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  1. Wow! This guy is so off. Vaccines have been proven to be 0% effective against disease. Wow! And that fact is documented!!!

  2. The critical theory that the Republicans voted on in Texas was probably the critical theory of social Marxism. Imported by the Franklin school of Germany. The speaker should be more critical of his criticism.

  3. This was a very dry attempt at a clever comedy routine.. This was extremely pessimistic at best and only very loosely related to critical thinking much in the same way that talking about puddles addresses weather… less so, really.. I'm extremely disappointed..

  4. something somewhat related to this, but carried much farther and broader, has the most profound implications for all humanity you can possibly imagine that impacts the very foundations of civilization which is built on culture

  5. In my opinion, he is confusing "critical thinking" with "commonsense". Every one of those misguided people and situations of which he have mentioned was due to: lack of commonsense. Critical thinking requires much higher-level thinking abilities and skills than commonsense does.

  6. Although this video doesn't explain how to critically think all that well, it DOES prove the point that it does matter (which is the title and purpose of the TED Talk for youth– who usually need convincing and awareness about this topic). I agree with many comments on this video about wanting more on how he suggests we think critically– It would help us to improve after having an understanding of it being important.

  7. Half the people affected with the Measles at Disneyland were vaccinated, proving vaccines are not effective in the long term. It's not the antivaxx people who are the problem, its the open borders. We have people streaming into America by the thousands who don't submit to a Background Check or Health Screening.

    Also, if vaccines actually did what they promised, why would a vaccine free child be a threat?

    It's also funny how he talked about that lady who predicted the end of the world over and over. Just like Al Gore predicting the sea levels rising and flooding our coasts by 2010.

    This guy proves that so-called intellectuals seldom hold themselves to their own standard.

  8. CT, it does matter, though the principles are not explained here, solely the use of common sense that bases the efficiency of applying CT naturally…
    Enjoyable talk, though.

  9. Do NOT watch this video. He claims that Texas Republican Legislature passed a resolution banning critical thinking. But they didn't. The truth is almost as nutty, but it isn't what this talker says. Manipulation is what he wants to protect you from, but he's using manipulation to achieve the goal. Learn critical thinking, but do it somewhere else.

  10. Use critical thinking and research on this subject — The Earth is Flat !
    Start here – '200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning Ball '….by Eric Dubay .

  11. Let me tell you one thing. Critical thinking is absolutely bullshit. As soon as you start thinking critically you will realize, that our world is fucked.
    I have been to High School and I am studying Biology at a great university, so believe me when I tell you, that all of my dumb friends, wo never thought critically or even left High School are happy.
    And why do you guys think is that?
    Obviously because they are dump as shit. None of my clever friends who I would call critical thinkers are happy.
    Lets keep it simple:
    stupid = happy
    clever = unhappy

  12. The wrod "Gullible" is in the dictionary. I found it at dictionary.com and at dictionary.cambridge.org. So was he thinking badly, or was he challenging me to look it up myself?

  13. He lost me at four minutes in. Not an effective presentation. Poor intro and rambling on about Italian con men and snake oil., etc. Get to the point or get off the stage!

  14. this guy is great, it's good to know theirs still people like this in the world. Unfortunately common sense is lost on some people like I don't know cough right wingers cough

  15. If America had been taught to use critical thinking sooner, Donald Trump would have not been elected president.

  16. Reading some of the negative responses sure exacerbates his points……. we are a world full of dupes and internet morons….

  17. Yeah, no. I'm going to disagree. Vaccinating kids with MULTIPLE viruses at once when their immune systems don't properly mature until about TWO YEARS OLD is moronic, and it DOES destroy those children's guts, which actually ruins their immune system and causes autoimmune diseases, and also probably autism, YES, since there is a strong brain-gut connection (regarding the rate of development in children and their immune system function) that we do not yet PROPERLY understand. Vaccines are not evil. It is our SCHEDULE and shots (like multiple viruses in DPT/MMR, and too many, too soon) we need to revisit. Also, aluminium, which is often in these shot to CAUSE an immune reaction actually opens up the brain to viruses. And that cannot be good. RESEARCH, REVISIT, REVISE!!!
    Addendum: To all black parents, DO NOT give your child the MMR (I would also include the DPT in this, just to be safe) before three years old!!! Rates of autism increase by about 3.36x in black males who receive the shot before three years of age! [Message brought to you by Dr William Thompson, CDC Veteran]

  18. 11:15 to 11:33 – This Tedx Talker should have used critical thinking when he heard this claim (I didn't fall for it and I lean left-of-center). http://www.politifact.com/texas/statements/2012/aug/11/gail-collins/gail-collins-says-texas-gop-platform-calls-schools/

  19. Not really Critical Thinking per se. More so offering examples like Ponzi schemes, homeopathy, chem trails, etc., which is good, but no mention of the skill set required for Critical Thinking. I found this book to be exceptional:: https://www.amazon.com/How-Become-Really-Good-Pain-ebook/dp/B00C4B2VWS

  20. Chemtrails, vaccines, reiki. Homeopathy…. Obviously you are working with the agenda to actually STOP people thinking critically for themselves!!!

  21. Dummy check your facts. It was William miller who made that prediction not ellen white. She was not yet called then. So much for critical thinking.

  22. great , some people are so dumb the we have worry about ……………… common sense being extinct. common sense aint common with common people.

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