Critical Thinking – Assumptions Tutorial

this video tutorial is a step-by-step walkthrough of some typical questioned stars that you'll be encountering while taking an assumptions question from a Watson glaze a style critical thinking psychometric test in an an assumption square we are given a question statement and an answer statement we must determine whether in order to come to the conclusion in the answer an assumption has been made or not made is information present in the question statement for us to logically arrive at our answer statement remember for the purposes of the question we must accept all statements given as true regardless of their validity our given question statement monarchic Nations ie those with royal families differ from Republic patients in several ways an example of this difference is that citizens of monarchic nations pay more tax than citizens of Republic nations the answer statement Republican Nations do not have a royal family the question statement says that monarch Ignatians are those with royal families and that this differs from a republic nation we are not told in what ways that they differ just that they do in several ways the assumption that Republican nations do not have royal families an assumed difference can be arrived at given that monarch nations are defined as such and this is something that differentiates them from Republic nations therefore we can arrive at that assumption logically let's look at a different assumption the assumption statement the only types of nation am anarchic and Republican the statement is just talking about the differences between the two types of nation it does not imply that these are the only two nor does the statement rely on their being just two types therefore we can arrive at the assumption without that logically deriving it from the passage thus an assumption is not made let's look at a different statement our given question statement charities don't have to charge v80 two customers which means charity bookshops can charge lower prices than those charged by secondhand book shops which are not registered as a charity the Assumption statement charities pay less tax than non charities the questioned statement claims that charities don't have to pay v80 implying that non charities do v80 is but one type of tax but the statement is not saying that charities enjoy an overall more favorable tax regime it refers just to v80 the statement is thus not coming from an angle that overall the level of tax paid by charities is less than that paid by non charities which is what is being claimed in the assumption and as such we cannot arrive at that assumption logically from the questions statement therefore assumption is not made let's look at a final assumptions question the Assumption statement v80 increases the price customers pay for things the question statement says that because charities don't have to charge v80 to customers this allowed them to lower the cost of goods this suggests and thus one can assume that having v80 on the goods means that non charities cannot lower the price in the same way as therefore this would increase the price customers pay for things we can thus get the assumption logically from the question statement and as such assumption made thank you for watching this video tutorial we hope it's been helpful best of luck with your test practicing here at assessment day

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