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  1. I'm taking an English college class and the class and I have to learn to be a critical reader, thinker and writer but it seems difficult. Any more advice?

  2. They said that in critical reading you can analyze the structure of a passage by identifying the main ideas. In what way??

  3. Hello Mr Marco Franco. Thank you for videos. I would like to know it is possible that critical & analytical thinking become your second nature or you are born with skills ? If yes , how we can develop our above mentioned skills ? Thank you in advance.

  4. I would like very much to be your student. May I also reference you as such when asked who is teaching me?

  5. Critical thinking is not easy. But thank you fit your explanation. I want to share my thinking about it. For example, a tech reviewer is reviewing iPhone X. If he has critically thinking, he will analyze first the basic facts, such as hardware, software, design and ecosystem, etc. Then, for each respect or aspect, he needs to analyze them. Does he like it and why does he like it? Even if he like it, any parts can be improved? Besides that, what parts doesn't he like? And is there any ways to prove next generation to meet his expectations? Consequently, the review or critical thinking should tell audiences basic facts and his opinions, and the aspects needed to improve in the future to make the iphone better. That's what I think about critical thinking.

  6. The way you deliver the content, calmly with soothing fresh background music, has sharpened my desire to learn more! Many thanks sir

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