27 thoughts on “CRITICAL THINKING – Cognitive Biases: Peak-End Effect [HD]”

  1. All the videos are mostly based Kahnemann's Work..Great job….Thinking Critically is seriously important

  2. Pretty fucking scary stuff. Don't want doctors to start deceiving people into thinking things weren't that painful. I was horrified when I was informed about the use of sedatives not to take the pain away, but make the patient forget… is that actually a thing? I'd much rather remember the pain so I can know to avoid it in future. it's the experience that matters, not the memory.

  3. Fucking evolution, making us suffer and then making us forget everything that doesn't fit the narrative. Let's abolish nature. Great, now I sound like a post-modernist.

  4. Haha… I'm autistic and I can sometimes end up saying 'Umm' then cognitively strain (verry slowwwly owing to extra brain damage) as I go into each detail then provide a detailed answer. No wonder everyone hates me.

  5. I don't think I've ever had a very expensive meal. And in my experience quality is not that correlated with price — more with rational choice, taking references from people with good taste, ignoring biased references and luck.

  6. I believe many mobile games nowadays are designed based on this bias, where the credits or some 'energy' ends at the peak of your enjoyment and you can't wait until it recharges so you can play again, or you can buy more credits to be able to prolong that time span.
    Awesome video!

  7. Not to be a miss the point, but 14 for 30 seconds, plus 14 for 30 seconds, plus 15 for 30 seconds, averages out to 14.333, not 14.5. Of course a difference of 0.1666 degrees is going to be beyond the "just noticeable difference" for most people, but the validity of scientific studies relies on statistical and mathematical analysis. So if the math appears incorrect, it causes one to wonder what else is incorrect or not valid in the study.

  8. Wonderful video! Watched your vid in my Khan Academy app and came here to ask a question. The study shows that the end is the most important factor. But why do we call it the peak/end effect and not the peak/trough/end effect? Don't we consider the trough in the overall assessment of an experience? For example, if we divide an event into 3 stages; Bad(B), Good(G) and Okay(O), then arrange these stages in different permutations. We can be sure that the 2 events that end with Good (O,B,G and B,O,G) will be the most appreciated. But between these 2 which will be best appreciated? Should we consider all 3 factors or ONLY the end?

  9. Totally. A soccer match from 2-0 to 2-1, is not the least the same thing as going level from 0-1 behind and conclude with a last minute winner. The first one's good but the latter can have fans talking about it for days, even years.

  10. …Interesting, You could apply this principle in your everyday life during long journeys, maybe by rewarding yourself with a treat of some kind toward the journeys end.

  11. I have no doubt that the peak end effect is real, but I'm surprised that Kahneman couldn't come up with a better experiment to illustrate it. Someone should make a study to find out if humans can detect a one degree colder water.

  12. As a good example of this, consider the amusement park ride. You can stand in a boring line for 80 minutes for a fun 4 minute ride, and rate the overall experience favorably.

  13. i don't really hear voices they affect me telepathically or message wise — my thing i can not get the past outta my head like i feel my step mothers relative r sitting in a switch board and control my mind i don't really hear what they say but nonetheless their messages r clear they usually humiliate laugh at me it is like a security camera in my head controlling my thoughts also when i am on the street i feel i am brain wired to every one else and that others r thinking about me controlling me and hate me every body is in my head i can not get them at at night i feel ego shattered like even walking down a street even some one looking at me coldly this leaves me crushed and shattered –i misunderstand and misjudge every thing and can never decode or process information or behavior same with language i –also i don't know who i am like i feel i don't exit i am an ego conscious version of my step mothers relatives i feel i have died and now i am just a hologram i don't feel real or alive i feel i am divided my identity compromised of many many people when i look at a thing i feel those people in my head r looking at this thing with me–i wonder the person talking to me can see those guys in my head most the time i think they do i feel they have a packt to fuck me up i feel the whole universe and god hates me i feel so evil worthless and bad worthy of death i feel i am a worthless bug not human at all –am i schizophrenic ???

  14. I somehow doubt I judge movies solely on the most intense feeling and the feeling I have right before the end credits or whatever is supposed to be the end point of a movie experience.

    I'm not claiming there aren't all kinds of shortcuts taken when I judge a movie but I've quite frequently said that a movie had its ups and downs and it's not easy to rate the overall movie because it was such a mixed bag.

  15. "Really, Really cold, 14C water."
    Is there a mistake? What pain would inflict water that's 14C? People could swim in this temperatures with no problems, even if it wouldn't be too comfortable.

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