30 thoughts on “Critical Thinking: Deductive and Inductive Arguments 2”

  1. I just have been watching your lectures and have enjoyed them very much. I think that this course is one of the most valuable that they can use through out their lives. I noticed that the class seems somewhat unprepared for class. Whether it is because of poor education system or other reasons, I know that I suffered through the public system and it was lacking. However when you mentioned for them to study and prepare for class, it might prove more beneficial for you to give them concrete examples. Like being able to reproduce the induction/deduction tree, define each terms in their own words, create their own examples for each one as home work. Recommend that they write down questions they have to ask before class. At least read the chapter summery before class if not the chapter. I also know a lot of people suffer from fear of public speaking or being shown to be wrong. Even though it allows them to correct their misunderstanding. Sorry for the rant. Cheers.

  2. Around 16:36 you said:  'you could take any mental disorder and say that it comes from a defective line of thinking' but hallucinations don't fall into this category.
    PS We treat people with delusions with CBT which includes teaching people to think rationally.
    PPS love your classes.

  3. These kind of videos are worth to be seen. in my opinion, students nowadays require this kind of themes
     because, in some cases, they don’t want to think, they only ask for the answer and that’s not the point. They Are afraid of expressing their point of view
    Your video is helping me out on my work.

  4. Well. . . I do talks and seminars. You could always suggest to people at your school that they invite me for one

  5. I left FSU two years ago. Not all of us profs have the luxury, however, to teach students who are particularly motivated!

  6. Thank you for creating all of these learning videos! It is VERY helpful. I use this to supplement my instructors instructions to better under her *-* – or at least have clarity. It no longer sounds like French!

  7. Freshmen in college. But, this is at a college with very low entrance standards, and these are (with some exceptions, particular the older students and the military students) what we call "under-prepared" students

  8. Of course, I'm a little older now (48) and I REALLY enjoy learning. So, for me I'm sure it's east to say that. By the way, I'm having a wonderful time listening to your various lectures.

  9. just because you think you're paranoid doesn't they're not out to get you

    sorry, rather pedantic but i was unable to resist

  10. Well, that varies incredibly across the US, since we have so many different kinds of educational settings. My favorite students — the ones with whom I had the most interaction — were actually those I taught for six years at Indiana State Prison (as part of a 4 year degree program) — lots of discussion, great questions, getting to know them, joking, etc.

  11. Oww oke, i'm not judging at all thats not the case, i guess we all have our difficulties in school. The thing is i live in Holland and students are tend to be much more enthusiastic, making jokes with the teacher with eachother (which is not always good ofcourse) Not that education in Holland is perfect nor am i a perfect sudent ofcourse , i just noticed it.

  12. No, it's not the camera bothering them. To start with, this was an 8 AM class session, which tends to draw the better students, but also students who would rather sit back and see what's being presented. Another thing to keep in mind is that these lectures were recorded at a lower-tier school, where most of the students have not had particularly good K-12 education. They've not yet, "learned how to learn" very well.

  13. Are these kids shy, is the camera bothering them?!! They seem so how uhm…how do i say this off-putted somehow. Wonder what the problem might be?!

  14. Some students — whether it is automatic or because of some previous development of skills in other contexts — take to this material much more quickly than others. But others have to struggle with it quite a lot.

  15. Do you find that this material comes naturally to some students or do some students automatically think in these terms without having to spend much time going over the material?

  16. we were using Moore and Parker's Critical Thinking, 9th edition. Not a big fan of that textbook though — we didn't have a choice about it

  17. LOL @ incompetent terrorists. Tries to blow himself up and accidentally brings peace to his community.

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