CRITICAL THINKING CO. Dr. Funster's Think-A-Minutes || Level A Book 1

welcome back to project happy homes for those of you who are new here I'm Tanya dr. Boyer and home school mama three kids ages 9 6 and 4 if you are interested in videos about secular homeschooling raising a child with ADHD and living a more sensual alive style don't forget to hit that subscribe button down below because that's what I talk about here in today's video I'm just doing a really quick flip through and review of a critical thinking company workbook that we use this year called dr. funsters think of minutes this is the very first one I believe the level a book 1 and it goes all the way to level c book 2 I'm interested in getting this for my son for next year as well I made copies you can purchase the workbook and make copies within one home or one classroom so I made copies for all three of my children with this one and just comb bound it I recently bought a spiral binder also you guys and I gotta say I like it better than comb binding but this worked out perfectly for a lightweight thin little workbook like this so this one is level a book 1 as I mentioned and it's probably a little too elementary for my son who just completed third grade this book was very easy for him to do we did one every few days just as a fun little aside a little math puzzle I like how they are very logical and they're riddles and puzzles and teasers some of them are more language arts based some of them are more math based but I like the book as a fun little break in our regular day he enjoyed it very much to level a book one in my opinion is probably more suited to like a second grader or a first grader but we'll just move on and I'll probably skip a couple for him for the next one but if you can see they have little puzzles like this so if the twins ages total 22 how old will each be next year so they have to think okay I'm gonna split this in half and then I'm gonna add a year these little visual puzzles are also fun there's some just analogy puzzles like this some things where you just have to sort animals into different categories going through Clues and deciding how to eliminate things here there's little guesses how you would estimate little word and riddles again money puzzles some of them we just do out loud especially if he doesn't want to write over much that day I try to limit how much writing my son does because it is something that he tends to push back against so when he writes I want him to be writing in a way that is teaching him writing is teaching him grammar and not so much the busy work so one tip for you guys if you have a child who resists writing who doesn't like doing workbook activities because it's it's sort of meaningless writing the actual act of writing upsets them just let them do it verbally with you because honestly the point of doing different workbooks like this is is to encourage their thinking skills right I'm not doing some of these workbooks so that they practice writing as much as their thinking skills so on a day when he puts it back against writing I'm happy to do those skills verbally if we can so here you have little visual discrimination kinds of things and you can see there's a whole variety of different activities here where he gets to practice just thinking outside of the box and just you know realizing why we do math why we learn English how words can be interesting and fun it's just a way of like here's a little rebus puzzle it gives them a way of understanding that you know the reason we learn to read the reason we do math the reason we do logic is to make our brain think in a new and unique way so I really like these doctor funsters think of minutes there is an answer key at the back so it's all very clear and it goes on and tells you where these little exercises could be found in other books so if you see an activity for example in this book that you really liked or your child really enjoyed you can see where else they might be found so for example if your child really liked the activity on page 14 which was think literally you can go here and see think literally is also found in think agrument h 38 so maybe the thinker Graham series would be a good series for you to look at I thought this was a really smart thing to sort of include but I really love these I thought it was a great fun little addition to our curricula so if you're interested in that type of logical thinking thinking outside the box activities dr. funders think of minutes by the critical thinking company is definitely something to look into I hope you guys enjoyed this video as always I wish you the very best day

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