy read it's even entertaining uh and then just carefully follow the instructions just carefully follow the instructions but anything done anything can kill you for example I just did a radio show and there's just drug propulsive it was introduced as a wonder drug as they all are and the dose they recommended is two pills four times a day every single day of course for the rest of your life naturally people were dying and dropping like flies from this drug and so they eventually took it off the market well it came on the market when I was practicing medicine I found that the miraculous curative dose for this drug was two pills at most twice a year and it cured people of obstructions they didn't need surgery I mean it was awesome I loved the drug but of course I used to piss at most twice a year usually two pills maybe two years when I say used I mean recommended for other people so the dose the medical the drug company was recommending and the FDA approved was seven hundred and twenty times what I had discovered was the therapeutic dose all right you witness all right so we know drinking water at least one liter a day is healthy right what if you drink 720 times that dose of water every day what would that do for you make you sick no we kill you 720 liters of water a day you drank 720 liters of water a day you probably would not be alive at the end of the day it's a deadly dose okay so I'm trying to communicate then is anything taken in an excessive dose inappropriately can kill you even water which we all freely drink every day so with turpentine you got to get it right so so you've got to read the report you you can't just take it you've got to make sure that you do the water you're drinking is distilled it's purified you've got to make sure you're drinking enough of it you've got to make sure you're pooping at least three times a day and some people are so frigging clogged up they need to poop three times a day for a month before they're ready to take turpentine then you have to take a look at your diet and stop putting parasites in and in the report I list all the places in your diet the parasites might be hiding and you've got it get rid of that now most people again this report was kind of geared towards people pretty much in the United States or in the West they are sharing their toilet with it most to other people so you take a household it's got four people in two toilets so that piece is already addressed if you go back and read historic accounts even in England in ninth we had 5,000 people sharing one toilet that was outside the house at the end of an alley well of course they were parasites being passed around there if one person thousand got sick all the rest got it when they use that toilet so I don't even mention that in my report because most people today are using a private toilet that only they are using so they don't have any probability of picking up someone else's feces but again you send your kid to school well you know I'm sharing features with at least what twenty kids in the class and then you get the toilet in the hall that five classrooms are using so now it's sharing feces with over 100 people so that's the problem that that's a different situation so most people okay so you stop the ingestion of parasites you created an exit by pooping then you can take turpentine and clean up whatever internal environment thing you've got going on but you have to do that that's what you have to do so when people say oh I want to take turpentine they don't want to hydrate they don't want to poop they didn't want to stop putting the parasites in I'm like hey cease and desist you're wasting your time now what about people that are actually asking you know where do I buy the turpentine can I get it from an art shop or etc yeah yes okay I would recommend an art shop that's your best bet because artists need to have high-quality turpentine for to dilute their paints and maintain a sharp color to their paints so if it's not particularly a high quality turpentine so I would definitely go to the art shop and you want to get pur gum spirits there are many turpentine there's a turpentine petroleum turpentine that's not what you want there's mineral turpentine it's not what you want you want gum spirits pure gum spirits what type of Castro oil to use now type of castor oil hexane free cast well that does not have hexane in it so a lot of castor oil is isolate from the castor bean using hexane hexane is a chemical that causes cancer so you don't need to be getting cancer while you're trying to get healthy thank you for that what what other therapies do you offer are you strictly turpentine only or do you Oh No people they need a lot of guidance people need a lot of help and guidance even getting to where they can use turpentine a lot of people you know their bowels are so clogged up and that many of them they need vitality capsules they need enemas they need to massage their stomach you need to put a heating pad near somebody there's all kinds of things they need to do to get their balls going so a lot of people need to tremendous amount of assistance even getting ready to use turpentine so there's that then there's the diet you tell people and I thought it was really clear in the candy to clean a report but apparently it's not Oh doctor I'm using coconut oil duh it's a refined product it's not the whole coconut Oh doctor I'm using rice milk excuse me it's a bunch of chemicals and sugar it's not a whole lot of rice in there and so what people are doing is they're the problem with their diet is processed foods so you're switching from inexpensive processed foods to expensive organic processed foods and so they're simply destroying their health even further like a lot of people are vegan for example okay won't even discuss that to the minute moment but instead of eating meat they're eating fake meats which are more damaging and we'll kill them sooner than the real meats so there's a lot of this stuff that's got to be fixed people are spending a lot of money on a lot of very damaging food that's destroying their immune system and so there's a whole process of helping people fix their immune systems and well in the process turpentine can't make a rock get up and walk so turpentine works with your immune system if your immune system is not showing up for the for its part then to protein is of limited value we live under the myth that people are now live longer and are healthier than in the past it seems that's not true they live longer but they're not healthier and they do even live longer for example my grandparents lived into their 90's my grandparents so if you look take a look in the the new population size for example one thing is life expectancy but another thing is the percent of the population that lives to be more than 90 years old if you look at that the West is very much behind and the reason is this well first of all why are they even living longer the leap region living longer is because of sanitation because of this ratio of 1 to 2 people per toilet instead of 5,000 people per toilet so people now are living lifestyles they're not even exposed to tetanus they're not even exposed to measles or mumps or rubella or any of these diseases and that's why these diseases have gone away because people are not being exposed you got a kid using a toilet and he's sharing was only safe his sibling and two parents that kids not going to get any of these vaccine preventable diseases he's already been inoculated by not even being exposed and this is what they don't tell people is where these disease really really are and how you really get them so the fact that people are using their own private toilet that is what gets them the longer life expectancy now the fact that they're eating processed foods means that they live to the age of 70 or 80 with bilateral hip replacements with cataract surgery with all of these interventions in a totally debilitated State so people are eating these very processed diets that are literally dissolving their bones and causing their bones to vaporize that are causing their eyes to cloud up I was absolutely amazed I was in medical practice and there is this guy from the south and he had moved north and you know he didn't have any money and he decided he wanted to drive a cab which is reasonable but he was 92 years old he wanted to be a cab driver whoa nobody want nobody wanted to give him a cab license yesterday what to apply for a cab license they turned yeah he said well how could you turn me down they said well uh he says I'm perfectly healthy and what she was so it came so they tell him we have to get physical and you have to get your vision tested so he came to my office and her and I was a nice doctor you know and here this guy came in shuffle again and said I want to drive a cab I've 92 years old and I need to detect my vision so I can get my license well of course I didn't think he should be driving a cab but I checked his vision it was 20/20 at 92 he had 20/20 vision no surgery no intervention nothing so of course they gave him his cab license well I would never want to be in his cab however how do you get to be 92 a 20/20 vision right and the answer is this guy was eating the foods you know from the south from the rural areas of the United States he was not eating processed yes visited indigenous people in India and other places they live till 80 or 90 and they're in very good health yes and so the reason Americans live as long as they do is a fact that they have a private toilet now if you want to live that long and in good condition now there's where turpentine comes in right well I thank you and I'd like to have the honor more often from you is there any topical news you can illuminate us on mention topical news yes there's a flu epidemic in the United States is caused by the flu vaccine so there's a piece of news yes yeah so there's a CDC doctor who spoke out and said hey the flu vaccine is causing the flu epidemic so in the United States more people than ever have have been immunized this season and the flu outbreak is the worst ever so there you have well are they up to with these vaccinations they're really pushing them they're making them mandatory in many places you know you can't go to school unless you have a vaccination and CDC's a private corporation I understand finance such but why are they what are they up to why are they wishing to vaccinate everyone it makes everyone stupid debilitated and dependent it makes a population where easy to the govern good because everyone feels so weak and so frail they feel they need protection they then look of course and so when you you can have democracy free well if you want to because no one wants to exercise it thank you thank you so much for today anything you'd like to add I'm just visit my website vitality capsules that I'm trying to get it fixed but even though it's not perfect it's still got quite a bit of good information there and get some vitality capsules that's great I hope everybody does thank you for today okay and thank you again

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